Israel To Glenn Beck: STAY HOME!

A grassroots movement of Americans and Israelis are launching a campaign to tell Glenn Beck that he isn’t wanted or needed in Israel.

Glenn Beck Stay HomeBeck’s insultingly named “Restoring Courage” rally will bring Beck and a few hundred of his disciples to Israel on a vague mission that purports to be supportive of the Jewish state. Unfortunately, Beck’s history of anti-Semitism and harsh criticism of any peace proposal short of annihilating all Palestinians and Muslims in the region, is not likely to produce a positive outcome. To the contrary, Beck’s presence is more likely to inflame tensions and impair relations between Israelis and Palestinians. Beck is a proud enemy of peace as evidenced by his repeated characterization of Palestinians as irredeemably hateful, intransigent, and not worthy of engaging in negotiation.

Americans for Peace Now (APN) has begun a petition campaign that directly calls on Beck to “Stay Home” and to cease his provocative and counter-productive rhetoric. The text of the petition reads:

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” rally in Jerusalem is an outrage.

The location of the rally — in East Jerusalem, just outside the Old City, one of the most politically sensitive locations in the world — signals that Beck is planning to inflame Israeli-Palestinian tensions. Americans who care about Israel are not fooled by Beck’s claim to be “standing with Israel.” A real friend of Israel would seek to help Israel make peace. No friend of Israel would seek to sow greater enmity between Israelis and Palestinians.

We have had our fill of Beck’s polarizing rhetoric. We are united in our opposition to this event.

As details of the affair trickle out we have learned that warmongers like Sen. Joseph Lieberman may be among the participants. Lieberman was an early supporter of the war in Iraq and has called for starting a new war against Iran. Also, Herman Cain, the Tea Party/GOP presidential hopeful, has expressed his intent to attend. Recently Cain demonstrated his ignorance of the Middle East when asked by Fox News’ Chris Wallace about the Palestinian “right of return.” Cain had no idea what Wallace was talking about (which he later admitted) but clumsily tried to answer the question anyway. Also on the bill is fundamentalist preacher John Hagee, who is such a great friend of Israel that he thanks God for Hitler, whom he believes was “God’s hunter” to drive Jews out of unfriendly nations and hasten the Apocalypse.

Please sign the APN petition and “Like” the Glenn Beck Stay Home page on Facebook. It is time that the true supporters of a secure Israel and a peaceful resolution to the region’s hostilities speak out and make it known that Glenn Beck has nothing to teach Israelis about courage. His brand of self-promotion and dishonesty cannot possibly contribute to the state of cooperation that is needed. He can only make things worse.


19 thoughts on “Israel To Glenn Beck: STAY HOME!

  1. That is just so cute. I was about to think that the anti Israel warmongers were the anti semites.

  2. Yea if PizzaMan is going, he should probably hit a couple of books before he leaves,just in case he has to actually open his mouth….
    But of course the best thing would be Beck getting a clue and cancelling this o very, very stupid idea.Not holding my breath…

  3. Love Glen Beck and I will be going to Israel to see him and support his cause.

    • Watch yourself over there, he’s a target.

    • So you’re going to support Beck’s cause of destroying the peace process and exacerbating the hostilities? That’s nice to know.

    • Thanks, Isa. Glad to see that the left-wingers are being ignored. Hey, here’s an idea. E-mail Dana Milbank over at the Washington Post and tell him you’re heading over there.

  4. Planet Earth to Glenn Beck:GO AWAY!!!

    • Glenn is THE MAN!! Go??? Yes, go Glenn go. Keep up your excellent work!!

      • Peope must really be afraid about Glenn going to stop the B>S that our White House and others are trying to do…(EVIL)…..If they were doing it for good reasons then why are people so worried about “The Stand With Israel”?
        Let it happen!!! Or is it due to the fact that they are part of the Evil also!

  5. Who is this Mark ? Some kind of neo-nazi pawn of idoits like Geo Soros,Van Jones etc.

    • Your projection is all too obvious, Adolf.

  6. Glenn Beck is Kewl guy. I think the guys who wrote this article luv him and will be going to the Courage Rally. Just wondered why the author Mark did not put up his last name. I think he is really a Beck Lovver and is really promoting his trip to Israel.

    I wonder if Mark will be joining Glenn in Israel. I think he will probably wear a disguise and go join all the people who are going to Israel. Go Mark…Go to Israel. You will have a nice time. Take the family. Make it a holiday for them too. They will be much better people after their trip to Israel as I am sure Mark already is for supproting Glenn’s Courage Rally.

  7. Yeah, I wanna know who this Mark character is. How come he won’t use his last name? how come he writes stuff that is hidden behind just the first name. what is he afraid of? how come he won’t put up a photo of himself?

    Maybe he is really a beck supproter and really likes beck while pretending to not like his work so people won’t think mark is a nerd for being a beck fan.

    way to go mark! see yah in israel!!! Join hands!! come on down baby! see yah in a yamaka real soon.

  8. Yo, Mark bro, I think this was a “I wanna get noticed” scheme. Well bro, U got ur wish and got on Glenn Beck Show. That is SOME HONORARIO BRO!!! BUTT FOR ALL the rong reasons.

    Or maybe you wish you thought of what GB thought of. Maybe this is really a “Gee, I wish I thought of that!” moment 4 U Bro. No prob. GB is klind and genoroso enough mann that he won’t minde you being there with all the others at Israel in August.

    just leave the vitriolay at home. that is a time for reflectioon and pece. solong!

  9. Yeah, I think this site is really a shrinne to the greate work that Glen is doing. these peple really must preciate Glen’s work for americha and isreal.

    Can’t blame them for being his ardent fan.

  10. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa……

    Looks like the BeckPods are out in force this morning. Well, it looks like it, but it isn’t. The four comments above are all by the same person. So to whoever is pretending to be Joe Gat, Jerry Riter, Bill James, and Janet Peters, your pathetic little plot to inflate Beck’s numbers failed.

    I’m just wondering if you’re an independent loser or if you’re a loser on Beck’s staff trying to hype his lame rally?

  11. This rally will accomplish what his rally in washington did. More publicity and money for Glenn Beck.

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