CNN’s Nancy Grace – Fast and Loose

CNN, in an attempt to win back the cable news crown from current leader Fox News, is continuing to lower its standards in order to be more competitive.

Nancy Grace, the host of a self-titled legal show on CNN Headline News, “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties as a Fulton County, Ga., prosecutor in 1990, a federal appeals panel has declared.

By employing anchors whose ethics are in question, CNN is attacking Fox at its strength. But few observers believe that CNN can mount a credible challenge to the moral bankruptcy of veteran slimeballs like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Grace does deserve some credit for making a ballgame of it by having been admonished by the Appellate court for the third time with this latest episode. That makes three strikes.

Grace is the crusading news personality that was motivated to take up law after her fiance was murdered. She became a Fulton County, GA, prosecuter and is apparently still one as she pretty much convicted John Mason for the murder of his Runaway Bride. That is, until she showed up in Albuquerque. Unflustered, Grace soon took up the case of another woman who has been missing for two years. Far be it for her to go on the air without a sensationalistic story to exploit.

CNN, for its part exhibits an inspiring measure of shamelessness by touting their anchor on their website, saying:

Grace compiled a perfect record of nearly 100 felony convictions at trial and no losses.

It may be prudent to ask, at this time, what they mean by perfect. Perhaps they mean perfect irony as they also plug her new book – Objection! : How High-Priced Defense Attorneys, Celebrity Defendants, and a 24/7 Media Have Hijacked Our Criminal Justice System. Her bosses at the 24/7 Media network that pay her seem to have no Objection to her book’s allegation re: the hijacking of justice.


4 thoughts on “CNN’s Nancy Grace – Fast and Loose

  1. i love ya keep up the good fight an that smile an you’ll win the fight yet

  2. it was a disgrace how nancy grace handleded the michael jackson trial coverage she became judge and jury …and should be scrapping egg off of her face for a long time to come …I have never witnessed more bias reporting she should be looking really crazy by now!

  3. Nancy…..just a suggestion that might help! (Contingent upon the Aruban officials cooperating (Don’t hold your breath!)

    Suggestion: Take each boy individually (without the others being aware of what is being done) and tell them to take the officials to the EXACT spot where they dropped Natalee off….Joran off, etc. See if their stories match! Again…..the expectations of such an incompetent and responsible way of handling this investigation will probably be evident once more!

  4. you no she lost but went will someone tell the turth about nancy graces recored an’t so perfect either so everone kown’s everone has seleton’s in there closed’s too when will the turth come out on her she ain’t so perfect either

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