Fox Nation On Obama: Why Don’t They Just Call Him Boy?

For anyone who isn’t yet convinced that Fox News is not only brazenly partisan, but repulsively racist as well…

Fox Nation On Obama

Make no mistake, this is a coordinated message that the right plants via not-so-subtle innuendo. From House Speaker John Beohner saying that Obama “spends a lot of time whining,” to Rush Limbaugh repeatedly referring to the President as a “man-child” (or boy), the intention to characterize Obama as less than an adult is obvious. It is a barely veiled return to the overt racism of diminishing the respect due to any other man (i.e. any other white man).

This is almost as bad as last month’s headline when the Fox Nationalists said that: Obama Has A Big Problem With White Women.


4 thoughts on “Fox Nation On Obama: Why Don’t They Just Call Him Boy?

  1. One word: Repulsive.

    There is not a single redeeming quality about the so-called FOXnation.

  2. Hey Fox Nation: why don’t we just call you Racist Motherf*ckers and oh btw, go F*ck Yourselves !!

  3. Sort of like the wise ass critcism of the First Lady dining this week. Some dimwit calculated the calories of her meal and claimed that it “was the same as eating a live racoon!” Are we to conclude that is what other colored people would be doing? Or are we to rebuff with an in depth study of caloric value of a dead racoon?! What a bunch of racist crap.

  4. Don’t you people have anything better to do with your time? Some fresh air and sunshine is definitely in order, maybe a week or two in “detox?”

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