How The F*ck Can Fox News Report On Trump With These Glaring Conflicts

When Donald Trump was running for president he insisted that he knew “all the best people.” He promised that his administration would benefit from his connections in the business community. He argued that the typical government bureaucrats were failing and that fresh blood was needed. So how is that working out?

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To date, Trump’s appointees have been decidedly unimpressive. Almost none of them have experience in the fields for which they have been nominated. What’s more, they are firmly rooted in the same governmental swamp that he said he would drain. Politicians and billionaires are quickly filling up his cabinet and advisory slots. But there’s something even more troubling that many of his candidates have in common.

Fox News had a singular role in manufacturing the Trump candidacy. They gave him more airtime than any other candidate and broadcast his stump speeches for hours without interruption. And now they are supplying him with a roster of personnel to take prominent positions in his administration. Here are the Fox News candidates for Trump’s White House (so far). All of them have been on the Fox payroll:

  • K.T. McFarland: She has already been named as a Deputy National Security Advisor.
  • Ben Carson: He is reported to have been offered the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • John Bolton: He is up for Secretary of State, although he is lately being eclipsed by Mitt Romney. And you can throw Fox’s Newt Gingrich into this stew as well.
  • Sarah Palin: If you can believe it, she is in line for Secretary of the Interior.
  • Laura Ingraham: This media-hating pundit could be Trump’s next press secretary.
  • Monica Crowley: (See Laura Ingraham).
  • Mike Huckabee: This former Fox host is being considered for Commerce Secretary.
  • Scott Brown: After losing senate races twice he is now looking at the Veterans Administration.
  • Pete Hegseth: This Koch brothers cohort is also rumored for VA head.
  • Anthony Scaramucci: He is a Wall Street fund manager who is already on Trump’s Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee.
  • Eric Bolling: Currently a c co-host of The Five, he is said to be under consideration for something at Commerce.
  • Donald Trump: That’s right. Trump himself had a recurring role on Fox & Friends for years with his “Mondays With Trump” segment.

[Update: Fox correspondents Heather Nauert and Jonathan Wachtel have been hired by Trump’s State Department]
[Update II: Trump nominates Fox contributor Scott Brown to be ambassador to New Zealand]

With so many of their own personnel potentially joining the Trump administration, how can the network fairly cover him? OK, that’s a dumb question. They have never fairly covered him. But still, they would now be in the position of having to critically assess the performance of their own former employees. These are people with whom they have long standing relationships and affinity. They are also people who are likely to return to the network at some point in the future. That fact alone could impact the behavior of both Fox and their alumni. Some have already left Fox and returned when they had brief political conflicts (Carson, Gingrich, and Brown).

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Never fear. Fox will find a way to cope with this burden. However, that will probably be to continue their mission as Propaganda Ministry for the Republican Party. Only now Fox will be an official arm of the White House under Trump. They will be America’s Pravda serving the interests of a megalomaniac and his team of apple polishers.


9 thoughts on “How The F*ck Can Fox News Report On Trump With These Glaring Conflicts

  1. It’s been over a decade that Faux News is the press office for the republican party. Also, they have been Drumpf’s cheerleaders for over 18 months. Pointing this out, in addition to the awful cabinet and administration choices, is past the level of overkill. Perhaps it is time to point out ways for us average citizens to take action against these horrendous choices by Drumpf. Maybe spurring Democratic members of Congress to take official stands against the selling of the government. Or pushing for legal action to be taken. Time for simple complaining is past and time for action.

  2. Faux News is the pitiful illustration of Drumpf support. We’re screwed if he’s not impeached.

    • PL Everts,
      That’s what I pray for. But, I bet that would be next to impossible.

  3. You obviously need to have your diaper changed. You are a “anti-Trumper” which is your constitutional Right, but obviously you aren’t a history buff. Remember the French Revolution? At least the people haven’t turned to chopping off heads, they only laugh at the likes of you for your temper tantrum reaction to not getting your way. Poor baby.

  4. John, strange that you allude to being a “history buff” but you conveniently ignore recent and obvious history here at home. The so-called “tea-bagers,” for about a decade, have shaken up politics here because they have never gotten their way (temper tantrum?) and do not seem to care how much damage they are doing to this country. Between pushing for terrible laws and programs and shutting down the government (temper tantrum), the tea party are responsible for giving us Drumpf. I’m not sure what you mean with the reference to the French Revolution, but the average French men and women were tired of the outrages of their rulers and ultra-rich. Sound familiar? Only time will tell how soon average Americans tire of the outrages and corruption of Drumpf and the ultra-rich. Running the country to benefit his business? And wait until they take away Social Security and Medicare because they are “entitlements” and are a cause of the high National Debt. Guess what? That is a complete lie. SS&M have no effect on the annual deficit or the National Debt. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. How does it feel to be scammed?

    • Perry – well said. Unfortunately, the Drumpfsters don’t respond to facts – only Donnie boy’s b.s.

      • You’re right. Reminds me of a bumper sticker that made me laugh out loud. “Annoy a Democrat: confuse them with facts and logic.” Pure stupidity. They wouldn’t know a fact if it poked them in the eye with a stick.

  5. Mark- employees are personnel not personal.
    Otherwise please carry on.

    • Although with Drumpf, they may well be “personal” e.g.’: personal boinking targets.

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