Prostitution And Criminality Rampant At Fox News

The big story on Fox News yesterday was the undercover video of ACORN employees improperly advising a couple of conservative activists, posing as a pimp and a prostitute, on how to deceive the IRS and acquire funds to operate their illegal business. The video was featured throughout the day on just about every program on the Fox network.

It was a pretty revolting spectacle. The ACORN workers were utterly unethical and outside any standard of decency. This is the sort of behavior that ought to get someone fired. And that’s exactly what ACORN did. Both of the women who appeared in the video were terminated the same day as it was exposed. But that didn’t stop Fox News from exploiting and sensationalizing the story.

So far anyone has been able to determine (including Fox) the events depicted in the video were limited to the two people caught up in the sting. Of course, everyone from Glenn Beck to Sean Hannity implied that the the video documented what they alleged was the rampant corruption of the entire ACORN organization. The facts, however, reveal just the opposite. One fact that Fox News neglected to report (so that their audience could decide) was that the sting operation attempted to snare at least three other ACORN offices but came up empty. The phony journalists (James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles) who sought to entrap ACORN just kept running the scam until they got a bite. Nothing wrong with that, really. The problem is that they didn’t report that most of their targets proved to be honest and uncorruptable. They deliberately left the false impression that all of ACORN was a sewer of sleazeballs.

It should be noted that O’Keefe and Giles are not journalists, but conservative activists. O’Keefe has plotted scams aimed at Planned Parenthood, and Giles is a Yaffie (a member of the uber-rightist Young Americas Foundation). Also, despite the pathetic behavior of the two women in the video, no actual crime took place. There is no reason to assume that more senior ACORN officials would not have been appalled by this and turned in these women themselves if the episode had progressed up the chain of authority. Indeed, that has been the norm within ACORN.

It is standard procedure at Fox to misrepresent news events, that is, when they aren’t inventing them entirely. Just yesterday, Fox News ran another ACORN story under an intentionally misleading headline that read “ACORN INSULT.” So did the Fox Nation, whose version of the same story said “Arrest Warrants Issued for 11 ACORN Workers.” But what actually happened was that ACORN had discovered evidence of fraud and reported it to the state attorney’s office. So while Fox portrayed ACORN as crooked, it was ACORN who turned in their own people and were praised by law enforcement for their diligence.

When Fox News goes out if its way to create scandals based on intellectually dishonest conclusions that everyone in an enterprise is guilty if anyone in it commits a crime, they are leaving themselves wide open. Following the Fox model of culpability it would be easy to declare Fox News guilty of numerous abhorrent crimes.

Earlier this year, Fox News producer Aaron Bruns was arrested for trafficking in child pornography. Another Fox Newser, Don Broderick, committed hit-and-run on a bicyclist. Fox News contributor Dick Morris was famously caught with a hooker, whom he let listen in on phone calls with the White House. And Bill O’Reilly himself was the subject of a sexual harassment case that he settled privately for millions of dollars.

With evidence like this it is pretty clear that Fox News is a venal criminal enterprise, steeped in the most repulsive sorts of violence and sexual assaults. That is, if we use the Fox criteria for establishing guilt. And while ACORN fired their offending employees, three of the four Fox felons above still report there for work.

This is all reminiscent of another case where Beck accused ACORN of having a criminal culture because a few employees were found to have filled out forms improperly. Beck analogized that no one would ever eat at Burger King if it were found that BK employees were as criminally prone as he alleged ACORN’s were. Unfortunately for Beck, it was easy to show that Burger King employees were indeed a rather lawless bunch that made ACORN look like a Sunday school.

Therein lies the fallacy of this variety of guilt by association. Burger King, ACORN, and even Fox News, have thousands of employees. And since they are, for the most part, human, some of them will behave poorly. That does not mean that the rest of the enterprise is similarly prone to misbehavior. Unless, of course, you’re Fox News and it is your intention to slander your political enemies. Fox News, and the whole of the Rupert Murdoch empire, is by design a vicious smear machine and ought not to be taken seriously by anyone interested in the truth.


14 thoughts on “Prostitution And Criminality Rampant At Fox News

  1. I wonder if you are so concerned about Michael Moore’s particular slant on any of his “documentaries”?

    • That’s quite a stretch.

      Michael Moore produces documentaries that honestly represent his views. There is no hidden pretense to that.

      Fox News, on the other hand, disguises their bias as fair and/or balanced, though it is anything but. Fox didn’t bother to report who O’Keefe and Giles were, or that they failed to entrap other ACORN workers. Because showing honest ACORN workers who rejected the unlawful propositions didn’t jibe with Fox’s intent to smear.

      This is illustrative of how the right is deliberately deceptive. Another example: Giles is also the daughter of Doug Giles, a columnist at the right-wing Doug published an article there about this incident and, even though he wrote about the undercover hooker, he failed to mention that he was her father.

      That is not only dishonest, it’s unethical from a journalistic perspective. Townhall should have either revealed the relationship or assigned the story to a different author.

  2. Found this trash site when looking to see how others covered this story…

    as always, it was spun to make Fox the bad guys.


    • Really? You found other coverage of this that made Fox look bad? I sure wish you had provided a link, cause I haven’t seen any.

      • I was referring to THIS site, sorry for not being clear on that.

  3. As usual, there are conservative morons posting here still somehow defending FOX NEWS CHANNEL and the losers who made this phony “expose.” There is nothing to this. FOX NEWS CHANNEL knows this and they were exposed. These two sad excuses for human beings went to three differnt ACORN offices before they could get anyone to even do anything remotely improper. When they finally did find a couple of people who did do something “bad”, they still weren’t actually doing anything illegal. This thing is a fraud, as is the FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and hopefully Murdoch’s hate empire will come crumbling to a halt in the very near future. He sure deserves it.


    • There is also some rumblings about the way the video was edited. There is speculation that it was manipulated so that the answers given by the ACORN workers were to innocent questions that were removed after the fact by the filmmakers and replaced with more provocative ones.

      This has not been confirmed, so I didn’t include in the article above. But it’s an interesting morsel to chew on.

  4. HAHAHA! Hilarious FOX News! Let me see if I got this right: a Wall Street Company devises a completely immoral scheme to profit on default mortgages and nearly bankrupts the country, and you’re concerned with the relatively innocuous actions of two ACORN employees? The VAST majority of U.S. companies “cheat” the IRS through off shore banking and foreign incorporation and you are only worried about two ACORN employees advising a couple of activists dressed up like hookers? See, NEWS would be if you did some real reporting on real issues that affect the country. You could start here: The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that the poverty rate for 2008 was 13.2% which means it’s risen by 2.5 million. Of course, this doesn’t jibe with your “Free Market Capitalism is Inerrant” thesis, and it kind of defends the whole mission of ACORN, so I won’t hold my breath for in depth investigation into these depressing numbers.
    No, FOXNews you keep putting on your regular news shows, they are comedy GOLD.

  5. How can anyone defend fox news?

    Why are fox news fans so scared to pledge their love for neo cons?

    Lefties can admit who they are, and freely critisize thier own?

    Why does fox try to make the right untouchable?

  6. Wake up people. Fox is the only one with the balls to stand up and be counted in a sea of left wing haters and race baiters. Bravo !!

    • Of course Fox has balls. It’s kind of a requirement for tea baggers.

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