STFU: Why Did the Media Cover Every Word of Trump’s Post-Impeachment Gloating?

Here we go again. In 2016 the press disgraced itself by falling victim to the reality TV campaign of Donald Trump. They broadcast every rally and public address live and uninterrupted as if it had some news value. It didn’t. They were just providing Trump with millions of dollars of free air time.

Donald Trump Not Exonerated

The press utterly failed in its journalistic obligations during the 2016 campaign with their fixation on a candidate that stuffed his speeches full of lies, insults, and self-exaltation. Their preference for featuring Trump’s cult rallies was blatantly unfair. They were not giving the same amount of time or exposure to any of his opponents during the Republican primary or the general election. Some of the media recognized their profoundly biased and unprofessional conduct after the election and even apologized to the nation for letting them down.

Well, they seem not to learned a damn thing. On Thursday morning Trump gave an address from the White House that he previously tweeted would be “to discuss our Country’s VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!” That preview was bad enough, serving as a warning that the speech would be a feast of falsehoods and a celebration of having escaped accountability for his obvious crimes.

Why would the press rush to cover something that Trump himself falsely described as the “country’s victory” and a “hoax”? He telegraphed his intention to exploit the event for his own selfish purposes. And that’s exactly what he did.

The hour plus speech was a rambling disgorgement of a bloated ego combined with back-slapping of the sycophantic, Republican bootlickers in the audience. Trump rattled off the names of every Trump-fluffing apologist who ran his defense in Congress. and he told brief stories about how brilliant they were for adoring him.

Of course, Trump also used this time to lash out at his perceived enemies. He repeated his tiresome charge that he was the victim of a “witch hunt.” He revived his obsession with President Obama, baselessly alleging that “a lot of people would have been in jail” if he had his way. He rehashed the Mueller probe, calling it “bullshit” despite the fact that it affirmed numerous breaches of the law and blatant obstruction of justice. He went off, again, on America’s intelligence community, complaining about “dirty cops” and other evil people. He singled out former FBI Director James Comey for special condemnation, calling him a “sleazebag.” This is the behavior of a “president” whose cult followers are currently denouncing the “decorum” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for tearing up a copy of his Dystopian State of the Union speech.

But he wasn’t nearly through. He slandered House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as “corrupt” and a “vicious, horrible person.” Trump unwound his frequent lie that Schiff had misrepresented his remarks in the phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. He continues to insist that people read the memo that he calls a “transcript” of the call, even though it clearly indicates that he extorted Zelensky to get dirt on Joe Biden.

Naturally, Trump didn’t forget to attack Pelosi. He called her a horrible person also. But he went on to make reprehensible remarks about her faith, asserting that he “I doubts she prays at all.” Earlier in morning he made similar remarks the National Prayer Breakfast, where he attacked Mitt Romney’s faith as well, saying that he “used religion as a crutch.” and that “I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong.” This, coming from someone who pretends to be a devout Christian but can’t cite a single passage from the bible and brags that he has never asked god for forgiveness because he’s never done anything wrong.

The entire address was nothing but a propaganda filled campaign rally with an audience of StormTrumpers engaged in idol worship. It allowed Trump to lie about being exonerated (he wasn’t) and to malign his critics for a solid hour without any pushback, fact-checking, or concessions to reality. And the media chose to air the whole thing live and without interruption.

For what purpose? There was nothing remotely newsworthy about it. They could have have easily recorded it and aired it later if they found anything that served the public interest. And then they would also have been able to provide context and corrections of his numerous untruths. If this is any indication of how they are going to cover the election between now and November, America is big trouble.

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20 thoughts on “STFU: Why Did the Media Cover Every Word of Trump’s Post-Impeachment Gloating?

  1. We need a fact checker when the 45thoccupantofthewhitehouse gives the SOTU speech. It wouldn’t be too difficult because the lies could be exposed during the time of the applause.

      • I proposed on Twitter that they just hang this whenever the Terrorist gives a speech:

        He’s Lying.”

        Or just leave it on the TV. Not like the Terrorist is ever going to say anything else….

    • Get real! The economy is running well, we have the lowest unemployment ever, our borders are being protected, terrorist leaders are on the run, we have a tax cut helping the people of this country take home more money, Trump respects the right to life, and we are not dependent on Mideast oil. Want some more things? The Democrats need a platform to help people, not get their vote and then come back 4 years later with more proposals that will go nowhere. You need to put aside your hate and and see the good things happening in this great country.

  2. Amen to that, Mark. The networks would be better off sending someone to record what he’s saying and then taking an hour in prime time to run it — pause it to point out his lies — run it — pause it to point out his lies, etc. If he wins again it will be the fault of the media.

