HYSTERICAL: Trump Slams Fox News in Massive Meltdown Over His Absurd Election Lies

The downward spiral of Donald Trump continues to spin uncontrollably into the depths of madness. The evidence is impossible to ignore. He recently filed a laughably ludicrous lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, and Google. He posted plagiarized plugs for books by Fox News flunkies. And on Saturday morning crybaby Trump whined pitifully that the British Open snubbed his money-losing Turnberry golf course.

Donald Trump Circling the Drain

However, that wasn’t the worst of Trump’s emotional malfunctions this week. His months long mental breakdown over having decisively lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden has consumed his every waking moment. Never mind that it was that lunacy that led to the deadly insurrection in Washington, D.C., on January 6th, and is likely to incite further violence on the part of his Crackpot Crusaders. Trump persists in peddling the “Big Lie” despite having no proof whatsoever.

On Friday Trump had his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, post his latest temper tantrum on Twitter, since he’s been banned for repeated, and potentially harmful, lies. The message began with a wild swing at his own Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News):

“Fox News and other media outlets incorrectly side with the outdated and terrible Maricopa County Election Board to report no fraud found in the Presidential Election. They spew the gross misinformation purposefully put out by the county and the Associated Press.”

Trump is referring to an article published by the Associated Press and tweeted by Fox News anchor Brett Baier. The article revealed the results of a comprehensive study of alleged election fraud in Arizona and concluded that there wasn’t any to speak of (fewer than 200 “possible” cases out of 3.4 million votes). Trump went on to make what he presented as “factual” assertions of fraud, but for which there is zero basis in the real world:

“[They] IGNORE the very important Arizona Senate’s hearing yesterday, which showed 168,000 fraudulent ballots printed on illegal paper (unofficial ballots), 74,000 mail-in ballots received that were never mailed (magically appearing ballots), 11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election and still voted all the access logs to the machines were wiped, and the election server was hacked during the election.”

All told, Trump’s utterly unfounded claims assert that there were more than a quarter of million fraudulent votes tallied in a race that he lost by about 11,000. All of the allegations were drawn from Republican conspiracy theorists in the Arizona Senate and their hired hoaxsters, the Cyber Ninjas.

As an example of how flagrant their fallacies are, the AP fact check debunked the claim of 168,000 allegedly fake ballots on the wrong paper, noting that they were ordinary provisional ballots that were printed and cast on election day. It’s something anyone with election experience would know. Also easily debunked was the 74,000 mail-in ballot claim, saying that the Ninjas were simply using the wrong data files and that “the claim isn’t true and represents a misunderstanding of how early voting works in Arizona.” In other words, the Ninjas, who have no experience in election audits, are idiots who don’t have the slightest idea what they’re doing.

The same failure to grasp the assignment they’ve been given taints all of the other claims in Trump’s harangue. But that didn’t stop him from accelerating the crazy. He quoted a few blatantly partisan GOP state senators to support his babbling rant. None of them offered any proof of fraud either. Just like Trump’s crack legal team that lost more than 60 cases because they couldn’t produce a scrap of evidence. This is all he has to cling to. And it only confirms just how detached from reality he and his glassy-eyed cult followers are.

It should also not go without notice that Harrington’s posting of these statements by Trump are violations of Twitter’s terms of service that prohibit attempts to circumvent a suspension. (more on that here). She has posted Trump’s pseudo-tweets 48 times in just the past two weeks. Harrington’s account should be reported and suspended for her repeated breach of Twitter rules.

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9 thoughts on “HYSTERICAL: Trump Slams Fox News in Massive Meltdown Over His Absurd Election Lies

  1. Just to let you know, I repost your mentions about Harrington putting TrumpetArse’s rot on Twitter, I have reported her and I’ll keep it up until they stop her.

    • Thanks so much. It really helps.

      • No worries, mate. Just reported her again for reposting TrumpetArse’s utter rot and now other people are asking me how to do it as the reporting systems in Twitter is bloody useless. I do it under hate and abuse as that’s the only report where you can actually say why this, that or the
        other is a problem.

        And in other news…Marjorie Taylor-Greene, a.k.a. known as Greene Margarine, got a 12 hour suspension for busily handing health advice she is NOT qualified to dispense. I had to report it 3times, and a number of other people did too. She’s now busily yelling that her freedom of speech is being removed, blah-de-blah.

  2. “Crackpot Crusaders” — love that! And it’s more accurate than any of Trump’s totally made-up accusations of election fraud.

    Most unfortunately, Trump (& his minions) have gotten so much free press/airtime & fundraising dollars (from those with more money than brains) from all the dam* lies, that he (they) believe their own bullshit & will not stop, only get worse! That’s what happens when it isn’t nipped in the bud. They are unable to stop now & will never admit to the lies, no matter what! They’re psych-damaged & welded permanently to their lies. Some lies get so out of hand that there’s NO going back. And if the Undemocratic, UnAmerican, totally treasonous power grab that Rethugs have been putting in place works, the truth will be lost forever, as will we! It will be but a footnote in history books. If that.
    Far too much has been allowed to go on all this time — something Rethugs would never have allowed if roles reversed! But no angry “fight back” has there been from the weaker party. A few angry words, but what’s that really do? Nothing! Not a dam* thing! About as useless as a pop-gun against an AK-47.
    I mean, WTH do those bastards have to do before they’re removed, ounished, sanctioned? Something! No bigger crime has been done by our own gov’t, against our people & democracy & yet…nothing but lips flapping!!?
    Do something unprecedented, dammit! It’s warranted! If not for all this, then for what?!

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