Fox News and GOP Hack Launch Feeble Attack on Biden’s Family Values that Backfires Abominably

The desperation of Fox News – and the Republican Party for which it shills – is sinking to ever lower efforts to denigrate Democrats, and especially President Joe Biden. But their increasingly pathetic stunts are belly-flopping and serve only to further humiliate themselves.

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Fox News, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Friends

It’s somewhat understandable that they are failing so miserably at their core mission to malign their political foes. Biden has conducted his presidency with dignity and respect for the office and the law. Consequently, Republicans and Fox News have nothing of substance with which to smear him. So naturally, they resort to their standard methods of baseless insinuations, crackpot fabrications, and outright lies. All of which is in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s practice of shameless immorality and commission of serial felonies.

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This week on Fox News, anchor Rachel Campos-Duffy sat in for Tucker Carlson’s replacement, Jesse Watters, and proceeded to validate her role as a qualified Carlson/Watters stooge. In a segment focused on fake allegations of improprieties by Biden, Campos-Duffy hyperbolically declared that the President was responsible for “the biggest political scandal in modern history, as far as I’m concerned.” What was she talking about? Who knows. It hardly matters as there were no facts – or anything resembling reality – associated with it.

Campos-Duffy’s guest was the Republican chair of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer. He has been on a crusade to disparage Democrats and Biden ever since assuming his chairmanship. Suffice to say that it hasn’t been going well for him. His alleged “proof” of criminal activity has failed to materialize. And star witnesses have literally disappeared.

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The discussion between Campos-Duffy and Comer devolved into a lame attack on Biden’s family values. Unfortunately for them, what they presented as evidence of his unfitness as a role model were actually character assets that most Americans admire. After declaring that “the president is the last person who should be preaching to Americans about family values,” Comer put forth his key argument, saying that…

“To listen to Joe Biden talk about family values — or to listen to Joe Biden talk about criminal justice reform… where he wants to hire more IRS employees to go after tax cheats or have more gun laws to go after people that possess firearms. And his own son pled guilty to two tax evasion charges and one [count of] illegal possession of firearms. This is a terrible example of leadership in the White House.”

With regard to Comer’s comments about the IRS, he was referring to the Democrats’ budget that allocated $80 billion dollars to the agency. Republicans have falsely spun that into a fearsome lie that it would fund 87,000 armed IRS agents who would terrorize hapless and innocent Americans. The truth is that it would fund some agents who could be tasked with insuring that the wealthy don’t get away with tax evasion, which most Americans support. But mostly it would provide for other agency personal engaged in everything from administration to customer service.

With regard to Comer’s comments about criminal justice, he was referring to Biden’s efforts to reduce gun violence and the horrific plague of mass shootings with assault-style weapons. Which is another agenda item that most American’s are in favor of.

What makes Comer’s remarks particularly ludicrous is that they are actually arguments that support Biden’s commitment to family values. He is implying that there is something untoward about Biden providing funding for the IRS while his son Hunter recently pleaded guilty to not paying his taxes on time. But that actually shows that Biden is supportive of holding people accountable for paying their taxes, including his own son.

Likewise, Comer’s implication of nefarious intent regarding strengthening gun regulations, even though Hunter was found to have violated them, proves that Biden is committed to equal justice under the law, even if it means holding his son to account.

In other words, everything that President Biden did and said was an honorable expression of both social and family values. Yet somehow, Comer didn’t realize that even as he was saying it. Perhaps that’s because Comer himself is such an inappropriate role model. After all, he still has never explained the allegations by his former girlfriend who says that he abused her and forced her to get an abortion. But never mind those credible allegations when Republicans like Comer are so fixated on demonizing Biden…

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FAST AND FURIOUS! Fox News is Already Lying to Their Cult Viewers that the Omicron Variant is Fake

This didn’t take long. Less than 48 hours after the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was reported, Fox News has begun their disinformation campaign to make sure that their already dimwitted viewers remain ignorant and at risk.

Fox News, Covid

On Saturday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes engaged in a discussion about the COVID pandemic and the new variant spreading rapidly in South Africa and elsewhere:

Rachel Campos-Duffy: The answer is more lockdowns, more lockdowns. More fear. And therefore, he doesn’t have to do his job of fixing the supply chain because we’ll just keep this whole thing going.
Will Cain: Always a new variant.
Pete Hegseth: Count on a variant about every October, every two years.
Cain: You’re probably right. However, they could speed up the variants. They could come more quickly.
Hegseth: [mimicking phone call] We’re gonna need a new variant here.

