Donald Trump Says He Is Not Bothered By Comparisons To Hitler. Is The GOP?

It had to come to this. Donald Trump’s affinity for Nazis was always just beneath the diseased skin of his repulsive rhetoric. Now, after months of promulgating brazenly racist views, advocating policies that are indistinguishable from those of history’s fascists, and promising to commit war crimes if elected, will anybody be surprised by it bubbling to the surface? Trump’s true face was exposed today when he was asked a simple question on Good Morning America:

George Stephanopoulos: You’re increasingly compared to Hitler. Does that bother you?
Donald Trump: No, what I’m doing is no different from FDR.

Donald Trump

So there you have it. Donald Trump is not bothered by comparisons to Adolf Hitler. And why should he be? He has been running on the platform of the Nazi Party since he announced his candidacy. What’s more, he justifies his comfort with the association by positively referencing the Japanese internment camps built during the FDR administration, which are universally condemned as one of America’s most shameful actions.

When asked about those concentration camps by Michael Scherer of Time, Trump refused to say he would have opposed them. Instead, he said that he “would have had to be there at the time to tell you, to give you a proper answer.” The rest of the civilized world doesn’t need to be there to know that it was a horrific violation of human rights. Would Trump have had to be there during slavery to give a proper answer?

Trump’s fascist tendencies are apparent in his signature issue, a border wall to keep out those inferior foreigners. And he goes even further by suggesting that foreigners already in the country be rounded up, herded into boxcars, and deported using the deadly model from the 1950’s charmingly called Operation Wetback.” He wants to create a database of American citizens based on their religion and require Muslims to wear identifying badges. He uses the media (mostly, but not exclusively, Fox News) to stir up irrational fears based on an ever-expanding catalog of lies (See the Trump Bullshitopedia). And, sadly, the media sheepishly complies with his campaign of propaganda.

The question now is: Where does the Republican Party go from here? With an avowed fascist currently leading their primary for president, the GOP has to decide which side they’re on. They simply cannot abide a candidate espousing Third Reich doctrine and expect to be taken seriously. Some of the other GOP contenders have distanced themselves from Trump’s most recent comments, and RNC chairman Reince Priebus even made a public statement of disapproval, an almost unheard of move for a party boss.

But that’s hardly enough. Earlier this year the Republican Party made all their candidates sign loyalty oaths promising to support the Party’s nominee regardless of who it is. But given the grotesque course of Trump’s campaign, that would mean pledging to support America’s foremost fascist. Anyone who honors a pledge to support Herr Trump for president is unfit for public service in a free nation. This sentiment was boldly expressed today by President Obama’s press Secretary, Josh Earnest (video below) who said that Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims…

“…disqualifies him from being president. And for Republican candidates to stand by their pledge to support Mr. Trump, that in and of itself is disqualifying.”

So far, none of the other GOP candidates has had the integrity (guts?) to publicly declare that they would not support Trump if he is the nominee. That is partly due to their innate cowardice, as they do not want to alienate Trump’s current constituency of fascist-friendly voters. Why they want those voters in their corner is a sick mystery. But a part of it is also due to their fear that Trump might ditch the GOP and run as a Third (Reich) Party candidate. A recent poll shows that 68% of his glassy-eyed disciples would vote for him were he to run as an independent. And Trump is reminding his Republican pals of this in his twitter feed.

So Trump is wrapping his GOP peers around his middle finger. But how much sway does he really have? He can’t possibly win as an independent. While more than two-thirds is a significant chunk of his base, it is a tiny slice of the electorate. Do the math: About 30% of the American people identify as Republican. Trump has about 30% support within the Republican Party. So that’s about 9% of the population at large. Those who would follow him to a third party reduces that by 30%. So Trump would get a measly 6% of the national vote from Republicans, plus whatever independents and Democrats would crossover. In short, he would lose in a landslide.

The problem for the GOP is that, in a close race, that 6% could swing the election to the Democrat. And that’s why Republicans are running scared and failing to show the character to renounce Trump. However, if they don’t renounce Trump they are doing serious damage to their reputation which could cost them more than 6% come November. So the only course of action for them is to have some intestinal fortitude and do the right thing. They need to modify their loyalty oath to exclude Trump from among those whom they would support as the GOP nominee. This shouldn’t be that hard for them because Trump has already hinted that he is ready to violate the pledge.

