Trump Has Already Violated Most Of His So-Called ‘Day One’ Campaign Promises

Donald Trump became President of the United States at noon on January 20, 2017. However, our new billionaire POTUS doesn’t work weekends and declared that his first day in the office would be Monday. Now that he’s officially on the job, this would be good time to review what he said he would do.

Donald Trump

Candidate Trump made dozens of promises that he explicitly said would be done on “Day One” of his presidency. [That would be day three in Trump Time]. Some, he assured his supporters, would be fulfilled in the first hour. To be sure, his proclamations were so outrageous that a rational person wouldn’t have believed he could possibly come through. That says nothing, though, of what his voters were thinking. What follows are some of the more notable first day vows Trump has already failed to keep.

  • Start construction on a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.
  • Tell Congress to pass a bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare.
  • Immediately suspend the Syrian refugee program.
  • Suspend all immigration from countries where vetting is “difficult.”
  • Stop funding for climate change programs at the U.N.
  • Order his generals to submit a plan within 30 days to defeat ISIS.
  • Halt all federal funding to “sanctuary cities.”
  • Call on Congress to pass “Kate’s Law.”
  • Revoke Obama’s “illegal executive amnesties,” i.e. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Immediately deport what he says are 2 million criminal illegal immigrants.
  • Direct his treasury secretary to label China a currency manipulator.
  • Approve the Keystone XL pipeline and lift restrictions on coal and oil development.
  • Get rid of gun-free zones in schools.
  • Propose a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.
  • Ban former congressional officials from lobbying for five years.
  • Ban former White House officials from lobbying for life.
  • Undo “every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama.” Whatever that means.

Trump’s ambitions as a candidate were ludicrously overblown and unachievable. However, his credibility, like all politicians, rests on setting reasonable goals and following through. He could not have possibly been telling the truth when making all of these promises.

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Therefore, his supporters were misled and have every right to be disappointed, if not incensed. But given the cult-like devotion they have to their Dear Leader, don’t expect them to be. A political movement that redefines white supremacy as “alt-right” and advances the concept of “alternative facts” isn’t likely to care that promises are broken so freely. However, America’s democracy could be severely harmed if citizens become complacent about lying and deliberate misrepresentation. And Donald Trump’s “Day One” failures show that he excels bigly at both.


11 thoughts on “Trump Has Already Violated Most Of His So-Called ‘Day One’ Campaign Promises

  1. Oh no!!!! A new President didn’t get everything he wanted in one day! !!!! Are you a complete idiot?

    • No matter how many exclamations points you use, it doesn’t disguise your stupidity.

      It was TRUMP who said he would do these things on DAY ONE. Not me. Apparently you don’t mind being lied to – like a good StormTrumper.

      • I’m seeing comments on Newser and a few other blogs saying “Great, we have a president with GUTS!”, “The best president in modern US history”, and “Trump fights for US!” Cripes, people actually believe this crap.

        I responded to one of the twits saying straightforwardly that all Trump did was sign his name to four papers we have yet to prove he is capable of actually reading. Real progress is what he does when the signatures stop working. And I’ll bet not one of the FoxPods and TrumpBots will have a clue what that even means.

        Especially when they were doing the same thing in the negative when Obama didn’t solve the world’s problems by Day 3 of his presidency.

        How long will it be before this Idiocracy once again becomes a nation of people who realize what a terrible mistake was made when we allowed this creature to become president?

      • Please tell us you don’t actually believe that any President could have accomplished all of the items on this list in one day. Please tell us you are not that ignorant.

        • No, that’s not what I said. I’m just watching all these dingleberries saying, wow, Trump’s got guts! He’s getting things done! The same dingleberries who complained when Obama didn’t get anything done at this point for that reason: NO president accomplishes miracles by the third day. Only one being managed that, and I don’t believe in him.

          • May I point out that Obama never made such ridiculous promises to do a shitload of stuff on day one. He didn’t lie like Trump. And he knew his voters were too smart to fall for it.

            • Oh yeah, I know, but that’s not the argument you’re going to get from the TrumpBots. Just wait until we get the argument when Trump fails to actually accomplish anything, and they go, “well, Obama LIED when HE said he would do this in his first 100 days [which he didn’t, of course, since, unlike Trump, he did know better], but Trump MEANT WELL for his!” Total imbeciles.

        • So you’re admitting that he was lying.

          Of course I never believed him. But the Trumpsters who voted for him insisted that he was gonna do everything he said. Suckers.

          • You are the one who said he was lying. And now you are saying those who voted for him insisted he was going to do everything he said. I doubt if you can produce any evidence to back up such a silly claim. Your rabid hate for all things Trump exposes your ignorance.

        • So you didn’t believe what he said?

          You’re pretty much saying he lied to your face and you bent down and licked his boots in response.

          So. What about that make America Great Again? Lie? Truth?

  2. So why the surprise? Traitor trump lied about 78% of the time during his campaign. As the diarist stated, what must never become commonplace is acceptance of lying as ok. It’s not ok. Never ok. People in America have been ‘dumbed down”. We must make people aware, sharpen cognitive thinking. Then they will fact check and crooked politicians will fail.

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