Glenn Beck Goes Nuts Over Forbes Blurb On Soros

Robert Lenzner posted a brief item today on about an event last night honoring George Soros. In the article Lenzner noted Soros’ warnings that…

“…the combination of Fox News, Glenn Beck, The Tea Party, and the ability of Americans to fantasize unrealistically about their political system might lead ‘this open society to be on the verge of some dictatorial democracy.’

That’s a fairly cogent observation that recognizes the risks associated with a severely naive and misled electorate and an opportunistic and doctrinaire media. Lenzner continued saying….

“Soros also characterized Fox newscaster Glenn Beck, who has been falsely vilifying Soros publicly, as a throwback to the wild and crazy radical elements that never before were given such a public pedestal to foment their hate.”

Well that’s all it took to send Beck into one of the most demented tantrums I’ve seen him throw to date. Beck spun wildly from mocking Lenzner, to outlining a plot to “enslave” America, to pretending to hypnotize his viewers. He was in rare form as he employed several of his cartoon voices, held up props, and dashed manically from his video screen to his blackboard. In the end it was nothing more than petulant hysterics brought on by the perceived insult he suffered in a blog post. Beck spent twenty enraged minutes rebutting two paragraphs. It was an epic display of psychosis.

In the course of his tirade, Beck claimed that he didn’t hate Soros. If that’s true, he has an Olympian tolerance for evil. Beck’s three day Puppet Master series described Soros as a Nazi collaborator who collapses economies and destroys nations, with the United States next on his hit list. Beck cast Soros as advocating a tyrannical, one world government that would prohibit freedom and renounce God. He was plainly fomenting hate, just as Lenzner said. How Beck could not hate such a person I have no idea.

All of this built to a climax with Beck challenging Forbes to put up or shut up:

“The most egregious statement from Forbes Magazine is one that I would either like proof of or an apology from Forbes. In fact, I think I might demand one. Yes, I’m going to. That I “falsely vilified” Soros. Forbes Magazine – show it or apologize. I’d like to know exactly what I lied about.”

I sincerely hope that Forbes takes Beck up on this challenge. It would be a pretty easy task for them to document the litany of lies from Beck’s Soros-athon. They could start with Beck’s contention that Soros was a Nazi collaborator. Then they could address his deceitful editing of videotape that misrepresented Soros’ position on foreign influence in Congress. They could raise his reliance on the widely debunked book by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, The Shadow Party. They could point out his misrepresentations of Soros’ support for Poland’s Solidarity movement and the anti-communist Velvet and Orange revolutions in Czechoslovakia and the Ukraine.

So have at it, Forbes. This is your opportunity to take Beck apart. He wants to know what he lied about and you can tell him. Try it, it’s easy. There is no shortage of lies in any episode of Beck’s program.


10 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Goes Nuts Over Forbes Blurb On Soros

  1. .not to mention his pimping of Cleon Skousen’s writings (he wrote the introduction to the reissue of one of his books, so this hardly a passing mention) — one of the two seminal figures behind the John Birch Society!

    • Beck literally worships Skousen:

      “I beg you to read this book [The 5,000 Year Leap] filled with words of wisdom which I can only describe as divinely inspired.”

      Skousen is also known Nazi sympathize.

  2. FYI: This is Beck’s outline for the plan…

    To Take America Over and Enslave It
    Financial Sector
    Health Care
    Grow Dependent
    Control Media
    Control Food Prices

    So if you manage to control Wall Street, medicine, industry, military, welfare, media, and agribusiness, you can enslave America? Gee, if I had known it was that easy I’d have done it years ago.

    Beck thinks these are all areas that the government already has targeted for its enslavement strategy. But most of these things involve the routine functions of government. Makes it easy for Beck to fashion it as another conspiracy theory.

  3. “one of the most demented tantrums I’ve seen him throw to date. Beck spun wildly from mocking Lenzner, to outlining a plot to “enslave” America, to pretending to hypnotize his viewers.”

    You’ve really lost touch with reality if you call THAT a tantrum–it was Soros’ quotes mixed with comedy–something Beck does extremely well, much better than Jon Stewart who only knows how to smirk and insult, to make a point that Forbes has been sucked down the rabbit hole. I thought the hypnotist routine was a hoot, because that’s what the left thinks is wrong with every American who doesn’t believe the lies we get from the media. Maybe you’re not old enough to remember that as a party game? You need to get out more, or watch more Beck.

    • I tried and failed to watch the whole thing. The man bores the he!! out of me. It’s the same with every clip I encounter and in this one Beck is beyond parodying himself. But the camera operator does a pretty good job of following him prancing around the stage.

      • oh, and whoever runs the screen can really keep up with the script.

  4. You people are so stupid ! You must be not americans and do not know the history of America, do not know how communism is getting in power you are so dumb, but when you are all slaves of this government you might will wake up but it will be too late. Why don’t you ask Cubans how beautiful life they had in Cuba in Communism and then may be you would love to move there? God, America really became STUPID, LAZY, FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! To lose such a beautiful nation to some stupid polititians, to fight for civil rights to go back to slavery that how dumb you people are.

    • prediction: Mark will respond to this one with: I’ll let this speak for itself. Am I close?

      • LLLLOL! 😀 You know me pretty well.

        But you have to admit, nonsense like that really does speak for itself. Poor maggy must be up nights looking out for the commies that are coming to enslave us. And she thinks we’re dumb.

  5. I hope that Forbes addresses this looney-tune. I really don’t know how anyone could take him seriously, but the most frightning thing is, is that the uneducated kool-aid drinkers hang on his every word. If you research “nazi propaganda” you can clearly see that Beck takes a page right out of the Nazi’s playbook.

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