Scandal Starved Fox News Devours Moldy Story on Clinton and AG Lynch

Ever since Donald Trump delivered his Dystopian State of the Union address a couple of weeks ago, he has demonstrated his failure to grasp the consequences of having been impeached. He has embarked on a campaign of paranoid expulsions of perceived enemies from his own administration. And he has exposed a diseased and frightened mindset that makes it plain that he hasn’t learned a thing, as some terminally naive Republican senators presumed he would.

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Among the Trumpian atrocities that have occurred in recent weeks is the brazenly biased interference of Trump’s Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr, in the case of convicted felon, and longtime Trump political guru, Roger Stone. This was an ethical breach so egregious that more than 2,000 former Justice Department officials from both parties have called for Barr’s resignation.

The Trump playbook on responding to charges against him is as predictable as it is shallow. He merely seeks to manufacture similar charges against his opponents. However, there isn’t anything that could be plausibly be asserted with regard to the administration of justice by Democrats that is remotely comparable. So Trump World is stretching completely out of shape to fight back on this one.

What they have apparently settled on is a revisitation of a meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch at an Arizona airport four years ago. There was never any evidence of anything improper in that meeting, although Republicans latched unto it like a pack of rabid hounds hoping to uncover some wrongdoing. Despite their best efforts, they failed utterly. Clinton, after all, was not the President, and Hillary was no longer in government, so neither had any influence to wield. Therefore, any comparison of that event to Trump putting pressure on Barr is ludicrous.

But that didn’t stop Fox News from interviewing an author whose new book promises “explosive new information” about the “Secret on the Tarmac.” Christopher Sign joined the “Curvy Couch” potatoes on Fox and Friends to discuss what was introduced as “the tarmac meeting that rocked 2016.” Co-host Steve Doocy began by asking Sign a flagrantly leading question (video below):

Doocy: From the get go, this just didn’t add up, did it?
Sigh: Not at all. When I broke this story we knew something had occurred here that was a bit unusual. It was a planned meeting. It was not a coincidence. It was planned. And this details everything that they don’t want you to know and everything they think you forgot. But Bill Clinton was on that plane for 20 minutes and it wasn’t just about golf, grandkids, Brexit.

And that’s the entirety of this “explosive new information.” Sign did not reveal anything else about what took place or what was said. When asked how he knew that something was going on, he replied that “I have a source that walks me through it from point A to point b to point Z. And my source saw it all unfold.” Once again, Sign provides no details about what his alleged source told him. Only that Clinton arrived at the airport and waited briefly until he could board Lynch’s plane, where they spoke for about twenty minutes.

Shocking, isn’t it? There is no evidence of any plot or any even any potential benefit from this allegedly clandestine rendezvous. There is no indication that Sign’s source was on the plane or witnessed any of the discussions. The confirmation that the meeting lasted only twenty minutes suggests that there couldn’t have been anything of importance taking place, and certainly nothing that couldn’t have been discussed on the telephone.

So how does their scenario explain why Clinton and Lynch would have needed to meet at an airport in Arizona? Neither Sign, nor anyone at Fox News, can explain what might have been so controversial about this. And the reliance on an unidentified source should make the whole thing invalid according to Trump, who has frequently insisted that such sources don’t actually exist.

Trump himself weighed in on this pathetic excuse for a scandal at the time, tweeting…

Notice that Trump, as he is wont to do, nearly doubled the time Clinton supposedly spent on Lynch’s plane. And it’s surely no surprise that Trump thinks it would be impossible to talk about one’s grandchildren for half an hour, because he probably can’t even name his. Most grandparents can go on for hours about their grandkids. That’s how desperately wretched this attempt at concocting a scandal is. Fox News is really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days.

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16 thoughts on “Scandal Starved Fox News Devours Moldy Story on Clinton and AG Lynch

  1. For 1 thing, Clinton & Lynch were obviously NOT trying to meet secretly (as Trump so often does since in Office) cuz’ their brief meet-up on tarmac was so “in the open”. But, I guess ya’ contort & twist what ya’ can when only 1 side is doing all the sneaky, illegal & dirty stuff. Eh?
    Ah yes — Trump, ever the proud Grandpa. Aren’t those his lovely grandkids we always see visiting him at the WH & playing on the lawn? No? (He prob’ly can’t stand “all the noise” of happy children playing. It would just annoy the hell out of him!)
    At Xmas, Trump at his resort, making money off taxpayers for all his staff type, security, etc. that have to stay there with him – paying full price + extra. And, of course, Trump holding court with those wanting favors, plus making secret calls to other leaders from his privacy in Florida.
    Guess Grandpa doesn’t even see the grandkids on big holidays?! Do they even know they have a grandfather? Think he buys gifts & sends them to the kids? (Yeah, me neither.) Maybe when they’re old enuff to be of some usefulness to him, he might make a little time for them. I hope they tell him to go to hell!
    Personally, I wouldn’t want him around any kids of mine. But then, I don’t want him in WH either!

    • Then why were they there together knowing Hillary was being investigated. The only reason it was found out was because a reporter found out about it. It was a secret meeting. Also there was a witness. The pilot who was mysteriously was killed just before he was to go on the Sean Hannity show. They do have a habit of dying when it comes to the Clintons.