So according to these sick and sociopathic Super-spreaders, the Omicron variant is fake. Never mind that it is an international threat affirmed by science. To Fox it’s just a plot by President Biden and Democrats to control Americans. They apparently think it would be a good move politically to shut down businesses and schools; to throw people out of work after achieving the lowest number of unemployment filings in more than fifty years; and to cripple the economy that has been booming ever since Biden was inaugurated. With success like that these Fox News numbskulls think that Biden is now conspiring to put an end to all of it.

And yet, while the Omicron variant is fake to these Fox News pea-brains, over on the alleged “news” side of Fox, where fear mongering is job one, they found a way to treat it as a real threat: Blame it on immigrants. So now a “caravan” of Omicron-infected refugees are headed for the border. The bigotry emanating from Fox is just too predictable.

There is a multilevel idiocy to these remarks. First of all, Fox News has been at the forefront of COVID disinformation from the very start. Consequently, they are responsible for more people being unvaccinated. Studies show that Fox News viewers are significantly trailing viewers of other media in getting vaccinated. Additionally, most recent COVID deaths have been concentrated in red states and counties where Fox News is most viewed.

And if that weren’t bad enough, there is also the psychotic view among the cult of Fox News viewers – who are also Trump cult members – that the vaccines don’t even work. But by remaining unvaccinated they are actually increasing the chances for new and more dangerous variants to form.

And if even that weren’t bad enough, the very same people who believe the virus and the vaccines are all hoaxes by Democrats for reasons they can’t explain, also believe that Donald Trump deserves credit for the vaccines. Former Trump White House staffer, Stephen Miller was on Fox News Saturday saying that…

“If President Trump was still in office, by the way, we’d already have modified vaccines to deal with the new variants. Which is a great point. President Trump brought us vaccines in record time, which he made voluntary, not mandatory. And he’d have updates too.”

Really? Miller seems to think that Trump would have come up with a modified version of the vaccine before the new variant was even discovered. But he would still not advocate for people to get vaccinated because … FREEDUMB!

For the record, Biden has not made vaccines mandatory. He just highly recommends them and requires that people who choose not to get vaccinated be tested weekly. That’s a less strict policy than the one that Fox News imposes on their employees (including the Fox and Friends gang), where testing for the unvaccinated is required daily.

Fox News is continuing to breed the sort of ignorance that is getting people killed and preventing a return to some sense of normalcy. They are spreading lies intended to make life more difficult because they believe that it will harm Biden and help Trump. And their callousness with regard to all of the people who will suffer and die due to their political self interests is reprehensible. But that has always been the mission of Fox News, and it isn’t going to change. The rest of us will just have work harder to make sure they don’t succeed.

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Fox News Maliciously Edits Biden Video to Falsely Portray Him as Racist

The obsessive compulsions of Fox News to viciously malign Joe Biden at every opportunity often results in shameless acts of flagrant dishonesty. And when they aren’t lying, some of their attacks are downright hysterical. For instance, their ludicrous criticism that Biden lacked stamina compared to Donald Trump because he rides bikes.

Fox News, Bullshit Factory

In yet another demonstration that Fox News cannot be regarded as a legitimate journalistic enterprise, the network’s morning show, Fox and Friends, ran a video clip that sought to slander President Biden as a racist (video below). The clip showed Biden delivering a Veterans Day speech. During the speech Biden took a moment to wish Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s father (a veteran) a happy birthday.

The “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends were taken aback at what co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy said was “President Biden facing backlash for a comment during his Veterans Day address.” Then she introduced the clip showing Biden saying that…

“I have adopted the attitude of the great Negro at the time pitcher … name was Satchel Paige.”

This sent shivers of horror through the Fox News studio, and then across the right-wing mediaverse that disseminated it far and wide. The problem, however, is that the video Fox News aired was purposefully edited to create a false and derogatory impression. What Biden actually said was that…

“I’ve adopted the attitude of the great Negro — at the time, pitcher in the Negro Leagues — went on to become a great pitcher in the pros, in the Major League Baseball after Jackie Robinson. His name was Satchel Paige.”

