CNN’s ‘Untouchable’ Jim Acosta: ‘What Are You Prepared To Do’ to Hold Trump Accountable?

The descent into authoritarian madness by Donald Trump remains a palpable threat to American democracy. With each new day he escalates his baseless allegations of a “stolen” election. And he does this with the full knowledge that his lies incited violent riots in Washington, D.C., by his insurrectionist cult followers. He does this with the full knowledge that his continuing lies will likely fuel more violence. Which is just what this maniac wants.

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Much has been said about how to respond to Trump’s persistent assault on democracy. People talk about indictments, legislation, and organizing to elect honorable representatives in Congress who will take their oath of office seriously. But this is an “all of the above” situation. It all comes down to one question. A question that probes the level of commitment that we have to preserve our republic. That question was asked on Saturday by CNN anchor Jim Acosta, after playing a particularly cringeworthy clip of Trump conceding his vile, aberrant character, or lack thereof:

Trump: I didn’t become different. I got impeached twice. I didn’t change. I became worse.
Acosta: I, for one, believe him. He has become worse, if that’s possible. The current President says American democracy is still being threatened. Yes, it is being threatened, by the former guy.

“As Jim Malone would ask, What are you prepared to do?’ What is law enforcement prepared to about Trump’s actions surrounding January 6th? What are Democrats prepared to do to protect our elections? What are you, the voter, prepared to do to hold accountable those politicians who choose Trump over American democracy? What are you prepared to do?

Acosta was channeling Jim Malone, the character played by Sean Connery in “The Untouchables.” FBI agent Eliot Ness sought out Malone’s advice on how to get Al Capone. Malone responded…

“You said you wanted to know how to get Capone. Do you really want to get him? … What are you prepared to do?”

Ness, of course, replied that he would do everything within the law. And that must be what American patriots pledge to do with regard to Trump. That must be what politicians – Democrats and Republicans – commit to. It must be the course that law enforcement and Justice Department prosecutors take without fear or prejudice.

Without accountability, the criminal acts of Trump will be swept aside, and future aspiring dictators will pursue the same paths of tyranny. However, Trump’s more savvy successors will have the benefit of learning from his failures and foolishness. They are already on that path as Republicans in many states are passing voter suppression bills and legislation giving partisan autocrats the right to overturn the will of the people.

For this reason we need to take Acosta’s adaptation of Malone’s question to heart. That scene led to the infamous exchange where in Malone advised Ness that if…

“You want to get Capone? Here’s how you get him. He pulls a knife? You pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital? You send one of his to the morgue! That’s the Chicago way, and that’s how you get Capone! Now, do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that?”

Of course that’s metaphorical in this context. But Acosta is providing just the sort of inspiration that is needed at this perilous junction in American history. We need to have that kind of devotion to political victory on behalf of democratic values. It will take great effort sustained for many months and years. Are you ready to do that? For America’s sake, I hope so.

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7 thoughts on “CNN’s ‘Untouchable’ Jim Acosta: ‘What Are You Prepared To Do’ to Hold Trump Accountable?

  1. What am I prepared to do? Never vote for for support socialist asshats who want hand outs instead of working. Vote for people who will guard our borders from terrorists and not allow them in for potential votes. Not vote for people who devalue our country, claiming they were wronged prior to my lifetime. Jim Acosta, you are a lefty idiot.

    • In other words, you’re prepared to ignore everything in this article in order to spew tiresome, right-win talking points. You’re prepared to allow a treasonous criminal to incite violence with lies and tyrannical aspirations. Good to know.

    • “Socialists, asshats, handouts…blah-blah-blah.” Same ol’ shit ~ different decade. Hell, different century & still the same BS – been hearing same crap from ya’ll since 1990’s. Even racist tripe ain’t new. What is new, you’re apparently blinded to & that is, your piss-poor “leader” & Party is now AGAINST America & democracy! But ya’ll can’t even see it for what it is. Problem is, by the time the blinders come off your eyes, it will be too late for our Country & our people. While you are screaming about the imaginary sh*t they’re feeding you, they are busy consolidating power for themselves — NOT for the good of average Americans, or for democracy, but for a USA that you won’t even recognize. Forget our “freedom” cuz’ that’s a liberal thing & those taking all the power they can’t win w/o changing the rules, lying & cheating ~ well, they are not doing all that sh*t so we can retain freedoms we currently have! They are TAKING POWER OVER “the people” & THAT is not what we fought & died for!
      Only by dividing the good people in USA can they take power that rightfully belongs to us, “the people”. Only by pitting us against each other & diverting your attention from what they’re doing, can they rule over us all.

  2. I for one, am prepared to let the idiots proceed down their anti-science cult road, seeing Nature take its course and allowing them to self-annihilate as a consequence, while keeping it isolated to their insane cult. I no longer waste precious resources, that should go to the more deserving, in trying to save these morbidists from themselves. OK?

  3. “…already on that path as Republicans…. voter suppression bills and legislation giving partisan autocrats the right to overturn the will of the people.”

    Indeed! Already happening. They sure do have balls! And this is what can be expected when neither Trump, nor his Retrumplican cohorts in Congress, have been held accountable in any real way. Who’s job was it? The other Party is who’s expected to get that ball rolling & defend our democracy when the perps are the other Party. Who else has the aurhority, the obligation? Who took that Oath of Office? They did. Yet, have done nothing “real” about it!?! WTF?!! We have a dictator party & a wimpy party ~ neither 1 is for us, for saving our democracy. It seems were not willing to do what needed to be done & so now, it’s gotten worse! And still, I see NO bold action, no fight back at all! “Wimbly- wambly-woo”…& nothing’s what they do. Both parties have got to GO! They are broken beyond repair. This was the biggest test there could be & they both failed misrably! While Pelosi screws around with a toothless committee, where she cares more about appearing bi-partisan than saying, “No. You had your chance & refused to participate in investigation. Your Party is involved & still in it, lying to the people & putting Trump over Country. So, no! Screw you!” …If she was serious, would’ve shown it long before now. This is just phony BS, nothing more. Why? That’s what I want to know! Rethugs are emboldened. Manchin & Sinema need to get on board right now, or they are traitors & Congress must dump filibuster & get those Voting Rights bills passed – pronto! If not, nothing else they do matters 1 bit!
    McConnell is still in charge & Trump still on TV spewing his lies & hate. Same as B4!
    Did we, or did we not, vote in a new Admin?! Be tough, dammit! “Now or never” is not a game & everything is at stake! No time for niceties…not right now! We know the evil sh*t Rethugs are doing & what their goal is. It will be “game over” soon if we don’t do somethin’. Preferably, something without bloodshed involved!
    I am thoroughly disgusted with both major parties!

  4. Hey MarkNC! My phone’s flipping out on me, but I just spent the afternoon writing something on this very topic, coincidentally. Wanted to post it on DK, but am too tired to edit it now, so may not get it on there. Maybe feel better after I eat something.
    It’s about what WE might do – steps to start legal removal of 2 bad parties…too hard to explain here, but think it could work!?
    Do #s have to be names/nouns? Nev.mind — worry ’bout that if can get my thing edited & put on there.
    My 1, re: Missouri & vaccinations made it on there. No hate mail yet. {:~)

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