LOL: Fox News Claims to Have Found a ‘Shocking’ Anti-Trump Twitter Account (They Didn’t)

In an act of obvious desperation and fear, Donald Trump unleashed yet another Twitter tirade Tuesday morning. His primary target was what he still calls a “witch hunt” despite all the evidence, indictments, and guilty pleas. This tweetstorm consisted of eight posts, with five of them specifically referencing the former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, and six of them citing Fox News as his source.

Fox News Lies

Needless to say, his protestations were more of the same tired complaints that he’s the victim of an evil “Deep State” cabal determined to cast him off the throne that he believes he was anointed to by God. He’s obsessed with the false notion that Strzok created the whole Russia collusion scandal in a conspiracy with Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele (of the dossier fame), and their ringleader, life-long Republican and war hero, Robert Mueller.

Naturally, Fox News has concocted yet another defensive shield with which to protect the Trump creature they created. This time the Trump-fluffers at Fox News introduced a segment (video below) wherein they reveal that they have uncovered a “shocking” anti-Trump Twitter account in the name of Peter Strzok. Fox & Friends First hosts Heather Childers and Rob Schmitt are nearly giddy with excitement as they prattle on about their diligent reporting:

Schmitt: It might not surprise you, but there’s an anti-Trump Twitter account from fired FBI agent Peter Strzok.
Childers: That is shocking. And on it a GofundMe page looking to raise $150,000 to cover his legal costs and lost income. Many are now wondering, is this for real?

For the sake of the many who are now wondering if this is for real, the answer is – of course not. It’s Fox News.

Let’s begin with what Fox is calling Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump Twitter account. This account currently has all of two posts on it. And neither one even mentions Trump’s name in any capacity. So how the Foxies came to conclude that these tweets were anti-Trump – and even shockingly so – is a mystery.

In addition to that, Childers under-represented the success of Strzok’s GoFundMe page. It originally had a goal of $150,000, but that amount was exceeded so quickly that it was raised to $350,000. And as of this writing, it has already received donations of more than $316,000.

It looks like firing Strzok was just another blockhead move by Team Trump. They could have accepted the recommendation of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility and suspended him for fifty days with a demotion. In which case he would be earning less, be forced into a menial position in a back office, and be prohibited from speaking out about his ordeal. But now he can cash in, be able to pursue better job opportunities, and be free to write and speak about how Trump betrayed the country. Nice work, melonheads.

No matter how Fox News might have spun this affair, they could not have made Trump and company look like anything but rank amateurs and petty seekers of vengeance. But they ended up choosing the worst of all the bad options available to them by making up a fictional story that was easier to debunk than the Wizard of Oz. They didn’t even need a little dog to pull the curtain aside. Apparently Fox just leaned on what they know best: Flagrant lying.

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2 thoughts on “LOL: Fox News Claims to Have Found a ‘Shocking’ Anti-Trump Twitter Account (They Didn’t)

  1. FOX NEWS should be changed to FOX LIES and should be considered as in ww2, a 5th column…or yellowv journalism or just a bunch of putzes.

  2. Of course, anything that doesn’t treat Caesar Moronikus with absolute and complete worship is considered by Fucks Spews to be a “SHOCKING Anti-Trump Twitter Account.” That’s why the FucksPods think there needs to be a “Conservative version” of Twitter. Ignoring, once again, that “absolute and complete worship” of the American Ayatollah is not anyone’s version of Conservatism, not even the Reich!

    Besides, they already have “Conservapedia,” the TRUSTWORTHY ENCYCLOPEDIA(tm)!

    Speaking of which, here’s a line from Conservapedia’s entry on the all holy Second Amendment:

    The National Rifle Association, which supports gun rights, has a stone plaque in front of its headquarters bearing the words “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” By dropping the “militia” phrase, the slogan advocates that the Second Amendment should mean that individual citizens have the right to own and use guns. (emphasis added)

    Of course, that last line just demonstrates that even the NRA realizes the Second Amendment as written does NOT say what the Reichwing gun nuts SAY it does. And the NRA has to obfuscate to convert it into what they WANT it to say. Typical Reichwing….

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