So it’s clear that Biden was not referring to Satchel Paige. He was referring to the what was once called “the Negro Leagues” of baseball. Well, it’s clear to anyone who saw the unedited clip. And it’s notable that what Fox cut out was taken from the middle of the quote without any acknowledgement of the edit. So they can’t simply excuse themselves by claiming that they truncated the quote for time. Even Sean Hannity played the unedited clip (although still applying the same dishonest framing), which makes the Fox and Friends fabrication even worse.

Their intent is unmistakable. They are trying to create a thoroughly contrived impression that Biden is a racist. And they are providing their phony “reporting” so that it can be adopted by the rest of the Republican confederacy of mudslingers.

That’s working to some extent as it has already been adopted by Greg Kelly of Newsmax, who accused Biden of using “an old fashioned version of THE N WORD.” And Lavern Spicer, a GOP congressional candidate, told the same lie in a fundraising pitch. And Texas congressman and former Trump White House physician, Ronnie Jackson, joined in. So did many of the right’s Internet propagandists such as Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, Breitbart News, and Townhall.

This is typical behavior from Fox News. They know that they can’t make substantive arguments based on facts to advance their extremist agenda. So they manufacture pseudo-scandals to achieve their nefarious goals. And if that means deliberately falsifying video or other documents in order to make a point, they have no ethical resistance to doing so.

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Fox News Celebrates 25 Years of Ripping America Apart with Propaganda, Lies, and Racism

In 1996 Rupert Murdoch, an immigrant to the United States via England, via Australia (neither of whom would take him back), joined with a professional Republican propagandist, Roger Ailes (who was later fired due to his serial sexual harassment), to launch a cable “news” network with the express purpose of advancing ultra-rightist policies and promoting neo-fascist politicians.

Fox News, Fake News

Twenty-five years later Fox News continues to sow discord and turn the American people against one another. Most recently Fox News has contributed (along with Donald Trump) to the demise of hundreds of thousands of Americans by dispensing disinformation about the deadly coronavirus. They have fractured democracy by buttressing Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “Stolen” from him. They have defended the domestic terrorism of Trump’s January 6th insurrection. And they have exacerbated racial hatred by promulgating the “white replacement theory”

Notwithstanding that resume of ill-repute, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes at Fox and Friends were anxious to honor their employer with platitudes that bore no resemblance to reality. Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy embraced a fairy tale worldview when she gushed that…

“Don’t you wish you had a dime for every time someone said to you, ‘what would happen to America if we didn’t have Fox News.’ We’d have no alternative information at all. Think about that. Democracy, essentially, would die. Because you can’t have a democracy like that.”

Really? Campos-Duffy is lauding Fox News for its commitment to “alternative information,” a close cousin to the infamous alternative facts contrived by Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway. And her conclusion that such manufactured falsehoods are required for democracy to continue is downright laughable.

Speaking of laughable, Desi Lydic of the The Daily Show had a much better tribute to what Fox News has contributed to the nation and the world for the past twenty-five years. Her homage includes such gems as…

“Without Fox News I wouldn’t know that Hillary Clinton showered in baby blood or that Planned Parenthood invented Benghazi with George Soros and the Teletubbies at the Venezuelan BET Awards.”


“Fox News, you should be proud of yourself. For the past 25 years you brought half this country together – against the other half.”

Buckle up and enjoy the rest of the fantastical accolades Lydic has compiled for the Fox News anniversary. It’s funny because it’s true.

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Fox News Slams Biden’s Stamina Because He Rides Bikes – Unlike Couch Potato Trump

President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday with a speech that covered an array of topics that are critical to the welfare of the American people and the world (video below). It included passages about the COVID pandemic, the climate crisis, international conflict and diplomacy, global economics and trade, and more. And unlike the address by Donald Trump, no one laughed at him.

Fox News, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Friends

So it was on this morning that Fox News chose to do a totally contrived story about Biden’s alleged lack of stamina. The sedentary lumps of gall on Fox and Friends considered this bit of fakery and fluff important enough to feature while other news networks were covering the President at the U.N.

Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy took an especially keen interest in Biden’s health. She delivered the following harangue that was entirely devoid of factual basis. It consisted mainly of infantile taunts and tedious talking points that she cribbed from her Fox News confederates over the past couple of years:

“Being the leader of the free world has to be the most demanding job in the whole world, and he simply does not have the mental or physical stamina to do this job. And that is why his handlers and his wife who, by the way, look increasingly like Visiting Angels, have to schedule in these senior breaks for him so he can take naps and go for bike rides because he can’t concentrate on the job the way he should. I mean, just compare it to president Donald Trump who worked these long, long hours and had impromptu hourlong pressers with the media.”

Notice that Campos-Duffy’s lame assessment of Biden as lacking “mental or physical stamina” is just the recycled sneers that were used against Hillary Clinton five years ago. But what really sets this apart is that her “proof” that Biden’s health is diminished is that he is an avid biker. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And then she asks viewers to compare that with the exercise regime of Trump.

As a refresher, Trump was best known as a morbidly obese junk food junkie who spent up to nine hours every day (Executive Time) watching his “policy advisors” on Fox News and other right-wing propaganda networks. He would frequently avoid doing any work by hitting the links where he rode around in a golf cart all day. He wasted untold hours tweeting either undeserved exaltations of himself or bitter attacks on his foes. And he would occasionally show up behind the podium at one of his cult rallies where he just stood there and ranted for an hour or so. That’s not exactly a challenging workout.

Yet somehow Campos-Duffy and her Fox Friends cast Biden as the nap taker, despite his obviously more vigorous lifestyle, healthful appearance, and full work schedule. But that isn’t particularly surprising considering that Campos-Duffy has distinguished herself previously by blaming First Lady Jill Biden for problems in Afghanistan. She defended white supremacy. She promoted Trump’s “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged.” In other words, she is a fully indoctrinated Trump-fluffer who will do and say whatever her Fox News handlers tell her. That’s how she got her job, and she aims to keep it.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Fox News Openly Defends the White Supremacy and Treason of Domestic Terrorists

On the solemn anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, four presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden) made dignified and respectful appearances to honor the victims, heroes, and families whose lives were changed forever. These statesmen demonstrated the compassion and decency to set aside their personal interests in order to remind the nation what it means to be the “United” States of America.

Fox News, KKK

The only holdout was, of course, Donald Trump, who had a more pressing engagement to enrich himself as a commentator at an exhibition fight in Hollywood, Florida. He did put out a video that was typically dominated by tributes to himself and bitter assaults on his political foes.

On Monday morning Fox News covered some of the weekend events from a thoroughly bizarre and repugnant perspective. The segment somehow veered off into territory that had nothing to do with 9/11 (video below). At one point, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy felt compelled to say that…

“We had a stand down on white supremacy in the military, and I guess that I’m just not seeing that that’s worthy of a stand down.”

Really? So Campos-Duffy is in favor of the military permitting white supremacy in the ranks? While it isn’t particularly noteworthy that she and others on Fox News would hold that opinion (her co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed saying that “I share your frustration”), it isn’t often that they state it so explicitly on the air.

What triggered this outburst was a discussion about remarks by George W. Bush on Saturday. In a surprisingly thoughtful address, Bush drew parallels between foreign terrorists and the homegrown variety that have been inspired by Trump and Fox News. Bush said that…

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within. There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit.”

Campos-Duffy complained that Bush’s comments took “the focus off of who we need to be focused on.” She elaborated saying that…

“I think that motivations matter. The Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans. They hate Western civilization. They hate America. They have lots of reason for that. Regardless of what you think about what happened on Jan. 6, the people there went in with the flags. They were not America haters.”

What distinction is she making here? The motives of the Trump insurrectionists were also that they wanted to kill Americans, including Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and other members of Congress. They hate Western civilization and America, as evident in their efforts to discard the Constitution and impose their own totalitarian dictatorship. Yes, they went there with flags, which they used as weapons against the police officers who were protecting the seat of American democracy. How were they not “America haters”? And Trump himself weighed in on Bush’s speech saying that…

“…he lectures us that terrorists on the ‘right’ are a bigger problem than those from foreign countries that hate America and that are pouring into our Country right now.”

Notice that Bush said nothing about the “right” or any other political ideology, but Trump recognized his own faction when he heard it described. And his assertion that foreign terrorists are “pouring into our Country right now” is just more of his delusional hyperbole. Just like his “Big Lie” about election fraud, there is no factual basis for his charges. Trump just wants to drench his cult followers in irrational fears.

