Sarah Palin’s Zoo

Sarah Palin (left) with Glenn Beck.

In a new video from Sarah Palin’s PAC, women are brought into the spotlight in some particularly unflattering portrayals. Rather than casting women as intelligent and productive participants in the nation’s affairs, Palin repeatedly analogizes them to animals. Starting with pit bulls, then advancing to grizzly bears, and ending with a flourish of stampeding elephants.

In every case Palin’s imagery is of angry and hostile beasts, as opposed to thoughtful and serious citizens. She describes the rise of conservative women as a “mom awakening,” but there is little evidence of enlightenment in the movement.

Palin declines to even acknowledge that women can be clear thinkers and problem solvers. Instead, she praises their stereotypical feminine assets “…because moms kind of just know when something’s wrong.” That’s the insight of intuition, not education, experience, reason, or intellect. Is that what Palin and her “mama grizzlies” would bring to governing? I can almost hear her response to a reporter’s inquiry on why she thinks the U.S. should bomb Iran: “I kind of just know, dontcha know?” Then adding, “And God bless America, also.”

The entire video is a tribute to Sarah Palin as she promenades through rallies, book signings, and tea parties. There is plenty of footage of her faithful followers demonstrating their devotion. And to no one’s surprise, the crowd is conspicuously devoid of faces of color. This is the sort of attendance that she can expect at her appearance with Glenn Beck in Washington, DC, next month. DC’s National Zoo may want to close down for the day because the real wild kingdom is going to be on display on the stage in front of the Lincoln Memorial.


16 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Zoo

  1. Per Sarah: “…because moms kind of just know when something’s wrong.”

    Huh. Like when their kids are having pre-marital sex without the use of protection? Like if their kids are experimenting with drugs which is why there is no teen drug use, what with the Grizzly Moms always stepping in with fore-knowledge before it happens?

    Is this ability to “just know” transferrable beyond the genetic ties? And does it come with an inherent ability to discern the best possible remedy for this “wrong-ness”? The whole idea is as dumb as saying, “Husbands just know when they need to give their wives a good smack.”

    • Excellent points. Palin obviously didn’t “just know” about Bristol’s indiscretions.

      • My mom doesn’t know about mine (yet) – whew !!! (At least for now)
        But everyone knows that Bristol and I are the only ones in the world with this situation.

  2. Maybe this video will increase her screeching fees. One minute she identifies with the animals and the next she’s in an Apache killing a whole herd with the chain gun. Here wonderfullness knows no bounds. Make it while you can toots cause Mittens is going to be the candidate.

    • And all those pro-ball teams identifying with animals, and the progressives with a stupid donkey – How dumb is that ?

      Palin on the ticket in ’08 is what made it a race, without her it would have been a “No Contest” The left realizing this attempted to shut her up permanently and began a mostly frivolous and defamatory law suit campaign. The left aligned media jumped in to help AND ca$h in giving the ex-boyfriend named after some blue jeans his 15 seconds of trash talk fame, along with some other biased vomit attempting to whip it up into a real circus act.

      We all see the results the progressive media has achieved. I say, keep it up !!! All that name recognition is free – can’t beat that.

      Mark says (below): “You think Sarah Palin is smart!?! …”
      Wally says (here): “She just has to be smarter than the Dems and that’s easy !!!”

  3. In the video she said “there’s a whole stampede of PINK elephants crossing the line” What a moron.

  4. “…what a moron…”

    She is smarter than left-wing automations could ever hope to be. This video does not potray women as crazed animals; they are shown to be fierce protectors of their children (and, in this case, their country).

    “Particularly unflattering potrayals” of women? What are you talking about? Kathy Griffin and Joy Behar are nowhere to be seen in this video.

    • You think Sarah Palin is smart!?! That explains a lot.

  5. You think your website actually proves any points? That explains a lot.

    • Would it be too much to ask you to grow up?

      This is the second time you’ve left a comment that was basically “I know you are but what am I?” Apparently you haven’t got the intellectual capacity to support your positions.

    • Yes Scott. By analyzing many of the undercurrents of right-wing speech, the more esoteric meanings of FOX news trends, and the recurring themes used in Right Wing media, Mark proves several points: the bias of FOX news, the erroneous use of emotional arguments, the misleading tricks and the outright lies of that network. Those are some pretty impressive points. Review your comments here and summarize them to see if you can equal that output.

      • Channeling Scott: “I’m rubber and you’re glue…”

  6. I have yet to see you demonstrate the intellectual capacity to elevate your columns to little more than stream-of-consciousness insults and mischaracterizations. Sarah Palin’s speech draws upon the fierce protective fighting spirit of grizzly bears and pit bulls and uses the analogy very effectively. Meanwhile, you just sit there and say – “Ummm…I got it. She’s calling women a bunch of animals! It’s an insult! Gawrsh, I’m so smart, nyuk nyuk nyuk.”

    It’s certainly more effective than Barck Obama proclaiming that he and his supporters will calm the seas and turn back the oceans.

    • The woman can protect everything except either herself or Bristol from an unwanted pregnancy. She can also protect Wasilla from keeping a $27 million grant from the feds by leaving the city $20 million in debt. Yuppers, that Sarah’s a tough little momma grizzly bear, isn’t she?

    • Ugh. A more facile summary from Scott. Look, There is certainly some meaning in animal-centric analogy. Sports teams use it to denote violence and mindless drive. There is nothing in politics and governance that is more conducive to disaster than thoughtless instinct on a basic naturalistic level. By referring to women as animals she is distilling pure natural malevolence without the evolved ability to reason through heightened intelligence. You might know of some Native Americans who are appalled at the Washington football team’s use of “Redskin” with the face of a native face, based on the fact that they don’t want to be lumped in with all those bears and lions and various horses.

      But thanks for the strawman of Obama.

  7. Sarah Palin….a female Ann Coulter.

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