Trump Whines that ‘We Don’t Have Free Speech’ as He Literally Calls for Banning Speech

Saturday night in Des Moines, Iowa, there was yet another coronavirus super-spreader cult rally featuring the twice impeached, former reality TV game show host, and America’s Biggest Loser, Donald Trump. The event lived down to its hype as a couple of ear-bleeding hours of a malignant narcissist complaining that the election he fairly and decisively lost was “stolen” from him.

Donald Trump, Constitution

Among the innumerable absurd laments that excreted from the oral orifice of the blockhead who brags that he is the most fabulous whiner, were some commentaries on the sanctity of the First Amendment. Trump’s yammering (video below) addressed, in particular, free speech, which he claimed there isn’t any more of:

“There is no free speech, we don’t have free speech anymore. You know, it used to be automatic, free speech. We don’t have free speech. We have the opposite of free speech. And this is the beginning of communism when you hear that. This is the beginning of communism.”

In that brief rant Trump uttered the phrase “free speech” five times. Psychiatric professionals say that in some cases “this is because of problems with short-term memory caused by dementia.” Whatever the cause in Trump’s case, it is also a significant departure from reality. First of all, he is asserting that there is no free speech while he is freely speaking to an audience of his cult followers at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Trump has never been an especially ardent defender of First Amendment rights. He has relentlessly lambasted the free press as “the enemy of the people.” He has expressed regrets that he didn’t ban Facebook and Twitter when he had the chance. He has threatened that “Something has to be done” about CNN.

However, what makes this latest assault on free speech so preposterous is what he said immediately afterward. In another repetitive rant, Trump vilified critical race theory, a field of study that he has displayed his pitiful ignorance of before. At this rally he harangued that…

“We will ban critical race theory in our classrooms. We will ban that horrible, crazy critical race theory in our military. We will ban it from our workplaces. We will ban it from our federal, state, and local government. It will be banned. Permanently banned. And will never be allowed to come back again.”

Apparently Trump doesn’t like critical race theory. He does not like it in a house. He does not like it with a mouse. He does not like it in a box. He does not like it with a fox (News?).

What Trump does like is the notion of banning free speech with respect to teaching the history of race on America and the impact of systemic racism. And he explicitly expresses his intention, should he have the opportunity, to ban it permanently from every public forum that he could think of.

This should be of concern to every American who values the Constitution and the liberties it protects. If Trump would so openly admit that he would “cancel” the First Amendment, it goes without saying that the would do the same to any other part of the document that he regarded as obstructing his authoritarian aspirations. He’s already trying to subvert the democratic process, with the help of his Republican Party confederates. But he – and they – must never get the chance to carry out their defiling of America’s constitutional republic.

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4 thoughts on “Trump Whines that ‘We Don’t Have Free Speech’ as He Literally Calls for Banning Speech

  1. All dictators have “free speech”. It’s the rest of the people who are denied “free speech” & the reason is to keep citizens from saying anything that the dictator doesn’t like; to keep people from sharing their thoughts & opinions with anyone else; no one may speak their mind. Trump had made it clear that he wants/intends to be the dictator & rule over America. This suits the Rethugs just fine, since they’ve always been the Party of, “do as I say”.
    Trump is a perfect example of the downside of “free speech”, in that his constant lies have spread like a deadly poison & the vehicle for that misuse of “free speech” are the platforms that broadcast his lying rants every damn day! I am SICK OF hearing his shit on the news.
    There should be a TOTAL BAN on “Trumpspeech”! If his bullshit lies weren’t constantly being reported, maybe he could fade into the dust bin of history & reality could once again prevail?! “BAN TRUMP!” He is the LOSER of 2020 elections & we cannot get this nation back on track as long as his poison is allowed to permeate our daily news.
    The absolute WORST thing you can do to a Malignant Narcissist like Trump is to IGNORE him! It’s the 1 thing they cannot stand. Let’s practice that for awhile, eh?

  2. It is not free speech that is the problem is it lying speech.

    We are in a bind with many other citizens because a tyrant wanted to subvert a free and fair election.

    The biggest problem I see is the younger people who lack the maturity and sophistication to understand they have been lied to outright. That is not supposed to happen so they do not believe they have been lied to. They will bring their misunderstanding into the next generation.

    If TFG is convicted and put into prison I doubt these young people will ever understand.

    TFG has broken our once great nation with his ego and lies.

    All because of “her emails?” WTaF

  3. Apparently 25 years of Fox News has made it impossible for Republicans to tell right from wrong.

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