Furthermore, Trump is whining (as usual) that Bush has no right to “lecture” anyone because he is responsible for thousands of deaths from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. That may be true. But there is a nauseating sort of irony in Trump saying it considering that he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths from his negligent and incompetent mismanagement of the COVID pandemic.

In the attempt by Fox News to distinguish the crimes of the January 6th insurrectionists, and other domestic terrorists, from foreign terrorists, they actually highlighted their similarities and common purpose. And even worse, they overtly expressed their not-so-veiled racism. This isn’t new for Fox, but it nevertheless needs to be exposed and disseminated widely to remind everyone what sort of vile propaganda network the Murdochs are operating.

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Fox News Fingers Who is Really at Fault for What’s Happening in Afghanistan: Jill Biden!

The aftermath of President Biden’s decision to proceed with the previously negotiated withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan has dominated the media for the past week. To be sure, any retreat from failed military operations cannot be expected to be free of difficulty. And there are troubling images of desperate Afghans seeking to escape the anticipated tyranny of Taliban rule.

Fox News, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Friends

Unfortunately, much of the media coverage has focused on melodramatic moments that lack context. The press as a whole seems to have forgotten what Afghanistan was like prior to the U.S. invasion in 2001. In short, it was pretty much the same then as it will be going forward once the evacuation is complete. No better, no worse, and no discernible benefit from twenty years of occupation. The lesson to be learned is not one about predictable hardships following a lengthy war in hostile territory, but about the futility of waging such wars in the first place.

Not surprisingly, Fox News has taken the most preposterous positions regarding the end of the Afghanistan adventure. They have entirely ignored that the original, severely flawed agreement to leave was negotiated by the Trump administration (which he is still bragging about). That deal has been rebuked by Trump’s own National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster, as a surrender agreement.” It lifted all sanctions on the Taliban and freed 5,000 of their imprisoned fighters, but got nothing in return.

What’s more, while Fox News harshly criticizes the Biden administration’s handling of efforts to evacuate Afghans who helped the U.S. during the two decade occupation, they are simultaneously complaining about the prospect of bringing those refugees to America. Tucker Carlson has labeled them “invaders” who are “coming to your neighborhood.”

On Sunday’s episode of Fox and Friends, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy went to even more bizarre lengths to malign Biden. She began by regurgitating the tedious Fox News trope that Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president (video below):

“I look at this and I think ‘Wow. We had a president who was impeached over a phone call.’ This looks like a much more impeachable offense. If you ask me, I know that’s probably, technically it’s probably not, but when you look at what’s hurting America, when you look at the lack of leadership, and you wonder who are the people responsible for putting someone this incompetent, and frankly this, you know, mentally frail in this position?”

Note that the American people already made their judgment about that by overwhelmingly voting for Biden. And they had previously determined that it was Trump who doesn’t have the mental soundness to serve (according to a Fox News poll, no less). Also, Trump wasn’t impeached “over a phone call.” It was his treasonous effort to pressure the president of Ukraine to interfere in the U.S. election that resulted in the first of his two impeachments.

As for grounds to impeach Biden, Campos-Duffy admits that there aren’t any. (unlike Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is apparently even more ignorant of the Constitution than she is). But her craziness was just getting started.

“Of course the media and many people are saying – you had some people on your show this week who were saying it was Susan Rice and Obama and maybe Valerie Jarrett. I’m sorry, as a political spouse, I can’t help but look at Jill Biden, No one knew better his state of mind than Dr. Jill Biden. And if you ask me, the most patriotic thing Jill Biden could have done was tell her husband – to love her husband and not let him run in this mental state that he’s in. I think she failed the country as well.”

So now it’s all Jill Biden’s fault? Never mind that Campos-Duffy didn’t bother to cite a single example of any behavior by the President that would warrant such concerns. She still managed to place the blame on a woman, and one who is highly accomplished and respected.

However, Campos-Duffy never had any concerns about Melania Trump’s tolerance of her husband’s obvious cognitive deficiencies. After all, Donald Trump believed that stealth fighters are actually invisible, that windmills cause cancer, that we should nuke hurricanes, that George Washington’s Army took over airports, and that injecting bleach will cure COVID.

