Sean Hannity Gaslights America: Spins Trump’s Treasonous Remarks As ‘A Genius Setup’

Every aspiring dictator worth his salt has a media enterprise at the ready to peddle his version of an obviously fabricated, self-serving reality. And for Donald Trump that has always been Fox News. The network that was born as a propaganda tool for right-witn purveyors of policies that benefit only corporations and the wealthy quickly adapted to the Era of Trump and aligned their most prominent, primetime shills with the White House approved messaging.

Fox News, Sean Hannity

Leading the pack of StormTrumpers at Fox News is Sean Hannity, a sycophant so devoted that the shows up to speak at Trump’s cult rallies and appears in his campaign videos. Hannity has proven that he will do and say anything to support Dear Leader, no matter how deceitful, immoral, ar absurd.

So naturally when Trump takes a gaping bite out of his own bone-spur infested foot, Hannity is right there with the ketchup and a Diet Coke to help wash it down. On Wednesday Trump essentially confessed to George Stephanopoulos that he unlawfully received information from Russia and would be happy to do so again with any hostile foreign nation. It was an unambiguous admission of a “high crime” that would merit impeachment. Hannity’s response to this criminal treachery was to herald it as a brilliant ploy to discombobulate the hapless Democrats saying that “In many ways that was a genius setup because the media mob will fall right into his trap” See? Trump was only pleading guilty to treason in order to punk the libs. And Hannity continued (video below):

“Listening is much different than, let’s see, lying, spying, and paying for Russian lies and spreading it through the media by ‘deep state’ operatives and then using it as a basis for a FISA warrant … Why are they not so outraged about Hillary paying for Russian lies, disinformation, Comey generously using the unverifiable data from Russia to spy on the Trump campaign and get a FISA warrant? No doubt, by the way, this will all get another round of fake, phony, moral selective outrage over that interview, but it’s a perfect setup because if they are outraged about that then how can you not be outraged over what I just said?”

Needless to say, that voluminous disgorgement was nothing but more of the fantastical mythologies that Hannity is famous for. His first goto deflection is to bring up some old, debunked lies about Hillary Clinton. And his defense of Trump isn’t that he’s innocent, but that he’s only as guilty as (he says) Clinton is. That’s like Ted Bundy defending himself by claiming that the fictional Hannibal Lecter was way worse.

If this is the best that Hannity and Fox News can do to persuade their Deplorable, and easily fooled, viewers that Trump didn’t actually admit that he has taken, and will gladly take in the future, disinformation from operatives working for foreign enemies, then it’s clear they are running on empty. They are now having to literally scrape the bottom of their propaganda barrell. It’s a pathetic spectacle, but one that was inevitable considering how much bullshit they’ve been spreading around for the past few years.

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3 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Gaslights America: Spins Trump’s Treasonous Remarks As ‘A Genius Setup’

  1. This is what I had mentioned many times: The Trump Worshipers are reduced to making these excuses that they would NEVER accept for any other president — Democratic OR Republican. It truly amazes me the extent of the total worship that these creatures have for Their Beloved God, knowing damn well that they will always spew the nonsense that Democrats worshiped Obama [or Clinton] and that THIS was EVIL and insulting to the TRUE GOD, and pretend that they NEVER worshiped Trump like THAT!! Hogwash.

    And, again we must ask, what IS it about Trump that his worshipers a) would so abandon any shred of honor or principle to defend him and b) STILL condemn anyone else they can claim does the same goddammed thing?

    Trump Worshipers’ Prayer

    Our Beloved Trump,
    Who art in Mar a La Ga Goo Goo.
    We worship Thy name and eat Thy scat.
    Our kingdom stolen by Russians,
    Vlady’s will be done,
    on earth as on golf courses.
    Give us this day Thy lies and Thy shyt,
    For we will accept all from Thee no matter what.
    Destroy the media whom you claim trespasses,
    Attack all who speak Truth against Thee;
    Speak much about Thy temptations,
    and always perform Thine evil.
    For we shalt follow Thy Bottom forevermore.

    • I’ll chip in to have you put that on Billboards across America. Maybe with “Act Blue”?

  2. Sean Hannity is knee-deep in criminality with his unwavering support of the criminal President we have in the WH! He is defending a full blown traitor and is aiding and abetting this complete disaster of a President!

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