Marjorie Taylor Green Scorches Fox News for Wanting ‘To Control What Republican Voters Think’

The magnitude of the maladjustment within today’s Republican Party has reached unprecedented levels of chaos and hostility. And while they unload plenty of vile on their Democratic foes, they frequently aim at one another, ripping themselves to shreds in pursuit of some illusory glory or at least attention.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

Case in point: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-MAGA), has been ferociously mauling her GOP confederates, including the leader of her party in the House of Representatives, Speaker Mike Johnson, who she tried unsuccessfully to oust.

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Not satisfied with that humiliating failure, Greene reached out to the patron taint of MAGA Land, Steve Bannon, to try to enhance her embarrassment by lashing out at the right’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News (video below). Greene whined…

So you got to remember Fox News that literally fired Tucker Carlson, the number one cable TV news host in the nation. Tucker, who was basically the voice of everyone, that’s the Fox News that refused to cover me calling the motion to vacate. The Five never switched gears, they never changed, never went to anything different. Fox News wants to control what Republican voters think.

Let’s set aside Greene’s deranged assertion that Tucker Carlson was “the voice of everyone.” And we can likewise ignore her lie that Fox News “refused to cover “ her motion to vacate stunt. Neither of those remarks resemble anything remotely like reality.

What’s notable about Greene’s comments is the part that she surprisingly got right. Fox News does indeed want to control what Republican voters think. And they always have. In fact, it’s pretty much their reason for existing.

However, Greene seems to think that that wasn’t the purpose of the network from its inception, and in partnership with the GOP. She delivers this opinion as criticism. Never mind that she was happy to take advantage of this propaganda machine when it suited her purposes. She went on tell Bannon that…

“They want to make viewers, their viewers think that we have to fight for Ukraine, that we have to stop Putin because he’s gonna steamroll across Europe just like Hitler did even though there’s no evidence of showing that.”

Greene is ignoring the evidence of Putin’s intentions, such as his own words. This is why even Greene’s fellow Republicans have been calling her “Moscow Marjorie.” She continued saying that…

“This is the same Fox News that wants to infuriate you every single day while Republicans go down to the border, drag out the podium once again, point it, oh, look. Look. They’re crossing the border. Oh my goodness. Oh my. But, yeah, Republicans don’t do a damn thing to actually stop it.”

Greene, of course, is a ray of sunshine who never resorts to infuriating her followers. As for the border bill, she was one of the Republicans who voted against a bipartisan solution because Dear Leader Trump told them to. They prefer chaos to solutions because they think they can blame it on President Biden. And she still wasn’t through…

“The Speaker can do anything he wants to do if he’s willing to do it, but we have a speaker that’s weak that a man — an 80-year-old man with dementia is able to fool him. This is where we are.”

That hardly needs a response. Finally, Greene closed saying that…

“Fox News wants to make sure, make sure that you guys don’t have your own opinion, that you only have the opinion that Fox News tells you to have.”

So how is that different than what Fox and the GOP have wanted for years? How is it different from what Greene and Bannon want? The Republican Party is a lockstep organization that has always demanded total fealty to their doctrine, and now to their messia, Donald Trump. Other than new faces, nothing has changed.


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2 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Green Scorches Fox News for Wanting ‘To Control What Republican Voters Think’

  1. Can’t understand why Margie the Georgia Mule is so angry that Fux Spews is following its orders from Putin.

    She also Xheeted that she was annoyed that her Congress isn’t doing anything, which is odd since Her God ordered his worshipers in the Chamber NOT to do anything while Joe Biden remains President.

    Margie’s losing whatever respect she thinks she still has, and she’ll never even realize it.

  2. Marg is seriously disturbed. If she has any loved ones left, they should get her help ASAP!

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