Chickenhawk Sean Hannity Issues Lame Challenge To Stephen Colbert

Among the ranks of pseudo-patriots who lip sync to the “Star Spangled Banner” while recruiting other people’s children for every war that comes along, Sean Hannity stands out for his unparalleled hypocrisy and cowardice. This is the same torture advocate who once promised to be waterboarded for charity to prove that it isn’t torture. That was five years ago and he still hasn’t kept that promise.

Sean Hannity Dumbass

In an interview with TVNewser, Hannity is once again puffing up his chest and pretending to more macho than thou in a response to a bit Stephen Colbert did earlier this week. Colbert mocked Hannity for repeatedly using the word “literally,” apparently without any knowledge of what it literally means. That was all it took for Hannity to lose his head and attack Colbert. He started out by lobbing the stinging rebuke that “he’s not as funny as Jon Stewart,” (who will be surprised and dismayed to learn that Hannity is a fan) and it just got worse from there:

“Stephen Colbert will have the lowest-rated late night show. There are issues that just aren’t funny. Terrorism isn’t funny. I didn’t see the bit. I won’t see it. I don’t care.

“Maybe Stephen Colbert needs to come over here and get a dose of reality. He sits in the comfort of his studio, reading jokes written for him by 30 writers. So, I have a challenge for Stephen Colbert: I’ll pay for your flight. I’ll pay for your hotel, your meals. Then you sit on the border. You talk to the people. You sit across from the mother of an Israeli solider who was killed, and then make a joke about it.”

I hope Colbert takes him up on this challenge. It would not be surprising since he has previously visited other war zones, including a trip to Iraq where he spent a week with the troops. He also went through basic training and shaved his head. And while it’s true that terrorism isn’t funny, Colbert is a brilliant satirist and was able to relate to the soldiers in a way that made their hardship a bit more endurable.

As for his future ratings as the successor to David Letterman, Colbert will inherit a franchise that already has more viewers that Hannity has (Letterman: 2.2 million / Hannity: 1.5 million). And there is a good possibility that he will improve on that, especially with younger viewers. In fact, Hannity is only slightly ahead of The Colbert Report (1.1 million) on Comedy Central now. Plus, Colbert has four Emmys and two Peabody awards, surpassing Hannity’s total of zero for each.

Hannity has proven himself to be a disingenuous self-promoter by hurling childish insults at Colbert despite admitting that he didn’t even see the segment about which he was commenting. That tendency to speak with ignorance was demonstrated elsewhere in this interview when he was asked about media coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict. On whether he thought the reporting was balanced he answered “Absolutely, positively not.” Then went on to say…

“Here’s my take on the media coverage, and I did glance around. I didn’t see — and maybe some of them did it — but I didn’t see reporters in the elaborate tunnels. I didn’t see them at the indoor playground, I didn’t see people go to the war room of the mayor of Sderot, like we did. I think there are too many Hamas representatives put on the air. I don’t think enough emphasis has been put on the lives of the average Israeli. Where’s CBS? Where is all this so-called reporting on NBC and CNN?”

He “glanced around?” Apparently his vision is literally gone. First of all, a quick search of Google Images for “Gaza tunnels” turns up dozens of actual journalists reporting from within the tunnels. And Hannity’s estimation of the number of Hamas representatives on the air is just plain delusional. There are practically no Hamas representative at all because they do not provide any (terrorists rarely do). There are more Palestinian representatives, but still far fewer than those from Israel. The fact that Hannity can blast CBS, NBC, and CNN, after confessing that he hasn’t done any actual research, says more about him than it does about any of the media he is criticizing.

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In an absurdly egocentric exchange with TVNewser, Hannity was asked about why he is suddenly hitting the road since, as TVNewser put it “You’re not one to travel for your show.” Hannity’s response was that it was something that he “always liked to do,” and cited as an example of his past road trips that “there were years I did 60 cities, in book tour years.” And, of course, that’s exactly like missions to war zones, except for the slobbering fans and personal financial gain.

When Hannity follows through on his promise to be waterboarded, and has completed the number of USO tours that Colbert and Stewart have done, then he might be able to criticize them with some credibility. But since he is mostly concerned with himself, I wouldn’t expect any of that to happen. Like his pals Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Karl Rove, Ted Nugent, Bill Kristol, and too many other right-wing chickenhawks to name, Hannity is a coward whose chief concerns are his ratings and his bank account.


