WTF? Alternative Facts: The Women’s March On Washington Was Actually Pro-Trump?

In the the post-truth era ushered in by the Trump administration, respect for facts is taking a much smaller role in political discourse. These are, after all, the folks who brought us “alternative facts,” otherwise known as fiction. And the chief dispenser of the official White House falsehoods is press secretary Sean Spicer.

Donald Trump

On Monday Spicer held the very first press briefing of the Trump presidency. It was a peculiar affair that included fierce denials of what he said just two days before. However, Spicer was consistent on the subject of Trump’s much larger inauguration crowd – which wasn’t true. He also continued waging what Trump called his “running war with the media.” Spicer was dismayed by the “negativity” of the press and how it was demoralizing to the President and his team. Poor babies. Everyone knows the role of the press is to bolster the President’s morale.

Perhaps Spicer’s most preposterous assertion came in a response to a question about the Women’s March on Washington. This event drew unprecedented crowds to the nation’s capital as well cities across the country and around the world. It was a massive repudiation of Trump and his alt-populist agenda. Yet Spicer’s representation of his boss’ reaction to the protest was overtly delusional:

“I think he has a healthy respect for the First Amendment and this is what makes our country so beautiful, is that on one day you can inaugurate a President, on the next day people can occupy the same space to protest something. But he’s also cognizant to the fact that a lot of these people were there to protest an issue of concern to them and not against anything.”

Yeah, that’s the ticket. These millions of protesters weren’t actually protesting at all. In fact, in Trump World, they were only there for the shopping and sightseeing. Or as Spicer suggested, “there were people that came to the mall as they do all the time, sometimes in smaller numbers.”

At this rate it won’t be long before Spicer declares that the march was actually in support of Trump. Never mind all the “pussyhats” and signs expressing decidedly anti-Trump views. The Trump team’s “alternative fact” emerging from Saturday’s historic public demonstration is that it was a non-partisan gathering of typical Washington residents and tourists. The factual fact (a newly required redundancy) is that millions of Americans poured into the streets to renounce Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that he is honest enough to accept it. Sad!

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4 thoughts on “WTF? Alternative Facts: The Women’s March On Washington Was Actually Pro-Trump?

  1. Poor babies! They are all delusional or on drugs or both. Those wonderful, intelligent strong women are PROTESTING traitor trump’s hatred of women, his determination for destroying any and all healthcare for women especially lose who are not wealthy and not white. Traitor trump’s white supremist views belong in the dump of history along with those of pence and most of his cult. Trump is mentally ill, out of touch with current reality.

  2. This “ride” needs to be short and the ending thorough (not just Donny-Boy, but Pence – et al) . The longer these fools can make policy the worse it will be for the Republic.

  3. Of course, taking “alternative facts” to their ultimate conclusion…

    Trump: I’ve just signed an Executive Order dismantling that evil thing called ObamaCare.
    Adviser: But you can’t just dismantle it with a single order, sir. You need …
    Trump: Shut up! My facts say I can! And you’re fired!

    [six months later]

    Adviser: Sir, many of your own supporters are complaining that you took away their insurance, and they’re picketing the White House.
    Trump: Shut up! The alternative facts I have say what I did was right, and the new plan is great and wonderful. Just like me!
    Adviser: Sir, you never actually created a new plan.
    Trump: My facts say I did and it’s great! And you’re fired!

    [a few months later]

    Secretary of State: Sir. I’ve just received word that Russia has accidentally launched an atomic missile towards the eastern United States.
    Trump: Shut up! My facts say Putin is my friend and has never done this! I don’t want to hear

    Dear Richard Branson: When exactly will you have that Mars city ready for us to move into?

  4. They are LIES, call them that. NOT “alternative facts.” There’s NO such thing.

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