Trump Was So Rattled By the Tax Day Marches He Posted Some Dumb Crap on Twitter

Saturday, April 15, saw tens of thousands of Americans taking to the streets in more than 150 cities. And it had nothing to do with it being the deadline to pay their federal income taxes. The occasion was to protest Donald Trump continuing to renege on his repeated promises to release his tax returns.

Donald Trump Chicken

True to form, Trump was noticeably upset by the outpouring of criticism from across a broad spectrum of the public. Not surprisingly, he expressed his dismay in fewer than 140 characters on Twitter. And as usual he made very little sense:

First of all, Trump once again demonstrates his grammatical incompetence. We should expect better from a president than “…what was an almost an impossible thing…” Especially a president who brags that he “has the best words.” And despite his ego-driven blindness, his tax returns are not just now being brought up. They have been a continuing issue since his campaign began.

More to the point, Trump’s ignorance of electoral history is appalling, but in line with his ignorance generally. Not only is it not impossible for a Republican to win the Electoral College, every Republican president has done it. And most have done it more easily than Trump. In fact, he lands at 46th out of 58 elections. As PolitiFact notes in rating his previous bragging false:

“Trump’s percentage doesn’t rank near the top. In fact, it ranks near the bottom, belonging somewhere between the lowest one-fourth and the lowest one-fifth of all Electoral College victories in history.”

Undeterred by reality, Trump goes on to question whether the protesters were paid to turn out. That would require quite a bankroll considering the massive attendance at these hardly “small” rallies. The assertion is absurd on its face. However, it isn’t the first time that Trump has proposed it. He leveled this charge during the campaign and was revealed to have been disseminating fake news. The only documented incident of payments being made to phony rally goers was when Trump himself did it.

In both of these tweets Trump returns to obsessing over an election that he lost by over three million in the popular vote count. That’s a record he is unlikely to brag about. He still seems to think that the election results have any bearing on the public’s interest in his tax returns. If anything, the public is more interested now than ever. Polls show that an overwhelming seventy-four percent of the people want him to release his returns. That includes forty-nine percent of his own supporters.

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So contrary to his whining that only the media cares about this issue, it’s clear that the American people are not going to let it slip away. Whatever he is trying to hide is going to come out one way or another. Whether it be corruption, his true net worth, or unsavory connections to Russia. His impotent excuses for withholding this information will not protect him from his responsibility to the people.


9 thoughts on “Trump Was So Rattled By the Tax Day Marches He Posted Some Dumb Crap on Twitter

  1. It’s absurd that a man who, pays no Federal Income Taxes for over 25 years, and has declared Bankruptcy 5 times as a Con man screwing over the Small Business Contractors and Employees, thinks he has a ‘right’ to condemn Free Speech. He truly believes he is smarter than all other people in the World, as he blatantly ies repeatedly. He will start a World War due to his insecurity. He refused to serve 5 times as a rich boy Draft-Dodger yet he will send others to fight and die, for his ego. He epitomizes a twat who twitters his time away. Sparrows do the same, but sparrows serve a purpose with their songs, love.

  2. I see a lot of political whining lately but it is almost all from Trump supporters claiming that liberals (never called that) are whining.
    Liberals are demanding that Trump keeps his promises.
    Everyone will have cheaper and better health care.
    Trump will show his tax returns.
    The economy will be better for everyone.
    The ‘swamp’ will be drained.
    Why are Trump supporters upset with liberals who want what Trump promised?

  3. Could be that Trump himself has paid for people at his rallies?? Those who hint at or accuse are indeed guilty of those acts.

  4. Trump lost the popular vote by almost $11m dollars – you need to add in the votes taken by the other party candidates.

  5. I think there is a much more severe problem than his idiotic tweets. It is the carpet of secrecy that is unfolding over many of his executive orders . In addition, his access now to all the toys that go boom!
    I know he is the president but he is driving the car without looking.

    • I am not even sure he is driving. I don’t know that his administration is influenced by the Russians but there are too many connections that are not clear.

  6. What needs to be said, loudly, is that counting all third party votes, Trump actually lost the popular vote by more than 10 million. Let’s see him try to claim they were all illegals. His ego couldn’t handle it.

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