Melania never said a single word about any of that. Clearly she is not a patriot and is responsible for all of the harm that Trump caused during his four years of non-stop incoherence, ignorance, incompetence, and raging hostility. Is too late to impeach her?

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The Victim-In-Chief? Fox News ‘Feels for’ Trump’s ‘Pain and Frustration’

Poor, poor Donald Trump. He’s the President of the United States of America, but apparently is as weak and impotent as a barnyard hog in a coma. He puts on airs of being a dominant alpha male, but whines like a colicky infant whenever he doesn’t get his way. He literally bragged that he is the most fabulous whiner.” It’s a pitiful situation wherein this co-called “leader” needs to get sympathy from talking headcases on television.

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Donald Trump

That’s what happened on Sunday morning as Fox News became the provider of consolation for our despondent wannabe despot. The “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends were so emotionally moved by the plight of Trump’s decisive electoral defeat that they found it necessary to relieve themselves of the inner aching they felt for the Commander-in-Grief. It went something like this (video below):

Rachel Campos-Duffy: I just feel for the President. I see the pain and the frustration. You do everything you’re supposed to do. You run the country well. You campaign your heart out, while the other guy’s in a basement. Then in the end, fraud and shenanigans at the local level, you’re robbed. We’ve all been robbed because when the elections don’t go well, when there’s fraud, when there’s these kinds of shenanigans, we all lose.
Pete Hegseth: Yeah. Frustrated, but remains undeterred. He called it rigged, a sham, a shame, a couple of times. He said ‘I worry about the country having an illegitimate president.’ And if 77% of Republicans and Trump supporters believe the election was stolen, where do you go from there?

Oh, the sorrow of this pitiful, unfortunate, Leader of the Free World. Never mind that Campos-Duffy’s characterization of Trump as having “done everything,” and “run the country well,” wasn’t shared by a majority of the American people. And set aside that Joe Biden’s campaign, for whatever flaws you might assign to it, was victorious. And don’t bother trying to justify the claims of “fraud and shenanigans” because there simply isn’t any evidence of it (Trump’s legal team lost in court 59 times so far for that very reason). These bootlicking sycophants still regard Trump – and America – as having been robbed.

In addition to the flood of empathy pouring out of these sensitive Fox Newsers, Trump himself is tormented by his tragic circumstance. He poured out to Fox’s Brian Kilmeade in yet another suck up “interview” on the network that Trump loves to hate and that some are now accusing of being complicit in the “Deep State” conspiracy to destroy Trump. He whined that…

“No judge has had the courage – including the Supreme Court – I am so disappointed in them. No judge has had the courage – including the Supreme Court of the United States has had the courage to allow it to be heard. The Supreme Court, all they did was say we don’t have standing. So they’re saying, essentially, the President of the United States, and Texas, and these other states, great states, they don’t have standing. They didn’t go into the evidence. If you would look at the evidence – thousands of pages of evidence – we have over a thousand affidavits from people that saw tens of thousands of ballots. But here’s the point: They’re winning these things on little technicalities, like a thing called standing. They’re saying the President of the United States does not have standing.”

Actually, many courts have heard Trump’s case, but then dismissed it because it was lacking in evidence and legal reasoning. And “standing” is not a “little technicality.” It is core principle of the law that requires a plaintiff to establish damage and/or loss. That means that, not only is the evidence considered, but also the claim that what the evidence shows produced tangible harm. Not a single court had found any of that.

What’s more, Trump seems to think that he should have standing just because he’s the President. That’s another example of his laughably poor grasp of elementary legal concepts. Plus, you have to wonder why Trump failed to produce any of the evidence he is crowing about in a courtroom. Most likely because it has no validity and would be tossed out, even by the Republican-appointed judges who have already ruled against him.

What Trump is demonstrating so plainly is that his facade of manliness is as fake as his invisible healthcare plan or his Mexican financed border wall. And despite his insistence that he is smarter than anyone in the known galaxy, he can’t even prevail over a rag-tag crew of jelly-bellied socialists. He’s having trouble facing the fact that he was outsmarted and beaten decisively by a candidate that he portrayed as “sleepy” and “unfit to serve.” So the question then is: What does that make Trump?

