Trump’s Lawyer: He’s an ‘Idiot’ Whose Supporters ‘Don’t Care that He’s a Lying, Criminal Dirtbag’

It’s been two and half weeks since election day and Donald Trump is still pursuing a futile and impotent effort to overturn the results of the election that Joe Biden won decisively. His arguments are riddled with lies that are only serving the purposes of Americas enemies who are thrilled that Trump is diminishing faith in the democratic principles upon which our nation rests.

Donald Trump

Trump is running his anti-democracy campaign from the bowels of his White House bunker where he has holed up for nearly two weeks without making a single public statement. However, on Thursday morning Trump turned to his lead Attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who has been doing a bang up job of losing (or dropping) 24 out of 25 court cases filed so far. But never fear. According to Giuliani, losing is all part of his master plan.

Giuliani held a press conference (carried live only by Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN) that Trump said would reveal “An open and shut case of voter fraud.” Instead, Giuliani’s case was centered on what he called “proof” that Trump won in multiple states, but that he couldn’t present his proof to the press, or even to the court. He made the same claim about some 200 affidavits alleging fraud that he also couldn’t show. And the other central theme of his case was his already debunked crackpot assertion that votes for this election were counted in Germany and Spain by a company that was founded in Venezuela with help from China. Throw in George Soros and Hillary’s emails and you have a conspiracy theory bonanza.

Joining Giuliani at the press conference was Trump’s senior legal adviser and White House counsel, Jenna Ellis. She has become a familiar face on Fox News as she endeavors to spread disinformation on behalf of Trump. Ellis is as devoted a Trump-fluffer as anyone he has ever put forth to spread his bull manure. But she didn’t start out that way. CNN reports that

“Ellis, an attorney and former law professor from Colorado, repeatedly slammed then-candidate Trump as an ‘idiot,’ who was ‘boorish and arrogant,’ and a ‘bully’ whose words could not be trusted as factually accurate. She called comments he made about women ‘disgusting,’ and suggested he was not a ‘real Christian.’ In one March 2016 Facebook post, Ellis said Trump’s values were ‘not American,’ linking to a post that called Trump an ‘American fascist.’

Ellis isn’t the only person that is now embracing Trump after after previously expressing decidedly negative views of him. Kellyanne Conway viciously insulted Trump during the 2016 GOP primary. Ted Cruz called him a “pathological liar.” Lindsey Graham said Trump is a “race baiting, xenophobic religious bigot,” and “kook” who is “unfit for office.” All of them are now shameless bootlicking sycophants.

It’s rather telling how many people who have had close associations with Trump feel the same way. His former chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, said he was an “idiot.” His former secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, said he was a “moron.” His former national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, said he has the “intelligence of a kindergartner.” His former top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, said he was “dumb as shit.” But Ellis also had some ripe commentary on Trump’s cult followers:

“In March 2016, Ellis attacked Trump supporters in a Facebook post for not caring that the Republican candidate was an ‘unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal, dirtbag.’

It isn’t surprising that Trump is regarded as an imbecile by those who know him best. Most Americans already made the same observation. And it also shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump looks down on the yokels that flock to his Coronavirus Super Spreader Salvation Shows. But what is curious is how eager his devotees are to worship someone who is so transparently dismissive of them. It’s bad enough that they can’t see what a mental basket case he is. Or what a failure he has been at both business and governing. But they are also blind to the disgust he harbors for them and their kind.

The vast majority of his supporters are hicks who would be thrown out of his hotels and golf resorts. But even elitists like Ellis were repulsed by Trump before they got on his payroll. And what they still don’t get is that Trump will throw them overboard just as fast as he drew them in. Just ask all of the people that Trump said were the best when he hired them, but castigated as losers when he fired them, usually just because they dared to tell him the truth about himself. That’s an automatic booting in Trump world.

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  1. So what happened to change Jenna Ellis from a sane person into a lunatic?

  2. It’s funny, but I don’t recall the America I was brought up in back in the ’50s and ’60s being so full of boot licking toadies.

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