Trump Unleashes a Rage & Ego-Soaked Twitter Rant that Utterly Ignores the Coronavirus

It seems that every time Trump does or says something dishonest, ignorant, or just plain preposterous, he manages to compound his rhetorical fiasco with commentaries that only serve to affirm his flaming idiocy. It’s a downward spiral to which Trump is apparently oblivious.

Donald Trump, Twitter

Trump’s pitiful and tragic mishandling of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is rife with examples of how he has made things worse by talking (or tweeting) about them. For instance, Trump’s suggestion that ingesting bleach would be an appropriate cure for the virus turned into a multi-day news story as he flagrantly lied about what he said, that was all on video. It has gotten so bad for Trump that even his allies were embarrassed by his antics at the Coronavirus Task Force briefings (aka the Trump 2020 Reelection Campaign Infomercials). He was even briefly persuaded to abandon the daily briefings due his rapidly declining approval ratings.

However, nothing has been able to dissuade Trump from devoting copious amounts of time to his favorite media platform, Twitter. And on Thursday morning Trump suffered another painful breakdown with a barrage of 49 tweets, all before noon. What was especially notable about this tweetstorm was Trump’s singular fixation on a story from last year: The conviction of his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who he fired for lying.

There was some news regarding this story related to a few handwritten notes that were released by Attorney General Bill Barr’s blatantly biased Justice Department. The notes themselves contained nothing newsworthy. They were merely the musings of FBI agents on how best to interrogate Flynn who later pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. But there was no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever on the part of the agents. The only purpose Barr might have had to selectively leak this info was to provide chum for the sharks on the right to get hysterical about, and for Trump deflect from his much more serious problems concerning the coronavirus.

Trump took the bait. His Twitter feed was flooded with retweets of bootlicking Republicans, wingnut media shills, random Twitter bots, and notorious Internet conspiracy kooks. Among them were 27 tweets hyping the non-story about Flynn, and just handful of partisans praising Trump’s pitiful pandemic response. But of Trump’s 11 direct tweets, not a single one addressed the coronavirus. There was literally zero out of 49 that had any constructive comment regarding the crisis that has infected more than a million Americans – and killed more than 60,000 – in just two months.

This is how Trump spends his time. When he isn’t watching Fox News or playing the lead role in his daily reality show style briefing, he embraces his Twitter machine and unloads in a scattershot fashion, hitting none of his intended targets. But he is nothing if not persistent, and tediously repetitive, as demonstrated in this frenzied tweet:

Not surprisingly, much of Trump’s ammo is aimed at the media that he detests for telling the truth about him. And it’s ironic that, as lazy and disoriented as Trump is, he once again trots out his lame “Do-Nothing Democrats” label. Meanwhile, Trump’s suggestion that Democrats and the media are trying to steal the election is pure projection. That’s precisely what he did, with Russia’s help, in 2016, and again last year with his attempts to extort Ukraine, for which he was impeached. And, of course, he offers no evidence whatsoever of any Democratic election misconduct.

The American people need to remember that Trump consistently behaves in this manner wherein he focuses intently on his own egocentric cravings. While the rest of the country is hunkering down in their homes, 30 million plus have lost their jobs, the economy is free fall, and the toll on human suffering and lives continues to rise, Trump can’t be bothered with even making mention of it in 49 tweets. And if anyone is still wondering how we sunk to this low, Trump’s latest tweet-splosion should clear that up. He just doesn’t care about anything but himself.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Unleashes a Rage & Ego-Soaked Twitter Rant that Utterly Ignores the Coronavirus

  1. I don’t know how his approval isn’t 12%. Jesus H Christ America, wake up!

  2. Why believe his polling #s anymore than any other Trump-related bullshit? Truth is never part of equation when Trump involved in any way. No one wants to tell him bad news – apparently, he blames messenger for the message. (go figure) If not pure BS (too obvious), then it’s expected that poll takers are only asking specific groups of people that they know will likely answer in Trump’s favor ~ like say, his cult of brain dead rallygoers. His people have been collecting their data since day #1 & are most likely asking them by phone to answer some questions. Maybe they throw in random ph#’s they call too, but I know if I was asked to take Trump poll I’d just hang up while LMAO, telling them they sure have wrong number here & don’t call back!
    If 1 million KNOWN TO have/had virus (only testing 1% of U.S. pop tho) & 60,000 dead…if everyone who has lost friends & loved ones cuz’ his horrible mishandling of this pandemic + those w/o jobs now cuz’ can’t get handle on who has virus w/o testing kits that Trump refuses to provide to the American people – except lucky few in states where Gov. kisses ugly Trump-butt for it. The other countries who were hit with the virus have managed to get thru it already & now await Round #2. We are STUCK in middle & like quicksand, we can’t crawl out of it.
    Our numbers are higher than next 6 nations COMBINED! Why so high? TRUMP is why. All paths lead back to Trump!

  3. The most unfortunate thing is that we could have been prepared before COVID-19 had ever became a super super disaster. This can be simply compared to a major snowstorm witch is about to arrive. All the cities, states and counties know that a major snowstorm is going to arrive and they prepare. All of the personal and equipment are ready to go before the first snowflake begins to fall. The same should be true of any impending health crises, pandemic or not. Everything, personal and supplies should have been in place before the fist patient ever was admitted to a hospital.

    • Exactly! And we had pandemic plan + task force in place under Obama. They met with Trump’s people during transfer time (B4 Jan 20).
      We WERE well prepared for exactly this scenario…
      Trump chucked the whole team, plan, idea, of course!

      WHO offered coronvirus tests to the U.S. when offered to other countries. ONLY OUR prez said “no” (not good enuff for HIM). Too bad for us, but not Trump. We are worst case scenario for the world.
      We are the class for ” What NOT to do in a pandemic”. Step by step…. whatever Trump & U.S. do — don’t do that! Don’t be stupid! End of class.
      How stupid does GOP think their votwrs are? We’ll be lucky (most of us) if/to get out of this Trump term alive. Trump don’t care!! Still lying & trying to rewrite history with FauxNews. Meanwhile, virus is “all gone” in his world. Never a shortage of ventilators, or N95 masks. In fact, he is saving the rest.of world by sending 1,000’s of them to other countries (not smart enuff to save for round 2 — if we ever finish round #1 that is.
      Open favoritism in what states are getting needed supplies & people in other states can just die! That is many things, but NOT a US president, who does such as that…& no one does a damn thing about it!

  4. And Kay-Lies McInane-y doth today maketh her first Sermon of the Mouth and Proclaimed the Word of the Church of the SubMoron! All hail the Lies and the Proclamations of Pulchritude!

    Now she’ll go home and give Her Beloved God a handjob….

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