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Fox News Badgers Trump’s Chief of Staff Mulvaney to Take Even More Extreme Positions on the Wall

It’s day seven of the Trump Shutdown, and Fox News is determined to hold Trump’s feet to the fire. Not for his responsibility for creating this havoc and hurting hundreds of thousands of Americans. But to insure that he doesn’t bend on the radical principles that Fox News holds dear.

Fox News, Donald Trump Baby

On Friday morning Fox and Friends interviewed Trump’s Acting (one of many) Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney (video below). For the most part it was a friendly get together among like-minded Trump shills. However, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes were fired up over the possibility that the President might commit the unforgivable crime of compromising with Democrats in Congress.

Mulvaney tried repeatedly to characterize the Democrats as having “left Washington” to avoid the debate on Trump’s idiotic and useless vanity wall. But this Congress is still run by Republicans. They control whether the Congress stays in session or not. And it is Republicans who made the decision to stop working until next year. Democrats had no say in the matter.

Yet Mulvaney still accused Nancy Pelosi of orchestrating the shutdown and leaving town because she doesn’t want to appear weak. That’s a classic case of projection when it’s Trump who is transparently afraid of looking weak in the eyes of Fox News. Both houses of Congress had previously agreed on funding bills to keep the government of open. But then Trump was triggered by Fox News reports that he was breaking his promise to build a wall. And even though he also promised that Mexico would pay for it, he still felt it necessary to punish American taxpayers by shutting down the government.

What stood out in the interview was the ferocity of the Foxies in pushing Mulvaney to take ever more extreme positions on the wall and the shutdown created to force it down the nation’s throat. Here are the questions that Mulvaney was hectored with by the Fox crew::

Pete Hegseth: He says he’ll close it all down because of these ridiculous immigration laws. Is he willing to go that far?

Mulvaney replied that Trump is willing to go all the way. We’ll see. But it was predictable that the first question was so full of anti-immigrant bias.

Hegseth: It was $25 billion dollars was possibly on the table. Now it’s five […] Mr. Mulvaney, a lot of Trump supporters feel like five is already a compromise, $5 billion. So to now float out there $2.5, $2.7, wouldn’t that look like a cave on this key issue.

Mulvaney surprisingly admitted that the $25 billion figure was “smoke and mirrors.” And the only real “cave” here is Trump to Fox News.

Griff Jenkins: Hold on. The American people wanted a wall. What deal then now is President Trump willing to accept that is anything short of that wall?

According to Mulvaney, nothing. “That’s why the government is closed.” As for what the American people want, a new poll by Reuters/Ipsos shows that only thirty-five percent said they backed including money for the wall in a congressional spending bill. And only twenty-five percent said they supported Trump shutting down the government for it.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: But let me ask this. We’re talking about money – $5 billion, $1.5 billion, $2.7 billion. Why isn’t there other things on the table? DACA for example. Is that being negotiated?

Mulvaney said that it is, but there’s no evidence of that from the White House. Plus it would be atrocious for Trump to exploit DACA applicants as bargaining chips for a wall nobody wants (even though he’s done that before).

Hegseth: Mr. Director, Nancy Pelosi calls the wall immoral ineffective, and expensive. We know it’s effective. We know $5 billion is not expensive in Washington dollars. In taxpayer real dollars we know it is. But the morality of it. Tell that to the family of Corporal Singh. Tell that to the family of Kate Steinle. The moral thing to do is to keep it shut down until you get a wall. Trump supporters are going to expect that. How attuned are you to the reality that a compromise that makes it look like Republicans are cavin’ again – Here we go. Democrats always … No. That is a real thing that has to be factored in.

Mulvaney insists that “We’re not compromising.” But this question was loaded with bigotry and lies. There are no credible experts that believe the wall would be effective. Most undocumented immigrants came legally through border checkpoints. And by raising the Singh and Steinle issues, Hegseth is once again implying that all immigrants are potentially murderers. The facts show that immigrants commit crimes a lower rates than American-born citizens. So Hegseth shouldn’t be talking about “the moral thing to do,” especially since he opposes all reasonable gun reforms to prevent the massacres of American citizens by American citizens.

Hegseth: The President’s floated the nuclear option. Is that a possibility in the Senate?

“I wish all options were open,” said Mulvaney. But even Mitch McConnell has ruled this out.

Campos-Duffy: If he’s there, why doesn’t he do an Oval Office address? […] Why isn’t he using all the tools at his disposal?