If Trump acts first and bolts the Party they can’t ever regain the dignity that would come by having kicked him out. But if they move first they can at least brag that they held to their principles and turned their backs on fascism (at least Trump’s brand of it). But they better move fast. Trump is just unpredictable (and egotistical) enough to make a surprise announcement before anyone expects it. And since the GOP has little to lose, they would be smart to cast him out now. Unfortunately for them, they may not be that smart. Of course, that would be quite fortunate for the Democrats.

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[Update:] Donald Trump continues his Anti-American Crusade: “These are people that are outside the country, so we’re really not talking about the Constitution. And it’s not about religion. This is about safety.” In other words, in pursuit of his warped idea of safety he would scrap the Constitution.


11 thoughts on “Donald Trump Says He Is Not Bothered By Comparisons To Hitler. Is The GOP?

  1. “Some of the other GOP contenders have distanced themselves from Trump’s most recent comments…”

    Yes, they said the words condemning Trumps hateful rhetoric but remember the other words most of them said about Syrian refugees: “only christians would be welcome…” or words to that effect. They didn’t specifically say “no Muslims allowed” but we all know what they meant. How convenient for them that Trump gave them a political opportunity to take the high ground and bash him for saying “no Muslims allowed” all the while secretly agreeing without having to sound like fascists and racists themselves. What a bunch of cowards.

  2. Trump is the Republican party, he just says it louder and prouder. For years they have fanned the flames of hate. They wanted a business man, who will run the government like a business. They detest civility and PC, instead they like crudely and offensively telling it like it is. There can be no compromise. You must lie about and demonize everyone who disagrees with you, personally destroy them. They don’t want someone smart, so go after public education, teachers, and intellectuals. They have a problem with MSM instead listen to hate radio, and Fox everyone else is lying to you. They are anti government. Liberals are god hating fags. And now even so called moderates are bad too. So what did they get from all this Donald Trump. Congratulations

  3. Adolf Hitler was a socialist dictator… The Nazi Party was the Socialist Party… It took away everybody’s guns… They persecuted Jews… and they killed millions of them…

    Who’s trying to take everybody’s guns away?… Who is trying to socialize America?…

    • Oh jeez, not this again. The Nazis were NOT socialists. They used the name National Socialists to fool Germans into supporting them. The Nazis were the far-right party in Germany and they hated (and murdered) leftists. Plus, they did NOT take everybody’s guns away. In fact, they loosened gun regulations to allow MORE people to acquire them – just not certain groups, like Jews.

      Please do some research and stop regurgitating this lie. It only makes you look stupid.

    • You’re probably better off spreading your falsehoods on boards where people will take you at your word. This isn’t one of those boards.

  4. Why would he be bothered? Trump is emulating his hero. Hitler is Mother Teresa compared to Trump.

  5. “Donald Trump: No, what I’m doing is no different from FDR.”

    Wait, He don’t mind the comparison, plus he thinks he is like FDR? In what aspect? He is more Mussolini with a bit of Hitler thrown in, NOT FDR at all.

    • The Dumbald thinks he’s like FDR because he approved FDR sending Japanese Americans to internment camps — where Trumpy thinks everyone he doesn’t like should be sent to. You know, liberals, intelligent people, those with darker skin than he has, that sort of thing. And Trump wants to reopen Gitmo for that purpose. Filthy creature.

      On a more prosaic note, please note that The Dumbald is comparing himself to a Democrat (or, since a lot of Republicans then and now believed this, a Socialist). Shouldn’t that be enough to ban The Dumbald from Fox Spews for life?

  6. Trump uses a bullhorn instead of a dog whistle. This is why he so disturbs other GOPigs: he’s saying what they really want to say but are too chickenshit to say.

  7. Ah, I thought he was merely a megalomaniac, but he’s proving to be a sociopath as well! No conscience! A dangerous man

  8. You know, there IS another possibility. They aren’t saying anything because doing so now will just make it sound like they’re already conceding the primaries to him. It’s still too early to know if he’s really ahead (he may have the bigger number of people that actually gave support to a candidate, but the vast majority are still undecided). No need to answer rhetorical questions that will just make it sound like you’re giving up. Not until you actually quit the race, that is.

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