Jihad Is Coming To America Via Wall Street

Ever since 9/11, you can’t be too careful with regard to national security. Our enemies are clever, persistent, and devious. After all, they managed to plant one of their own in the White House without a birth certificate.

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney was fond of saying that our Muslim adversaries hated us for our freedom. And it’s a good thing he was there to respond with a brilliant defense: Take away all our freedoms and they will like us again.

But the threat has not subsided. Over the years numerous clandestine assaults have been perpetrated in an attempt to catch us with our guard down. Without courageous heroes like Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, we might never have even known we were under attack. Here are a few examples of the catastrophes we avoided due to the vigilance of American paranoids…I mean patriots like Geller:

  • The Mosque at Ground Zero.
  • Islamic Crescent and Star in the 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania.
  • Nuclear Security Summit Logo Contains Crescent and Star.
  • Missile Defense Agency Logo Contains Crescent and Star.
  • The pro-Muslim NASA.
  • Terrorist Scarves.
  • Campbell’s Halal Certified Soup.
  • Muslim Family Day at Six Flags.

Geller was at the forefront of all these battles. But there is a new threat looming from an unexpected source that is not yet on Geller’s radar. While most Americans of the Tea Party variety are loyal supporters of our friends on Wall Street, the admiration may not be reciprocal. A new television ad from JPMorgan Chase reveals that they too are a part of the Islamic Jihad against America. If you listen closely to the music in the background you will hear the dulcet strains of Cat Stevens, known today as Yusuf Islam. And notice that the name of the ad is “Change.” Where have we heard that before? This is just one more example of how Shariah Law and Islamicization is creeping into the heart of American society and culture.

The enemy is insidious. Some of their plots are barely noticeable to the untrained freedom-fighter. Unless we fight to preserve our values, everything we hold dear will be consumed by these religious tyrants. Thank God we have people like Pamela Geller to protect us and enlighten us with their vision. She has not yet turned her sights on the threat from JPMorgan, but I’m sure that she and her lieutenants are hard at work on it. God Bless the USA.


One thought on “Jihad Is Coming To America Via Wall Street

  1. HA!! Excellent. Very funny.

    Until recently, McDonald’s hasn’t offered a single menu item containing pork. Good thing Geller was there to point out the McRib is just a deception for a mega-network of terrorist training facilities!!

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