Chicken-Sh*t Trump Already Trying To Weasel Out Of Debates With Clinton

Now that the general election scorecard is filled and the major party conventions are history, the next big events in the election cycle will be the highly anticipated Clinton/Trump debates. While the conventions are usually seen as self-serving infomercials, voters often regard the debates as critical opportunities to assess the candidates and make a decision.

Donald Trump

Well, it didn’t take twenty-four hours for Donald Trump to start whining about the debate process and laying the groundwork to slither away without having to confront Hillary Clinton face to face. Last night he summoned up the courage to venture out onto the Twitter machine and post this:

As usual, Trump and the GOP are trying to hide their fear by accusing everyone of conspiring against them. Trump’s paranoia is sending him into delusional fits that are precursors to a cowardly retreat, just like when he skipped out on a Fox News debate because he was too scared to face Megyn Kelly. Clearly he has a problem with strong women.

For the record, neither Clinton nor the Democratic Party had anything to do with the debate schedule. The Commission On Presidential Debates (CPD) has been managing these affairs since 1988. It is run by former members of both parties who have no affiliation with any candidate. The current schedule was released nearly a year ago (September 23, 2015), before any of the candidates were chosen. And it would be nearly impossible to find broadcast dates that didn’t coincide with a popular television program, whether it be the NFL or Law & Order or America’s Got Talent.

Trump has already demonstrated his tendency to provoke melodrama with regard to candidate debates. He turned the GOP primary debates into feral spectacles of crass immaturity and avoidance of substance. His tantrums succeeded in forcing the Republican National Committee and the media to capitulate to his will, forcing out networks or media co-sponsors that he didn’t think were sufficiently deferential to him.

What Trump means by “Unacceptable” is unclear. Is he declaring now that he is refusing to participate in the debates? Is he demanding that other terms agreeable to him are implemented? Or is he preparing his excuse for when he fails to show up like every other presidential candidate has done for over half a century? In any case he is revealing that he is a sniveling coward who would be knocked senseless were he to step into the ring with Hillary. And he knows it.

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So look for Trump to continue his whining up to, throughout, and following the debates (if he even shows up). And watch him try to blame his failures on the legions of imaginary enemies who are amassed to bring him down. Donald Trump is a walking psychosis who is frantically searching for a way to avoid being humiliated by an uppity woman. At times like these you realize that there just isn’t enough popcorn in the world.

UPDATE: Lyin’ Don told George Stephanopoulos on This Week that the NFL sent him a letter saying that “This is ridiculous. Why are the debates against us?” But an NFL spokesman quickly denied it tweeting “While we’d obviously wish the debate commission could find another night, we did not send a letter to Trump.”


9 thoughts on “Chicken-Sh*t Trump Already Trying To Weasel Out Of Debates With Clinton

  1. In any debate, Mrs Clinton is in a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent.

  2. On another website I saw a suggestion by a commenter I agree with. The debates between these two should be like the Kennedy/Nixon debate. The candidates and the moderators are the only people in the room. No applauding crowds for moral support for the Donald. (Which is the only way he might even be considered as having a chance to score points).

    • There should be no live audience at all at any political debate. Be it primary or general election.

      • The audience is only there for the potential drama they may provide which only serves the television network and their ratings. Doesn’t really serve any purpose for the public at large.

        • I’m just taking a wild guess, but you guys are all Hillary supporters right? And, my guess is you’re probably millennials. So, you can be excused for not knowing but you should be punished for your ignorant, under-educated comments that you most likely share in more places than just here. Look, the “audience” is there because – and I know this will be hard to understand – a long time ago, we didn’t have televisions or internet. News papers were local reports for the most part and the only way to transmit data was to physically write with pen and paper and use the Pony Express to transport it. Therefore, people HAD to go to the event in order to make an educated vote for their candidate. Not like some of you out there today who think “It’s time for a woman President” (whatever the hell signifies this) and say they are voting for Hillary “just because” while simply ignoring or disregarding the obvious corruption. Those of you ho don’t think the elections are rigged, don’t forget how Bill Clinton ‘innocently’ met Loretta Lynch (though the meeting was ONLY between the two of them – Secret Service was ordered to wait outside. Tell me it was innocent – you’d be a damn liar) and as a result, Hillary will walk off scot-free for her email scandal, national security failures and flat-out lies to the American public. If a ‘regular’ citizen did what she has, they would have been arrested, charged to the fullest extent of the law and imprisoned for so long – we’d forget all about them. But hey, you guys aren’t ALL bad. I totally agree that with the advancement of our culture and technology, debates should not have a live audience any longer. It only creates distraction and takes time from the limited amount of time they have to lay out their policies, differences & ideals, and convince us to vote for them. People who don’t know should not comment. Emotions and ignorance are destroying this once world leader. And voting that is based on either of these should not be permitted. Voting isn’t a God-given right if you don’t educate yourself to make a rational, intelligent choice in a candidate. The only way people should be allowed to vote is if they are paying a great deal of attention to the debates and every interview so as NOT to elect a President out of pure ignorance. Ignorance should be painful.

          • How is it that an “educated” person, such as yourself, lacks the ability to express their thoughts and opinions in a non-condescending manner?
            “Voting isn’t a God given right if you don’t educate yourself to make a rational, intelligent choice in a candidate” SERIOUSLY? Do I need to remind you that the voting has never been a God given right? The US Constitution that guarantees every citizen the right to vote.
            “The only way people should be allowed to vote is if they are paying a great deal of attention to the debates and every interview so as NOT to elect a President out of pure ignorance.” “No one should be allowed to vote unless they possess the ability to make a rational, intelligent choice in a candidate?” How to you envision this working? Requiring voters to pass a “debate and interview watcher test” before being allowed to cast their ballot? Speaking of pure ignorance…..just sayin.

  3. You signed up for this yourself Trump, eagerly too, so you don’t get to weasel your way out of it when virtually all the preceding candidates had to go through the same.

    If you choose to do so, we will all reserve the right to call you a chickenshit coward because that’s simply what you are for doing so.

    Pretty sure all past Presidential candidates, left or right, would agree.

  4. They should just plan the first debate. Hillary will be on one side and an empty baby chair [on a white throne] will be on the other. And, Invisible Obama standing by, of course…

    • you have a wacky and wild imagination!

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