19 thoughts on “Chickenhawk Sean Hannity Issues Lame Challenge To Stephen Colbert

  1. Another well-written piece Mark.

  2. Hannity uses his faux news platform and faux patriotism to make money off of veterans and their families. He’s a grifter and a snake oil salesman.

  3. Sean Hannity is a chicken shit. Pass it on. 🙂

  4. Colbert is twice the man Hannity could ever be.

  5. Next week, Hannity will challenge another fictional character on TV. Hannity will challenge Arthur (the Fonz) Fonzerelli to jump over a shark on water skies to protect the good reputation of Ann Coulter.

  6. World’s shortest book: “Sean Hannity, the College Years.”

  7. Just who authorized Sean to speak for the people of the US?

  8. ” You sit across from the mother of an Israeli solider who was killed, and then make a joke about it.”

    Fine then let’s sit you down in front of 2 dozen Gaza mothers and see how you fair… oh wait, he would just yell at them for being in Gaza and not even care… nvm, carry on…

  9. Further proof why I prefer to get my news from Comedy Central and my comedy from Fox News.

  10. Hannity is a fool to take on Colbert. But then, he’s a fool.

  11. Defending yourself against a satirist is a self defeating, idiotic decision that only really ultimately serves to vindicate the criticism, both the smaller more specific point highlighted by the bit AND the higher implication of unprofessionalism and weak wit made vulnerable by itself. It shows several layers of stupidity and a total breakdown of self awareness, even an aversion to it, all at the hands of a joke doing nothing more than pointing out their own behavior and what it implies about themselves. It’s a vicious cycle of stupid.

  12. Sean is still mad for being made to look like a bigger fool than he already was by Cliven Bundy!

    • I think you are giving Cliven too much credit. Sean doesn’t need anyone’s help in that department. :p

  13. I think Colbert SHOULD take Hannity up on
    his generous offer, with a caveat.
    Stephen MUST have the EXACT itinerary as
    Sean had.
    The EXACT same flight on the EXACT same
    Stephen must stay at the EXACT same Hotel
    in the EXACT same room.
    ‘Cuz to me, it looked like a Resort Hotel.
    I NEVER saw Seannie with a Flak Jacket or
    a helmet on.
    Just stripped polo shirts & sunglasses.
    And of course there was a cease-fire at
    the time Hannity was there & he quickly
    exited before it was scheduled to end!
    O! How BRAVE!
    IF Mr. Colbert DID take him up on his
    offer, I would wager that he wouldn’t
    take that opportunity to BAD-MOUTH
    his Country and it’s Leader. He has something
    Hannity doesn’t……..CLASS!!!


    • I noticed Hannity’s attire myself. Even the female Al Jazeera reporters were wearing helmets and flak jackets, and all of their reporters were present with victims of war crimes, while many times Israeli explosives were going off around them while they were reporting. Sean went to a country club and ‘posed…’ never breaking a sweat. If ever a man was devoid of honor and courage, this chicken hawk is it.

  14. Excellent suggestions Valerie.

  15. Very well stated and to add, over the past several nights, Hannity’s fellow cowards Brit Hume, Steve Douchebag and Shep Smith are all shamelessly doing what they did in 2002, they are beating the drums of war without ANY careful analysis of facts. Shep Smith’s interview with Bill Richardson says it all. Yesterday Smith carelessly stated that all military analysts say that boots must be on the ground in order to defeat ISIS. Richardson in his typical passionless response finally stated not all analyst have believe this. The point is, after what these bastards did in 2002 to the lead up to the Iraq War, you would think they would be more careful in their punditry. No, Hume had the nerve to say last evening that America is a sleeping giant and needs a leader to get them behind boots on the ground, Douchbag this morning actually said “we have to fight them over there so they do not come here” This what Hannity and all these right wing mother fers constantly bellowed over and over again in 2002. The problem is the Dem party asnd frankly most progressive pundits are wimpy when it comes to standing up and shaming these scum bags who in my view all have blood on their hands from the Iraq War

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