Hypocrisy Watch: Casey Anthony Trial Preempts Debt Crisis On Fox News

Neil CavutoNeil Cavuto opened his program today by chastising the President and Congress for taking the holiday weekend off in the midst of a looming and unsolved debt crisis. He was appalled that these people could be so cavalier under such desperate circumstances. Then he interviewed some toady he found under a Tea Party toadstool who agreed with everything he had just said.

For the record, the Washington set was scheduled to be out of town for all of next week until President Obama shamed them into changing their plans. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, declared that the Senate would be open for business Tuesday, and for the remainder of the week. It was on the President’s initiative that Congress was called back into service immediately after the Independence Day hiatus.

So Congress will not be taking their customary holiday to celebrate the Fourth of July. They will simply be off for the weekend and the fourth to be with their families and constituents, then right back to work on Tuesday. And this has gotten Cavuto’s knickers in a knot.

What came next made this already asinine whining ever more stupefying. Cavuto introduced the panel of business commentators that he would normally be hosting tomorrow morning on Saturday’s “The Cost of Freedom” program on Fox News. The reason he hosted this panel today is because the program is being preempted tomorrow to make way for special coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial.

So Cavuto rails against the President for allegedly neglecting our nation’s economic emergency (even though Obama was responsible for pressuring everyone to come back to work early), while Cavuto and Fox News cast the crisis aside in favor of tabloid coverage of a trial that will have no effect whatsoever on the economy or anything else of national importance.

What a revealing demonstration of twisted priorities and hypocrisy. What a callous and insufferable clown.


6 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Watch: Casey Anthony Trial Preempts Debt Crisis On Fox News

  1. This is a joke, right? I don’t believe you actually put these words on this blog. It sounds more like a skinny, jealous high school kid who just had his girl friend stolen by the start Quarterback on teh football team.

    Please stop whining. It makes you look like a fool.

    • Does Neil Cavuto’s whining make him look like a fool too? Thought not.

    • you forgot to mention the kid’s acne, which also has nothing to do with anything Mark said.

  2. What a suck up marxist fool !! Reminds one of the chi-coms calling someone a capitalits dog . No ONE but an idiot could stand up for the illegal potus. He and the others of his regime deliberately put off the budget problem so as to make the stupid gutless rebublicans look like they are what they are. Of course unless a miracle happens the stupids will whimper their edge away and give away the farm.
    Fox should be ASHAMED of the spectacle they have made of themselves!!

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