Sean Hannity Fumes Over Failures to Hold Putin Accountable – By Donald Trump

Nothing is as predictable as the knee-jerk, anti-Biden, freak outs by the petulant propagandists at Fox News. And naturally, the knives came out for Biden after his summit meeting with Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin. They actually came out before the meeting, with Sean Hannity playing out his role as a Russian asset, maligning America’s President on the eve of a critical summit.

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However, Hannity was just getting started. Before Biden had even reached American shores, Hannity was lambasting him in the typically infantile manner that has become Hannity’s trademark. His blind devotion to Trump (who he was about to host for another hour of incoherent babbling), and his anti-American attitude, was evident as he did Vladimir Putin’s dirty work attacking American interests (video here from Fox news, if you have the stomach for it).

Hannity began his harangue with what he called a “recap of Joe Biden’s, sippy cup, pathetic at times even angry and unhinged performance in Geneva.” He claimed that the summit with Putin did “absolutely nothing” but provide Putin “a massive platform in exchange for zero concessions.” Which contradicted reality since Biden refused to hold a press conference with Putin specifically to deny him that platform. But to Hannity that indicated fear on Biden’s part to stand next to Putin.

So Hannity thinks that if Biden appears alongside Putin he’s giving him a platform, but if he doesn’t, he’s afraid. A lose-lose proposition from the warped mind of Hannity. Even more warped was Hannity’s assessment of the summit itself:

“Putin did not commit to ending cyber attacks against our country. He didn’t take responsibility for hijacking over 100 U.S. companies, nine federal agencies. He didn’t agree to free Americans now in prison in his hostile regime of Russia. He didn’t take responsibility for the Havana Syndrome attacks against U.S. diplomats. He didn’t agree to stop poisoning and killing his political enemies. He didn’t agree to curtail his military aggression in Eastern Europe and around the world.”

The most notable observation in that angry tirade is that every single one of the items Hannity listed were actually failures by Trump, who accomplished none of those things throughout his entire four year occupation of the White House. Yet Hannity expected Biden to achieve them all in a three hour chat with Putin. This demonstrates how ludicrously unserious Hannity’s opinions are.

For his Part, Biden concluded the summit meeting saying that “I did what I came to do”:

“Number one, identify areas of practical work our two countries can do to advance our mutual interests and also benefit the world.

“Two, communicate directly — directly — that the United States will respond to actions that impair our vital interests or those of our allies.

“And three, to clearly lay out our country’s priorities and our values so he heard it straight from me.

“And I must tell you, the tone of the entire meetings — I guess it was a total of four hours — was — was good, positive. There wasn’t any — any strident action taken. Where we disagreed — I disagreed, stated where it was. Where he disagreed, he stated. But it was not done in a hyperbolic atmosphere. That is too much of what’s been going on.”

What Hannity left out of his rant was that it was Trump who gave Putin a platform to further Russian interests. It was Trump who displayed his treasonous deference to Putin, taking his side against American intelligence agencies during an embarrassing summit in Helsinki. And he’s still professing his trust in Putin over America today.

Hannity has no real interest in holding Putin (or Trump) to account for anything. He’s only interested in trashing talking Biden and the United States. That’s the mission of Fox News as admitted by their CEO, Lachlan Murdoch. And it affirms once again that Hannity is a traitor on a traitorous network.

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