GeezerVision – Or The Graying Of TV News

While television news programmers fret over strategies to attract younger viewers, they are plastering their air with coverage that can only serve to drive younger viewers further away.

In an article in Variety, Brian Lowry, reveals that:

Fox News Channel and CNN are two of only three leading basic networks (the other being the Hallmark Channel) whose median viewer age is over 60. Headline News rings in next at 59.9, and MSNBC is still on the rickety side at 57.

Despite this demographic maturity, much of the programming is the sort that would be most appealling to the grumpy old man that yells at kids to, “Get off of my lawn.”

The networks’ obsession with missing white girls, columbine kids, and child predators, paints a picture of a generation in turmoil. To that generation it must seem insulting and shallow. It is certainly not the way to encourage them to tune in more often.


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