Donald Trump: The Aspiring Whiner In Chief

If there is one thing that Donald Trump has proven this election year, it’s that there is a thriving market in the Republican Party for bigotry, ignorant bluster, and overt hostility. What may not have been as predictable is the surging demand for childish tantrums and self-indulgent carping.

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Last week Ted Cruz outmaneuvered Trump in Colorado to win win all of the state’s delegates. In response Trump has unleashed a torrent of bile aimed at both Cruz and the Republican Party. He is spewing bitter and harshly worded complaints that the system is “corrupt” and “rigged” and that delegates are being “stolen” from him. His new campaign advisor, Paul Manafort, accused Cruz of using “Gestapo” tactics Hyperbole aside, this is just another example of Trump not knowing the rules or being willing to play by them. Rules don’t apply to Trump.

The fact is that Cruz just whipped Trump’s butt. Trump never showed up in Colorado. He just sent some pamphlets and had supporters selling Trump-branded merchandise. However, Cruz shouldn’t get a swelled a head. Besting the Trump family is apparently a pretty simple task. It was just reported that two of his kids, Ivanka and Eric, cannot vote for him in the New York primary because they neglected to register as Republicans before the deadline. This is the easy part, people.

So Trump has been hitting the campaign trail and with blistering condemnations of the delegate selection process. He is whining about delegate loses in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, and Tennessee, to name just a few. He has even threatened to file lawsuits in Georgia and Tennessee to secure delegates that he is convinced belong to him. He thinks that because he has “millions of votes” that he is entitled to all of the delegates, regardless of what the rules are. In fact. Trump actually has a higher percentage of delegates than the percentage of votes he has received. So maybe he should release those extra delegates.

Ironically, today he told Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers that “I don’t love to see leaders who sit back and cry.” Yet that’s pretty much all that Trump does. He cries about what he regards as mistreatment by the GOP when he’s too stupid to follow the rules. He cries when voters reject him and belittles them for not recognizing his awesomeness. He cries about how awful America is, literally calling it a hell hole. His entire campaign is crying over his assertion that America isn’t great anymore and that he is the only human being that can restore its greatness.

Virtually everything about Trump screams infantile. He calls his rivals liars and cheaters and pussies. He calls critics dummies and losers. Then he points fingers at others saying that they started it. He brags about his alleged (and unlikely) phallic endowment. He is a pathological liar (see the Trump Bullshitopedia). It’s just a matter of time before he rails against his enemies as poopyheads who smell funny. Worst of all, he is willing to resort to violence. He encourages it at his rallies and has threatened riots at the GOP convention in Cleveland if he is denied his right to the crown.

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And now Trump is adding persistent whining whenever he doesn’t get his way. It’s behavior that is ugly and juvenile. And yet, there are dimwitted Republicans who are still willing to support a candidate that doesn’t seem to have matured past the third-grade level (literally with regard to his speeches). What does that say about the wingnuts and Tea Party deadenders that comprise the core of Trump’s following? It says they are satisfied with a candidate who has failed to articulate a single policy with any measure of intelligence; who aspires to tyranny; and whose narcissistic ego has blown up to unprecedented proportions. Here is a video simulation of Donald Trump at ten years old – or for that matter, yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Aspiring Whiner In Chief

  1. Donnie TRumphole-Already a sh–stain.

  2. Meanwhile, in today’s Town Hall on CNN, The Drumpf proves yet again that he cannot compete honestly without first tilting the playing field in his own direction. First, The Drumpf complains that the political system is “stacked against me” and begins accusing the Rethuglican Party itself of conspiring to stop him from clinching the party’s nomination. So much for honor among thieves…

    Then, Ivanka criticized the New York registration laws as “onerous” since they are keeping her and her brother Eric from casting primary votes for their father. See, it’s not they were stupid and missed the deadline to register – It’s the laws themselves that are corrupt!

    And, of course, Cruz is not competing honestly because he happened to legitimately win in Colorado and Drumpf lost fair and square.

    And when Drumpf loses the election, what’s going to be the excuse then?

    Remind me again – this crybaby toddler still has followers, why?

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