‘I Watched It On TV,’ Cries Trump ‘Big Lie’ Believer at America First Rally

This is what we’re up against, folks. Friday marked the launch of the “America First Tour” headlined by Donald Trump’s most zealous fans, Matt Gaetz (who is currently the subject of a federal investigation for sex trafficking and corruption) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (who is a devoutly committed disciple of QAnon). The affair was held at a retirement community in Florida known for being a bastion of ultra-conservativism.

Fox News, QAnon Logo

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan attended the event and interviewed some of the Deplorables gathered to cheer on the Dyspeptic Duo. In one particularly disturbing segment, O’Sullivan entered into this dialog with a couple of Trump’s true “Big Lie” believers:

Q: You guys genuinely believe the election was stolen?
A: Uh huh.
Q: If you believe that that’s true, isn’t that horrible?
A: Yes. I know it is. Is it horrible that we would even be in the situation to even think that?
Q: But it’s false.
A: No it is not. Why would they have all those ballots hidden under tables? Why did that man drive that truck all the way across state lines with ballots?
Q: The ballots under tables thing with Giuliani in Georgia, that’s all been proven to be false.
A: It has not. I watched it on TV.

Well, that settles it then. She saw it on TV. And as the whole civilized world knows, everything on TV is one hundred percent true. Why just a few days ago I saw Tucker Carlson reveal that Barack Obama is going to force you to get your kids vaccinated. Tucker wouldn’t lie, would he?

It’s a safe bet that the couple in that clip keep their television tuned to Fox News (or Newsmax, or OAN) twenty-four hours a day. And they believe every lie that they broadcast. In this case, they are referring to a thoroughly debunked story about allegedly phony ballots that were hidden under a desk at a Georgia counting facility. The charge was that these ballots were later retrieved and counted after all the observers were sent home and they were all votes for Joe Biden.

That story was feverishly spread by most of the right-wing media. Trump, of course, also included it in his delusional tales of a “stolen” election. However, the story has indeed been proven to be unequivocally false. The video they claim to have “watched on TV” shows the normal process of ballot counting with independent observers present and no irregularities whatsoever.

The problem here is that there is no way to convince the couple in the video that they have bought into a lie and are being taken for fools. They will continue to believe what they think they saw on TV, even if shown the evidence that it’s false. And they aren’t alone. They are just the latest representatives of the cult that has grown like a fungus around the lies disseminated by Fox News and their ilk.

If we hope to halt the totalitarian aspirations of Trump and his Republican Autocratic Party (like the execrable Lindsey Graham who just declared that the GOP cannot “move forward” without Trump), we have to stop it at its source. And that means monitoring and challenging the propaganda dispensed by the Trumpists and their Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) at every opportunity.

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9 thoughts on “‘I Watched It On TV,’ Cries Trump ‘Big Lie’ Believer at America First Rally

  1. Is it any wonder so many Americans are moving overseas? Just as Jewish ppl fled Germany, loyal Americans are fleeing to whichever country will welcome them. And there are plenty of those countries, where medical care is affordable, rents reasonable, people friendly, and other refugees from winger destruction already there and enjoying life. Who would have thought this country would become as ugly and hate-filled as the ones our people fought in World Wars I & II? It’s despicable and despairing to reasonable people.The propagandists are creating another Nazi-themed fake-Paradise and proud of it, leading otherwise decent Americans to live for and thrive on lies and hatred.

    • Those who don’t remember history (& learn from it) are doomed to repeat it.
      And here we are!

      There will always be those self-absorbed people who think they’re superior to the rest of us & that they know what’s best for everyone else. That others may have differing opinions doesn’t occur to these people. But, even if they were told that, wouldn’t matter to them, cuz’ “they know” that they alone, know what’s best…for everyone! “Agree, or be wrong.”

      Self-love out of control…Narcissism.
      Narcissism out of control…Sociopath or Psychopath. Hitler was 1. So is Trump.
      I believe there are alot more of these people walking around now, than there used to be – or maybe they’re just more obvious about it?! Overly-puffed-up egos likely drawn to political power, as they are Hollywood. (Not ALL, but plenty.)
      In political realm, some come to serve, others to be served!
      No shortage of egos in Congress. Rethugs seem more arrogant. Power-hungry thugs in suits! (You can prob’ly name a few.) Dirty. Corrupted. Power & $$$ are their drugs. Addicted.
      And oh-so-entitled!
      (The out-of-control ones.)
      I can’t think of any dictators who aren’t “narcys”; must be 1?.
      Hitler’s known traits, attitudes & behavior, – & Trump’s – are very similar at the core; details differ. Neither has normal coping skills. Both surround themselves w/pure loyalty only.
      And both extremely dangerous to give such power to!
      Like devil himself, both able to totally fool many people into following them. That’s the part I still don’t understand!

      So, what countries are accepting Americans who still have moral compass & can’t bear to stay here any longer??

      • Costa Rico, Bolivia, Italy,Spain, Panama, Mexico (has a large USAans population,) Italy, Greece,..plenty more. Just about every western country has better transportation, better and less expensive medical care, less expensive cost of living, and nicer people than the last crop we’ve produced. Great Britain is one place that’s so screwed up w/ Brexit, that I wouldn’t want to try that one. But Ireland is popular with ex-pats. Want to move to a sane country?Look up “International Living” website.

  2. You can thank the orange demagogue for the Big Lie. You can thank the orange demagogue for the hate. You can thank the orange demagogue for the insurrection. You can than the same for revival of white supremacy. We can only hope that the wanna be fascist dictator will be so involved with legal problems for the next four years or more that he can’t run for office again. (Maybe he will have some major health problems in the near future as well.)

    Rupert Murdock must hate this country and democracy in order to let the Fake News and Entertainment Company keep operating unchecked and unleashed. I hope the ongoing lawsuits against his company are devastating.

  3. “America First”. Wtf does that eve mean?

  4. Neglected to mention that Thailand and some other asian countries are popular with Americans. Much cheaper cost of living.

    • Wow! & Thanks!
      I had no idea we’d be welcomed, or that the “living” & medical care better in so many places. We’re taught from a young age that “the USA is the best nation, in every way” & how “everyone” wants to come to the U.S. Many people do move here ~ often, those with family money. Capitalism – using $ to make more $$ & you get to keep profits, enjoy wealth & freedom here. Past 20+ yrs (here in CA anyway), influx of people are from Middle Eastern countries & now, India too. They own many hotels/motels up & down hwy#101; get into franchises like, 7-11s, gas stations, or buy little stores, shops; more recently, small restaurants serving their ethnic cuisine are popping up in suburbs. They work in their businesses, hire family mostly & a few learn to speak some English. (That’s good when working with public!)
      I didn’t know if anywhere we could move to, but now I do. Think I should ‘bone up on my Spanish’. Don’t want to live under Trumpian Rethugs Authoritarian Rule!

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