GOP Fascists Float Resolution to Ban the Democratic Party

The devolution of the Republican Party continues to accelerate headlong toward the rocky cliffs of ultimate oblivion. Its leader, the aspiring tyrant and sociopath Donald Trump, is the key propellant of this political disintegration. The Party’s worshipful devotion to Trump makes every member complicit in his heinous crimes against America and humanity.

Donald Trump

The latest testament to the downward spiral of the GOP (Greedy One Percent) is a resolution introduced by Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert. Gohmert’s resolution instructs the Speaker of the House to “remove any item that names, symbolizes or mentions any political organization or party that has ever held a public position that supported slavery or the Confederacy.” It further directs that any such party “be barred from participation in the House of Representatives.”

This is what Gohmert likely believes is a crafty way of disparaging the Democratic Party which, as the party of the South during the Civil War era, advocated for slavery and secession. He is proposing this resolution in response to Nancy Pelosi’s order to remove statues, and other tributes to Confederate traitors, from the Capitol building. The bill approving the order passed the House this week, 301 to 113.

Gohmert and a couple of his GOP colleagues were unable to constrain their dismay over this initiative to finally put an end to the official honorary treatment of treasonous confederate politicians and generals. “The time has come,” Gohmert ranted, “for Democrats to acknowledge their party’s loathsome and bigoted past.”

Of course, the Democratic Party long ago acknowledged – and renounced – the tangential past association with the doctrine of southern racism. Historians agree that it was just southern Democrats, not the Party, that trafficked in such bigotry. What Gohmert isn’t saying (but surely knows) is that there was a realignment in the mid-20th century wherein Democrats embraced civil rights, resulting in the flight of southern bigots to the Republican Party. And that’s where they remain today with the fervent support of white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

So Gohmert’s snarky resolution is just another thinly disguised shout out to the GOP’s racist base. It calls on a party that for decades has demonstrated its support for civil rights to be banned, while ignoring the fact that Republicans continue to work for suppression of civil rights and equal justice. There is a reason that the Democratic Party today has the support of 92% of African-Americans.

If Gohmert were sincere about his proposal it would call, instead, for the banning of Republicans and acknowledge their “loathsome and bigoted” present. His resolution’s call to ban any political party that has ever supported the Confederacy seems tailor-made for the GOP. That is made all the more clear with the vote on the bill to remove Confederate statues. All 113 votes opposing the bill (including Gohmert), and thus supporting the confederacy, were Republicans. And not to be left out, Donald Trump weighed in on the matter in his typically deranged way. Trump tweeted that…

First of all, this isn’t up to Sen. Inhofe. The bill has now passed both the House and the Senate by veto-proof margins and will shortly be on Trump’s desk. Should he live down to his racist standards and veto it, his veto is unlikely to be sustained. What’s more, Trump’s assertion that he’s “not a believer in ‘Cancel Culture'” is contradicted by all of the times he has personally “canceled” people and businesses that he disapproved of.

What Trump is a believer in is the same thing that Gohmert and the rest of the GOP believes: That they should have unchallenged, dictatorial, single-party rule over America. Unfortunately for them, the American people have a different perspective and will fight for the democracy and liberty that the Constitution guarantees. And the next battle in that fight is November 3rd.

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6 thoughts on “GOP Fascists Float Resolution to Ban the Democratic Party

  1. Hmmm. Didn’t Steve King do some crazy, stupid thing last week? Ol’ Louie is in mortal fear that Steve’s gonna edge past him in the race for the coveted title of “Dumbest Person in Congress”. And both Steve and Louie are worried now, anyway, with that whippersnapper Gaetz breathing down their necks. Better pick up the pace, you old sluggards, he’s right behind you!

    • Hmmm … methinks Louie’s sewed up that title & now he (& all his imitators) will need to re-direct themselves to that far more elusive but far more meaningful title: Silliest Person in Congress. For that, many other aspects have to be included, such as Silliest Comb-Over, Silliest Necktie, Silliest Rant on Fux News, Silliest Justification of Trump & Silliest Excuse for Undeclared Income(s). My money’s still on Louie but I expect a tight fight, especially if acknowledged Truly Silly Persons like Gymbag Jordan & Li’l Lindsey Lickspittle join in. The winner will then have to attempt the biggest challenge, that of Scummiest Person in Congress, currently held (tightly) by Moscow Mitch.

  2. The Republican party has been completely corrupted with unbridled greed and selfishness. Two of the hallmarks of the capitalist system we have.

  3. As a reminder, of course, if the “Democrat Party” had proposed a bill to ban “Republicans,” we ALL know that every ReichLying hypocrite would proclaim that the Democrats were all Traitors and Fascists.

    Ignoring, of course, that yet again, the ReichLiars again proved they are BOTH, and that they are the total opposite of what the Republican Party was founded to be.

    I have said this before, and the ReichLiars STILL demonstrate this is true: We should STOP referring to a “Republican” Party because there is no longer any such thing. The Party has had no republican principle since the days of the Sainted Ronnie, and the only principle they honor today (aside from hypocrisy) is full-on Tyrant Worship.

    The “Republicans” want this country to be ruled as a fascist theocracy with Their Beloved Trumpovah as God Tyrant.

    While forever proclaiming that it was the Democrats who wanted this with Obama. F*cking hogwash.

  4. The Constitutional Convention that wrote the Constitution is certainly a “political organization,” and they “held a position that supported slavery.”

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