Donald Trump: If I Told My Followers To Drink Poisoned Kool-Aid They Would Do It

In the course of his seven month campaign for the Republican nomination for president, Donald Trump has insulted all of his rivals, most of the media, and a fairly comprehensive assortment of religious and ethnic minorities. The only significant group that has escaped his bug-eyed rage has been his own constituents. Until now.

Donald Trump Kool-Aid

This weekend, in an attempt to brag about how loyal his followers are, he maintained that even if he were to commit a cold-blooded murder, his supporters would continue their worshipful admiration. What he said exactly was…

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters. OK? It’s like, incredible.”

There is so much wrong with this statement that it’s hard to know where to begin. First of all, it is a nauseatingly egotistical remark that affirms that he is suffering from an acute case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Secondly, he chose to use decidedly violent imagery to illustrate how much he thinks he is loved. But most importantly, this comment is a scathing insult to his supporters. He is asserting that they are such blindly indiscriminate meatheads that it wouldn’t matter to them if the object of their adoration were a homicidal maniac.

Sadly, Trump may be right about his glassy-eyed followers. They have already dismissed so much about his onerous character that would have driven a normal, decent human being away in disgust. They don’t care that he is a flagrant racist who has demonstrated his prejudice against African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and women. They aren’t put off by his promises to commit war crimes against women and children in Syria and Iraq. They let slide that he isn’t bothered by being compared to Hitler. And no matter how much he lies they just brush it off and keep applauding like slap-happy seals (See the Trump Bullshitopedia)

However, despite the evidence that Trump’s Troopers are imbeciles, they probably don’t regard themselves in that light. So why aren’t they offended when Trump characterizes them that way? This isn’t the first time either. Trump’s whole campaign insults the intelligence of anyone listening by refusing to tell them anything of substance. Instead he focuses on making nasty comments about others and boasting about his showing in the polls. It’s apparent that he doesn’t believe that his minions need to know, nor would they understand, any of those complicated details of governing. And they apparently agree.

This is the making of a potential disaster. Trump’s followers are so zealous and undiscerning that he could tell them to burn down a church and they would comply. He could tell them to block access to polling places. He could tell them to steal the coats of protesters and throw them out into the cold. Oh wait, he actually did do that. And just maybe, he could tell them to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid and they would raises their glasses to toast him before chugging down the poisonous cocktail.

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You really have to wonder if there is something that Trump could do that would go too far for his cultish disciples. It wasn’t advocating databases to track all the Muslims in the country, who he would also require to wear ID badges. It wasn’t praising foreign dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un. It wasn’t re-tweeting white supremacists. It wasn’t lying about his faith, mangling the Bible, and declaring that he has never had to ask God for forgiveness. So far, there has been nothing that Trump’s followers find revolting enough to cause them to step back. That, all by itself, considering how grotesque Trump has already been, is a pretty scary thought.


21 thoughts on “Donald Trump: If I Told My Followers To Drink Poisoned Kool-Aid They Would Do It

  1. The comment of a clinically diagnosed psychopath.

  2. We’ve seen what happens to campaigns like this in 2008 when Palin was unleashed on us—GOP/TPers were very upset that most voters in America rejected their outrageous antics. McCain ,and especially Palin, along with many in their party have been pissed ever since, which is what I think led to the predicament it finds itself in now with Trump and Cruz leading in every poll while the GOP/TP establishment tries to take them both down. George Will, who helped drive the party farther to the right, is now saying it’s too late to stop Trump. Serves them right because they created these monsters.

  3. One would hope that his followers will see the light when he gets into a debate with Hillary or Bernie and is shown for the know-nothing he is. Hope. It’s all we sane people have left, isn’t it?

    • I don’t think his followers care at all that he knows nothing about actually running a country. Clinton or Sanders will make some educated and passionate remark about whatever, Trump will answer by calling them names, trying to have them thrown off stage, call her an ugly old woman and Sanders a Jew that belongs in a camp, then shout “Make America Great Again!” and his followers would cheer all the way to the voting booths.

  4. Mr. Trump, please please PLEASE tell your supporters to drink poison so we can test your theory!!!

  5. All that Trump would have to say to lose his voters is this: I am going to raise your taxes, eliminate social secuirity and medicare, control your guns, and give Mexicans amnesty. I’m sure that would do it!

    • All he needs to say to lose them are 2 simple words.

      “I apologise.”

    • I don’t know about social security and medicare but he has stated something like that to all the other things you mentioned. Just not recently. But his supporters don’t seem to mind or care.

  6. Please test your punch on yourself first Mr. Trump.

  7. I believe Trump would actually ask his follower to drink poison. That’s just the type of person he is.

  8. if they’resupporting dsonald Trump they might as well…. it will only get worse…

  9. Another way to call your followers brain-dead idiots, I suppose.

  10. Dear Even Vaguely Sane Humans,

    If anyone out there in that big wide world of The Inter-web-net wants to write a melody and post it- Please, do so with my blessing…Let’s do our little bit to save the country.

    Oh, so sincerely,

    Richard Marcus (vaguely sane human)

    And That’s Why We Love The Donald!

    (Upbeat cheery rockabilly/Rock n Roll/Western swing)

    Lyrics by Richard Marcus

    He’s a bigot
    He’s a racist
    He’s a bloviating liar
    He’s the Klansman pouring gas
    Who sets the cross on fire.
    He’s the minister of dread
    Preaching to the frightened choirs.
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    The only thing he’s asking
    Is that we sell our souls
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    We don’t debate he uses hate
    Bu it does great in the polls.
    That’s why we love The Donald!

    I’m sure that Adolph Hitler
    Is applauding from his seat in hell
    “I know a Nazi when I see one
    He lies and rants so well!
    It took longer than expected
    But he’ll even up the score
    With Mein Trump leading his Fourth Reich
    I’ll finally win the war, Seig Heil!
    I’ll finally win the war!”
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    CHORUS 2
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    He’s our Nazi Trumpty Dumpty
    Strutting on his border wall.
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    ‘Cause he tells us without him
    We’re all heading for a fall.
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    We’re so tired hearing “Black lives matter”
    Those angry bitches? Let ‘em bleed,
    Cripples are amusing
    Just don’t let them breed.
    He knows exactly what he’s doing
    And he’s doing it to us.
    Anyone who questions him
    Gets thrown under his campaign bus .
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    CHORUS 3
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    He plants the seed of fear in his own toxic dirt
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    Now we can proudly pull our sheets down
    Over our brown shirts
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    REPEAT : Till disgust sets in.

    © 2016 Lyrics by Jack Knifed Big Rig Music /Richard Marcus
    Richard Marcus 503 788-9967

  11. Loved the little song Richard Marcus!
    This story made for a funny read and some great laughs.
    Now everyone trying to outguess what The Donald is going to say next… go figure. Oh wait… NO! The headlines is written as if he made the statement that if he told his followers to do so they would drink poisoned Kool-Aid.
    Darn… just another stupid made-up story to get people to click on here.
    So looking forward to a debate but don’t see it happening, but sure hope so.

    • Thanks Darnell. Sure wish somebody out there would write a fun melody and get it out there to help stop that psycho. Not sure if he gets elected, I won’ drink the Kool-Aid

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