      • Oh great. We have a Trump Cult conspiracy crackpot here. Sheesh!

        • We sure do! They believe any crackpot theory they hear on FauxNews & the like, but the TRUTH – that escapes them totally.
          From now thru the election, cannot believe anything (political ads, etc) we hear on Fakebook or Instagram, from either side, just to be safe.
          Too bad Trump’s “cult of zombies” believe whatever they’re told to & vote accordingly. They will never even hear facts about Trump’s stated plans for major cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, & SNAP programs cuz’ he’s still not admitting it to followers, even tho it’s all in print — his 2021 Budget Proposal & all over regular news.
          Do they even know about him making the billionaires tax cuts PERMANENT?! Yeah & WE will have to pay for what he & his super-rich donor class folks won’t be paying their taxes for!
          We shouldn’t ALL get screwed cuz’ bunch of numbskulls believe his lyin’ BS & don’t fact-check it! Let THEM pay alot more taxes so richest 1%, including Trump, don’t have to pay their share! His campaign says are spending $1 billion on his campaign — well yeah, screwing over all real Americans for the benefit of himself & donors. Like those paying $250,000 each(!) here in CA this wk — for some golf, a photo w/Trump & a round table discussion about things they want next term. $250,000 a piece for that??!! Some people are just too friggin’ rich, to pay THAT MUCH $$$ for a “nothing event”…but don’t want to pay taxes for the gov’t that is working for THEM & NOT the rest of us slobs who have to pay even more taxes, or all those whose benefits are being cut, to pay for gov’t that doesn’t give a damn about any of us! “WTF?!”
          Let the ones who vote for that lying jackass pay for it – not the rest of us – I’m already taxed to death!

        • No it’s a fact. There is no consequences except on the left. Trump even thanked Pelosi for the 10 point leap in his popularity polls. Your arrogance and fake scandals are what’s going to re elect Trump.

  2. By this time tomorrow Trump and Fox will be saying that Clinton stayed on the plane with Loretta lynch, they flew off to a secret location where they had an affair and they now have a love child. That would make about as much sense as anything else they keep coming up with.

  3. Mark: In case you haven’t seen it, this is making the rounds on Twitter, and Citizens Fed-Up just posted it on YouTube. I wanted to pass this on to you and your regulars. It’s a very well done video that we should pass on … and *REMEMBER*!

    Don’t Let Democracy Die!

    [To the tune of American Pie — and almost as long, too. ?]


    • Now you have a theme song to go with your TDS. We are not a Democracy and liberalism is destroying our Republic. Not Trump or his followers its you. Bye Bye Miss Socialist Pie.

      • The ONLY THING destroying this Republic & its democracy is the dicktator in training & the corrupted GOP in Washington, DC!!
        Oh yeah, and the gullible morons who vote for him again!
        Trump is the OPPOSITE of everything he promised & claimed to be in 2016! He has NOT been the avenger, representing those of us being ignored by our government — in fact, he’s WORSE!
        Smart people here & around the world can/have seen that — why can’t you MAGAts??!!! Open your blind eyes, for cryin’ out loud! He repeats the same lies & y’all close your eyes & mind & just believe it. He promotes hatred of all “others”….Do you know why a US President would tear us all apart? Not UNITED States. He is NOT an American President, for the American People! He is a liar, con artist, a deceiver — but he cannot fool ALL the people, so he must KEEP THEM DIVIDED with his hatred & anger, lest Americans start talking to each other. Or else he might lose the 1/2 he has totally fooled into believing his bullshit! He cannot risk having those people SEE what he’s really been doing for past 3yrs. “Gotta keep ’em separated.”
        All the millionaires & billionaires, huge corporations & the racists put together aren’t enuff voters to KEEP HIM IN POWER. Those are the only ones he actually represents, the ones he’s done so well for since elected. But it isn’t enuff, so Trump needs YOU…the ones who still believe his lies & empty promises; the ones who ONLY watch his other supporters on FauxNews – the REAL “FAKE NEWS”.
        For the next 10 mos. you’ll be bombarded by so many lies by the great con artist , especially on social media & Fox. His campaign people described their plan as “chaos” & I believe they mean it.
        Just look around, seek other news, read, think, pray God will show you what is true, or not. PLEASE! Our Country’s entire future will be decided this election.
        And, “The Emperor Isn’t Wearing Any Clothes”!

        • Yeah keep repeating the talking points and believing your lies.

      • Hey White Trash! Go back to your trailer and eat your laundry starch.

  4. Oh Kali! Thank you SO MUCH for that link! They did a truly fantastic job of it too! That was GREAT! They really went 1st class on that – no cutting corners – am so impressed! And grinning from ear to ear… I love it!
    1,000 thanks to you my dear, for sharing that shining light of happy out this way for all to enjoy!
    Would like to see that go viral & be singing it everywhere!
    You are indeed, awesome! ?

    • That “?” was a happy face with big smile …not a question!

  5. That’s exactly what I was going to say, Mark.

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