LOL: Donald Trump’s ‘Official Presidential Job Performance Survey’ Plagiarizes Stephen Colbert

The first days of 2019 are promising to be just as challenging for Donald Trump as the past two years. He is presiding over a government that has been partially shut down for twelve days. His pronouncements about abruptly retreating from Syria were castigated by his fellow Republican Nationalists. And the specter of special counsel Robert Mueller continues throw a dark shadow over Trump and his crime family.

Stephen Colbert & Trump Baby

The most pressing problem for Trump is the government shutdown that has put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work. These are innocent victims of Trump’s self-absorbed stubbornness who are unable to pay their mortgages or buy groceries. And all because of an idiotic vanity wall on the southern border that even he says was already paid for by Mexico via the new (but unratified) USMCA trade deal between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Polls show that the American people are blaming Trump for the shutdown that he said he was proud to be the cause of. They are also opposed to the wall altogether. That is likely a contributor to Trump’s overall approval rating continuing to scrape the bottom of the political ocean floor, as it has since he was inaugurated.

Consequently, Trump is seeking to manufacture some support to rub on his inflamed ego. So he’s running a poll of his own to cuddle up with on the nights when Sean Hannity doesn’t call. The poll is designated on his website as the “Official Presidential Job Performance Survey.” And it is exactly the sort of brazenly biased piece of uselessness that you would expect.

It’s a single question poll that asks: “How would you rate President Trump’s job performance so far?” And then it gives you multiple choice options for your response. They are “Great,” “Good,” “OK,” and “Other.” So Trump isn’t providing any options that explicitly confer a negative response. It’s pretty darn close to Stephen Colbert’s famous questioning of public figures as to whether the President was “a great president, or the greatest president.” (Video below) But Colbert was doing it for laughs. Trump is serious. It’s because he needs to be treated like a baby who can’t handle even mild criticism. And the Republican Party ran the exact same poll on Trump’s behalf last year.

At the bottom of the poll is the real reason for its existence. It requires you to enter your name and email address before your responses will be recorded. So this is actually just a phishing expedition to include you into a database that they will exploit for their nefarious political ends. So if you don’t mind being added to a list of Trump’s Deplorables, go ahead and tell him what you really think.

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2 thoughts on “LOL: Donald Trump’s ‘Official Presidential Job Performance Survey’ Plagiarizes Stephen Colbert

  1. Wonder how many “Other” responses he’ll get. Guess it doesn’t matter since His Most Moronic Majesty will just delete the Other responses and anything that remotely disapproves of The Great and Powerful Moron so as to show how much everyone LOVES him.

  2. Cadet Bonespur, Trumpelthinskin, Agent Orange, call him anything but honourable, honest or empathetic, has no interest in anything other than his own ego! He is an all round reprehensible and repulsive being! Whilst onlyy Americans have ever considered it to be the most important country on earth, this moron has managed to make it the laughing stock of most of the world, whilst terrifying us all!

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