Fox Nation Finger Bangs Obama

Alas, technology has not yet developed a measuring device strong enough to gauge the stupidity of the Fox Nation, its partners, and the community it hosts.

Obama FingerFeatured today on Fox Nation is a story asking whether President Obama gave the finger to a guest in the audience. This controversy was triggered by video of the President scratching his head. To the Fox Nationalists this is a cryptic, Da Vinci coded gesture of disdain. Apparently Fox is now forming strategic political direction by watching episodes of Seinfeld. Thank goodness Fox Nation was there with their secret decoder rings to capture the incident.

The Fox Nation story linked to a post on the uber-rightist Breitbart web site where the FingerGate scandal has blown up into near Balloon Boy proportions. This is not simply an itchy eyebrow at issue. It is a covert master plan to flip off America and impose a tyrannical dictatorship, or something. And you’ve got to “hand” it to the Fox Nationalist/Breitbart/Tea Bagger crowd for turning this into a racial cesspool and a platform for (once again) advocating assassination.

This is becoming more and more representative of the level of discourse from this pathetic throng of losers. They have already tried to make federal cases out of phony death panels, presidential bowing scandals, child indoctrination via stay-in-school speeches, White House guest lists, and how many pages a bill contains. The ever more lame content of their complaints reveals just how desperate they are to come up with something about which to bitch.

There is an obvious evolution of lameness on the right. In the old days they employed the primitive flag lapel pin gambit. Then they tacked to the War on Christmas. And there is the always popular idiocy of “Who would you rather have a beer with?” But now they have shattered all previous records if idiotic asininity with the ticklish temple tactic.

Next on the Republican scandal agenda: How often does Obama floss? I probably shouldn’t give them any ideas.


3 thoughts on “Fox Nation Finger Bangs Obama

  1. to me, Grandma’s post, complete with the ironic misspelling of “your” (pseudo-grammar: trying to be correct and still getting it wrong: eg “to you and I,”) makes the whole case. It’s more revealing than an entire essay exposing the wingnut movement.

  2. i am very concerned that obama will do his flossing in a socialistic manner. im worried that he will be spreading the flossing all over his mouth, just like he would be “spreading the wealth” with socialsm. god, what a socialist, marxist, communist dictator!

  3. i also would be concerned about obama’s flossing habits……you just know when he’s finished flossing that he’s gonna give whats remaining to those that really need to floss…damn socialist!!

    all this helping the less fortunate sounds too much like early christianity….aaaaaahhhhh!!

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