  3. Meanwhile:

    Hugh Hewitt: “Slanderous” to call Rush Limbaugh a racist

    Yeah, Hugh, it’s “slanderous” to call someone who referred to His Beloved God’s predecessor — the last true President of the United States — as “Barack the Magic Negro” and his wife as a “gorilla. Slanderous to call someone who screamed at an African American caller to “take that bone out of your nose and call me back!” Slanderous to someone who thought James Earl Ray deserved the medal of honor for killing Martin Luther King Jr. Someone who believes slavery had merit. Someone who once said “You’re a foreigner. You shut your mouth or you get out!”

    Yes, this filthy racist creature who was given the Medal of Honor from the most racist president this country ever had. And that includes Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, and Woodrow Wislson combined!!

    • Flush Rush said that shit about Obamas? That S.O.B.!! I know he’s a filthy mouth racist excuse for a piss-poor semi-human, but he got even worse!
      He has poisoned the minds of so many weak-minded people. He disgusts me! When women were agreeing with him & called “dittoheads”, I couldn’t even listen to a word of him. Been avoiding like the plague ever since.
      Must’ve done good job cuz’ issed those most vile things you refer to!
      We will need a new award post- Trump, that he hasn’t defiled!
      Trump & Rush….2 of the filthiest piles of pigshits ever! (Pigs don’t deserve it, butt maybe their shit will suffice.)

      • I didn’t even put HALF what Limpy Balls called the Obamas. You can google it yourself – just be prepared to be disgusted. Okay, more disgusted than you already are….

    • Hey! Wait a minute!
      The same Rethugs that are bitching up a storm over Pelosi tearing up her copy of Trump’s speech afterwards… (So disrespectful…”wah-wah-wah”?) Were A-OK with someone calling President Obama & our 1st Lady the most filthy, putrid, hateful racist shit like this??!!
      “….as “Barack the Magic Negro” and his wife as a “gorilla.”
      Surprised Flush Rush didn’t get mouth cancer. Would’ve been fitting. (Would hate to be him when he kneels before God after this life ends!
      Southbound – The Express Bus!)

      Rethugs are such huge hypocrites!
      Pelosi just tore up papers with many lies on it. Not like shredding U.S. Constitution or anything!
      And sure as hell nowhere near as disrespectful as Rethuglican Rush was to our former President & 1st Lady!!
      Rethugs should worry less about skin color & more about color of thy soul!

  4. Yep. America IS in big trouble.
    The media never learns its lesson & never pays a price for misleading the public, for NOT doing their job. To investigate & report the news. The truth. Be it war, or election, or Trump on the loose — MSM News is hardly trustworthy on the huge stuff.
    FauxSpews we know is NOT truth in news, more propaganda than news. We know that. And they will give Trump all the airtime for his lies, same as always. Why buy campaign commercials, where ya’ have to “be responsible” for contents, when you can get tons of free airtime & lie all you want w/o anyone calling you on it?! But, REAL NEWS should have higher standards than that.
    What needs to happen is rest of news NOT keep covering every lie from Trump’s demented, evil mind. But so far, they show all his BS & don’t bother to counter lies with facts…no pushback. Will they do better than last time, 2016? I’m doubtful. See no real signs of it.
    If going to cover Trump’s speeches, etc., they should delay it so they can stop & dispute lies; state true facts. But will they ever?
    Their job is not to simply amplify & broadcast everything – truth & lies – as if it’s all the same. As if it’s all true. But we have never had such a constant, bald- faced liar as Trump is, for president. Nor a vengeful maniac, mentally deranged idiot who shoots off his mouth & does not care what comes out of it! Still, after 3yrs of it, media has had time to “retool”.
    Every other US President (in memory) has at least had some self-control & decorum…proper manners & some class. Presidency is supposed to be dignified, a leader for ALL Americans. Trump is none of those things!
    He may have alot of money (well, big loans & grifted money), but really, the way he acts & speaks, it’s as if we elected HS dropout who’s been living in a trailer park on S. side of town – by industrial areas & the local dump!
    I lived in a mobilehome park next to an airport & a freeway on other side, so I’m not saying that. But, no one living there was Presidential material. Trump would fit in better at a small, dusty, trailer park on the edge of town, than he does at fancy dinners & meetings with world leaders — always on their best behavior in public, use proper etiquette & manner of speech, you know? They’re NOT big fat liars, bullies & braggerts every time they go out in public. Our guy, DJ Trump, is a loud mouth, obnoxious, embarrassment of a leader. I fear we are so used to it that we think it’s normal. (NOT NORMAL!)
    We used to have “equal time” laws, so that all candidates were given equal airtime on TV & radio. No 1 person had advantage of being seen, heard, more than the other. Maybe we don’t have that law anymore, but we sure do need it! A channel does 1hr interview with 1 person, it must do same with the opposition. No favoritism!