On this Mulvaney fired back saying that Trump knows what he’s doing, and how to do it, better than they do. Because Dear Leader is infallible and only wants to protect his weak and frightened children.

And that’s what passes for a fair and balanced interview on Fox News. The program’s hosts badger their guest with opinionated viewpoints aimed at pushing him toward their radical perspectives. And the guest complies with answers that feed right into the craziness of their right-wing agenda. But in the end none of this matters because Trump will only tweet something that contradicts them and himself and makes no sense. And his glassy-eyed cult followers will lap it up like gruel and be grateful for whatever morsels he tosses to them.

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Fox News Freak Out: Host Says of Democrats that ‘We’ve Always Known they Were Socialists’

Now that the 2018 election is over, and the “Blue Wave” has swept more Democrats into office than at any time since Watergate, the 2020 election is lining up at the starting gate. Democrats have much to be hopeful for considering the historically low approval ratings of Donald Trump (who has never managed to reach 50%) and the Senate map that has twice as many Republican Nationalists defending their seats as Democrats.

Fox News, Donald Trump Baby

This of course means that Fox News is already chomping at the bit to canonize Trump and malign Democrats. And nowhere more than Trump’s favorite Fox program, Fox and Friends, is the mudslinging perched at the ready to attack. On Sunday’s episode of the melodrama that Fox passes off as “news,” the “Curvy Couch” potatoes were on the edge of their sofa with excitement at the prospect of smearing those pesky liberals who won by a massive majority three weeks ago. They began by featuring a tweet thread by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) wherein he rejected the notion that Democrats would engage in a fight between moderates and progressives. But then the Foxies ignored that and rattled off their own bitterly partisan narrative.

Co-host Pete Hegseth demonstrated his low comprehension skills by insisting that the 2020 Democratic nominee for president is going to be “a far-left progressive.” Never mind that the Democrats could nominate noted conservative Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and the GOP would still label him as a far left radical. Republicans aren’t interested in honest assessments, only what they think will have a negative electoral impact. But then co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy (a former cast member on MTV’s The Real World, and wife of GOP congressman Sean Duffy) let loose what the GOP really believes (video below):

“A lot of people mocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I think the moment she came out and proud as a socialist, and caused the other members of the caucus – all of them basically took their masks off and said ‘Yep. We’re there too.’ We’ve always known they were socialists. So I think what’s really important here is that 2020 is gonna be an honest election between socialism and American capitalism.”

Really? Campos-Duffy actually thinks that all of the Democrats who might run for president in 2020 are masked socialists? However, she and her Fox News comrades have known it all along. That’s actually an accurate representation of Fox’s long held bias that has earned them the State TV label that was recently affirmed by the discovery that Fox’s former president, Bill Shine, now works for Trump is being paid simultaneously by both.

What’s more, notice how Campos-Duffy characterizes capitalism as “American,” but leaves off any such judgment of patriotism when she mentions socialism. That’s typical of Fox News and the right who routinely ignore the fact that many of the core principles of American society are rooted in socialism. That includes everything from public libraries and schools to Medicare and Social Security.

Campos-Duffy went on to say that she hopes Democrats nominate a progressive, which she said “means socialist.” Co-host Griff Jenkins then chimed in to say that the 2018 election proved that there are no “blue dog” Democrats who are moderates or conservatives. And of course, Hegseth agreed saying that “You’re totally right. And there will be no more ‘code talk,'” by which he meant Democrats hiding their clandestine socialist conspiracy.

But they are deliberately misleading their willfully ignorant audience. The Democratic Party is far more diverse in every way than the Republican Nationalists, and that includes political ideology. In fact, there are even many right-leaning Democrats who Fox News has been crowing about for their opposition to Nancy Pelosi as the next Speaker of the House. So they are contradicting their own narratives.

Whoever the next Democratic nominee for president is, it will be someone who far surpasses the flagrantly idiotic, racist, narcissistic, criminal, treasonous, rage-aholic, fear fetishist who is occupying the White House now. And if it’s someone who recognizes the benefits of broad ideologies – including socialism – it will be the will of the people that got that person the nomination. And, hopefully, the White House. It’s called democracy. Get used to it Republicans, because your authoritarian, gerrymandering, voter suppressing ways are coming to an end.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.