Why Is Fox News Racist Tucker Carlson Smearing a January 6th Capitol Police Hero?

On Wednesday afternoon House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded appropriately to GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s transparent attempt to make a mockery of the House Select Committee on the January 6th Insurrection. McCarthy tried to stack the Committee with a pair of fervent foes of democracy, Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. Both of these extremist Republicans are devoted members of the Cult of Trump who support his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him. The very lie that Trump used to incite the riots in Washington, D.C. in the first place.

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No rational person could criticize Pelosi’s decision not to seat Jordan and Banks. It would be like seating Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby (or Donald Trump) on a committee to probe sexual harassment. But Fox News isn’t known for their rational people or analyses. And that’s especially true with regard to Fox’s Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, who has been on a tear recently with idiocy like his paranoid delusion that the National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on him. Or his dangerously dishonest claim that health authorities know that vaccines don’t work and they aren’t telling you. Or his baseless accusation that the FBI orchestrated the January 6th insurrection.

Consequently, Carlson immediately launched into a predictable condemnation of Pelosi and the Committee’s effort to get to the truth of what happened on January 6th, why it happened, and what led up to it. In the course of his knee-jerk jabbering he somehow managed to take a detour toward a racist attack on a Capitol Police officer who courageously defended the seat of America’s democracy.

Officer Harry Dunn put his own life at risk to protect members of Congress, their staffs, and the Constitution, whose duties the House was in the progress of undertaking. But Carlson was focused solely on his ultra-partisan obsession with slandering Democrats and any unfortunate who happened to be in line of fire. He said (video below)

“So the Committee will proceed with one party. What will it look like. Well, think MSNBC with subpoena power.

“On Tuesday Pelosi will call a Capitol police officer called Harry Dunn. Dunn will pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community. But it turns out Dunn has very little in common with your average cop. Dunn is an angry left-wing political activist whose social media feeds are full of praise, not coincidentally, for Nancy Pelosi. Here’s a picture of the two of them together.

“‘Racism is so American,’ Harry wrote in one post, ‘that when you protest it, people think you are protesting America.’ Hashtag ‘Leave it to whites to tell blacks what is racist,’ hashtag ‘I stand with Ilhan Omar,’ hashtag ‘Squad.’ Harry Dunn, ladies and gentlemen. Just another fact-based witness to the insurrection.”

Where upon Carlson introduced his guest, Jim Jordan. Carlson’s rant presents a dumpster of derp that requires some further exploration. First of all, the Committee will not proceed with one party. Pelosi has already appointed one Republican, Liz Cheney, and there could be more. If Carlson has a problem with the make up of the Committee, he should direct his whining to McCarthy who childishly took his ball and scampered away after Pelosi nixed his two most radical opponents of an honest probe.

Secondly, Carlson’s assertion that Dunn would “pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community,” is pure fiction. Dunn never claimed to do so, and he isn’t the only member of law enforcement who will be testifying. What’s more, Carlson’s characterization of Dunn as “an angry left-wing political activist” is wholly inappropriate. He is a police officer who was doing his duty during a violent riot without any of the political posturing that marks everything Carlson does or says. Which means that Dunn actually has much “in common with your average cop,” but nothing in common with Carlson.

Thirdly, Dunn is an citizen who has every right to express his opinion outside of his official duties. But Carlson apparently doesn’t believe that Dunn is entitled to the freedoms that every other American enjoys. Could it be because he’s black and proudly supports his people? Well, it’s interesting that Carlson chose to attack Dunn, but not the white officers who are scheduled to testify before the Committee.

Finally, there is another element to this melodrama that needs further attention. Carlson is obviously very upset that Pelosi rejected Banks and Jordan for seats on the Committee. However, he failed to disclose that his son, Buckley Carlson, is Banks’ communications director. So Carlson is enraged that his son’s boss was denied the opportunity to dishonestly distort the events of January 6th, but he didn’t think it was important to reveal that familial connection, a clear conflict of interest and breach of ethics.

That’s the sort of white privilege that is present in much of Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson’s elitist life as the son of a diplomat and the heir to a frozen food fortune. Only now he is combining it with a hatred for police officers, African-Americans, Democrats, and patriots who respect the Constitution. And as usual, Fox News is behind him all the way.

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5 thoughts on “Why Is Fox News Racist Tucker Carlson Smearing a January 6th Capitol Police Hero?

  1. “However, he failed to disclose that his son, Buckley Carlson, is Banks’ press secretary.”
    (Buckley? Really? Wonder if he will turn out to be “*uckley”? God, I hope not! Already have *ucker Carlson to deal with.
    Buckley is Banks’ press sec’tary; Banks & Jim Jordan being the 2 Pelosi said “no” to having on House’s committee to ‘look into’ events of 1/6/21. Never heard of Banks that I can recall – flew under my radar? Being now ‘connected to’ Jordan thru Pelosi’s “nuh-uh” doesn’t bode well for company he keeps. But then, neither does being supporter of Trump, the wannabe “dick-tator”.
    Any Retrumplicans at this time in history are suspect & cannot be trusted in any way whatsoever!

    P.S. ~ I think Kevin McCarthy chose 2 that he knew wouldn’t be accepted on purpose, so he could do exactly what he’s doing right now!
    That’s what Pelosi gets for being so mamby-pamby in the 1st place. She never learns…& yet, she knows better; is OG.

  2. BTW~ Damn right it’s all partisan!
    Only 1 Party is in cahoots with Trump & supporting violent attempt to overturn official election results, in order to ‘appoint’ Trump to 4 more yrs after he LOST the election!
    That alone, makes it “partisan”. It cannot be anything else but, partisan!
    Just 1 Party did it & supports it 100%. 1 Party working against our U.S. democracy!

  3. I suspect Nancy will invite a couple of other Repugs to join the committee, in defiance of Kevin’s control. I also suspect a couple of them will agree to do it, as they may be smart enough to see the fall of Trumpler looming ahead and decide to abandon ship (albeit slowly) by showing willingness to actually do some Congressional work,

  4. “…Just another fact-based witness to the insurrection.” (*ucker, on Officer Dunn)

    Yes, that’s correct. Fact-based. Witness. With a front-row seat in fact!
    An opinion on racism in USA, has as much to do with Dunn’s eyewitness testimony to violence faced from Trump’s mob of misfits on 1/6th…as *ucker & rest of FauxSpews has to do with factual news reporting. “Not related whatsoever”!

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