  5. …and we try to corral the “overflow” from FuxSpews, in Wash. DC — tho they do sometimes escape & wreak havoc everywhere they go! Predators are slippery stinkers & those effin’ parasites infect everything they touch! So gross! They got loose in Senate earlier this week & we may never totally remove all of them! Parasites get in thru orfices so it’s a real mess…so many ass*oles were available… Funny thing — they only went for the R’s?!
    Think they recognized ’em as kinfolk!?!
    We’ll have to call in Hazmat guys & fumigate the whole bldg. Good thing EPA has allowed the most toxic poisons to be used on anything — no restrictions!
    “Ok…everyone with an R after their name go to far side, against wall please…good. Now turn around, drop ’em & bend over for spray by Hazmat team. It will only burn for a minute. Rashes should go away in couple weeks. If not, see your own Dr.”
    “Bye!” ?

    (Long day. Long week! My mind is wandering too far away…LOL G’nite from CA)

  6. Posted on TV screen, maybe banner at bottom, constantly on.
    It would be more than they do right now!
    A Public Service?!

  7. Naturally, this is no surprise whatsoever….

    After his acquittal, Fox goes all in on the sycophantic praise of Donald Trump

    We all saw this coming a couple thousand miles away – every single Tyrant Worshiping Traitor praising Their Beloved God to the highest hosannas, with us shaking our head knowing that if any REAL president acted the way Their Beloved God is acting, every one of them would have pulled out the tar and feathers.

    And for some reason THIS earworm is going through my brain: Pussycat Pussycat, I love you….

    The Tyrant Worshipers DO love their Pee-Residential Pussy…..

  8. You people are truly dangerous! I am not sure which authorities should be notified and sent after you, collect you and put you in jail. You talk the talk just like terrorists do and pretty soon you will walk the walk. Your website is full of material that in and by it self should be enough to haul your asses to court. It seems that you are spewing this message of hatred and violence to provoke other similarly minded people to act out violently towards President Trump and other Americans!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for the laugh. Your comment is the perfect example of a hopelessly lost Trump cult follower. How you see anything “dangerous” or “terrorist” in this is hysterical. Now take your meds and go to bed.

    • Since you mentioned it, I’m going to turn myself in!! I’d not realized how dangerous Free speech could be!! It seems that the First Amendment offends you, rightly so if you’re wanting to live in a Dictatorship, unlike the majority of Americans!! So flee ‘maxitman’, to Russia so you and Snowden can live happily forever. He did point out the “Patriot Act” created by GW Bush and Dickhead Cheney, gave all the abilities to he denounced, while a Black President was in Office. President Obama was blamed for what the Tea Party’s choice did to our Nation, as they took money from Russia. So now, you too are against the US, and for a Dictator, please don’t Report me.

  9. I don’t have any hate. Neither do I belong to either political party.
    What I do despise however, are lies & liars. Have zero tolerance on that crap & I admit it.
    You sir, are flat-out, full of sh*t! Pure & simple. You can repeat, like a parrot, the bogus words of your corrupt liar & thug all you want – for now, it’s still a free country. But saying it repeatedly will not make it true! Your BS about tax cuts are especially irksome, as I am 1 of many middle-class victims of your P.O.S. president! He promised (amongst other things not done) 10% tax cuts for the middle class. Instead, he gave away $1.5 trillion to the very wealthiest people & corporations, in tax cuts for next 10yrs. NOT to middle class, who actually need it, but to his wealthy donors, who have millions more than they know what to do with!
    Simple fact – it costs alot of $$$ to run this gov’t. Even more with the penchant for wars & new weapons & more still with president who is constantly “on the go”, to endless rallies & always taking off for weekends at his golf resorts. That last bit, costing taxpayers HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS thus far!
    Now, who do you think has to pay for it all? Not the rich folks with enufd money to pay their fair share of taxes & not even miss the money! Hell no! The burden falls on small businesses, the poor & middle class in the U.S. to pay for everything.
    The severe lack of decent jobs in America means less people sharing burden of supporting this gov’t. Very irresponsible of Trump to giveaway massive tax $$$ to super rich when gov’t needs that money!
    Peddle your bullshit where people are stupid enuff to believe you. That isn’t here.

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