FOX NEWS IS APPALLED that Trump Quoting Hitler Might Get More Press than a Selfie Sex Video

What constitutes “news” these days has had a stark transformation from what is generally considered matters of consequence to the public at large, to tabloid trash and titillating gossip. and much of that shift can be attributed directly to Fox News and other right-wing outlets that have abandoned facts in favor of partisan propaganda.

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Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler

This week Fox News reestablished itself as the leading perpetrator of this redefinition of what is regarded as newsworthy. Their devotion to the debasement of the press was on full display during a segment of Fox and Friends that sought to make a distinction between two current events competing for attention. And true to form, Fox managed to make a mess of the whole matter in manner that was typical of their predictably ludicrous news judgment. After all, it is the same network that celebrates an annual “War on Christmas.”

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The segment that aired on Saturday (video below) tried to juxtapose stories that had no rational connection anywhere but in the minds of perverse Fox Newsers. One story was about a selfie sex video that was making the rounds on social media. It featured an aide to Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin, who was quickly fired. The other story was about Donald Trump quoting Adolf Hitler, a repugnant historical figure for whom Trump has previously expressed admiration.

The segment began with co-host Will Cain playing a clip of Trump’s Hitler citation at his recent cult rally in New Hampshire, where he was distorting data (i.e. lying) on immigration and demeaning refugees…

Trump: “We’ve get a lot of work to do. They’re poisoning the blood of our country. That’s what they’ve done. They’ve poisoned mental institutions and prisons all over the world. Not just in South America, not just the three or four countries that we think about, but all over the world.”

The phrase “poisoning the blood of our country” was one that was used frequently by Hitler and his Nazi confederates. For the leading candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for president to be embracing that rhetoric is abhorrent and frightening. But that wasn’t what Cain was upset about. He continued…

Cain: “The mainstream media is going to talk about this. They already are. It’s going to take over everything. ‘Poison the blood of our country’ when talking about illegal immigration. In fact, the Biden-Harris administration has already jumped all over it. They said the following…

Biden Spokesman: ‘Tonight, Donald Trump channeled his role models as he parroted Adolf Hitler, praised Kim Jong un, and quoted Vladimir Putin, while running for president on a promise to rule as a dictator and threaten American democracy. He is betting he can win this election by scaring and dividing the country. He’s wrong.’

Cain: “The reason I bring up those two stories to you, is I thought and I think it should be a big deal that we’re talking about what happened in the Senate hearing chamber. And I think what we’re going to do, I think what’s going to happen here for the next couple of days is we’re going to latch on to three words that Donald Trump said, and it’s going to drive the news cycle.”

That’s right! What Fox News thinks is a “big deal” is the video made by a lowly (and horny) senate staffer who has already been fired and has no impact whatsoever on the nation. And they are deeply disturbed that that petty, but provocative, video might be swept aside by the video of the aspiring authoritarian Trump employing fascist hate speech. On a legitimate news network a potential president who embraces fascism would deserve far more than a “couple of days” of the news cycle.

Fox News has provided an outstanding example of their priorities and those of the Republican Party. They aim to elevate pseudo-scandalous nonsense to crisis levels, while being casually dismissive of prospective dictatorships. And that should stir fear in the hearts and minds of the American people because that’s precisely how such dictatorships come to pass.


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Big Baby Trump Whines to Fox News that Reporter ‘Maggot’ Haberman Revealed His Poor Potty Training

The severely stunted emotional maturity of Donald Trump continues to be on display with each new temper tantrum he throws. This is the same colicky man-baby who has been whining that they wanna put me in jail, just because he has committed so many crimes. But then he has also been known to brag that he is, in his own words, the most fabulous whiner.”

Donald Trump, Mask, Fox News

On Saturday morning Trump phoned in to his favorite Fox News morning propaganda program, Fox and Friends, to unleash another half hour of uninterrupted griping. In this episode the of Trump Tirade he was especially worked up about a book by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman: Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.” Among the early excerpts being released is one about how Trump’s aides found that the White House toilets were sometimes clogged due to papers that he had tried to flush down. This report comes on the heels of the news that he had absconded from the White House with boxes of documents – some of which were classified Top Secret – that he was legally obligated to have turned over to the National Archives.

During the Fox News segment co-host Will Cain prefaced his own question for Trump as being “completely out of touch with the American people.” And as far as Fox News viewers go, that would be true, because Fox has almost entirely ignored the story about Trump’s flagrant violation of the Presidential Records Act. This led to the following exchange (video below):

Cain: The big take away is that you have ripped up papers and flushed them down the toilet. What is your reaction on what you’re hearing on other mainstream media channels in this book by Maggie Haberman?
Trump: Yeah it’s fake news and she’s a fake writer. She got a Pulitzer Prize for Russia, Russia, Russia, and then they found out it was a hoax.

For the record, the Pulitzer Prize winning articles Trump is referencing were never alleged to be hoaxes by anyone other than Trump, who once impotently demanded that the awards be revoked. However, Trump does seem to have moderated his infantile insults aimed at Haberman since yesterday when he called her “Maggot” Haberman. Apparently Trump has an insolent seven year old writing his trash-talking points. But Trump wasn’t finished ranting…

“it’s a totally false story. She made it up. I don’t believe they have sources. Who is going to be a source for that anyway? Who would know that? There is no source. They make it up. You know, they oftentimes, these fake writers like her, they act like they know me, like she knows me. I haven’t spoken to her in a very, very long time. She knows me no better than any other writer. They write books like they know and then they make things like that up. There would be no way of her knowing if it were the fact. There would be no way of her understanding that or knowing it. But it’s a totally fake story made up by her.”

Trump is clearly obsessed. In this brief harangue, he babbled that the story was either “fake” or “made up” nine times. So obviously it’s true. What’s more, he is apparently incapable of grasping the notion that toilets clogged with papers are noticeable, and anyone observing them can report it to the press. There have already been verified reports of Trump illegally ripping up papers and throwing them in the trash or in “burn bags” to be destroyed. The taped-together evidence is currently in the possession of the National Archives.

Trump always telegraphs the fears that he is most consumed with at any given time. He will focus on them intensely and repeat them incessantly. This week that appears to be the case with these stories about his illegal mishandling of classified materials. But his fixations on the 2020 election, or the January 6th insurrection, or his tax and financial fraud, or his sexual predation, or any number of other legal and moral offenses over which he has presided, could rise to the top of his diseased mind on a moments notice. He has so many from which to chose.

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FAST AND FURIOUS! Fox News is Already Lying to Their Cult Viewers that the Omicron Variant is Fake

This didn’t take long. Less than 48 hours after the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was reported, Fox News has begun their disinformation campaign to make sure that their already dimwitted viewers remain ignorant and at risk.

Fox News, Covid

On Saturday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes engaged in a discussion about the COVID pandemic and the new variant spreading rapidly in South Africa and elsewhere:

Rachel Campos-Duffy: The answer is more lockdowns, more lockdowns. More fear. And therefore, he doesn’t have to do his job of fixing the supply chain because we’ll just keep this whole thing going.
Will Cain: Always a new variant.
Pete Hegseth: Count on a variant about every October, every two years.
Cain: You’re probably right. However, they could speed up the variants. They could come more quickly.
Hegseth: [mimicking phone call] We’re gonna need a new variant here.

So according to these sick and sociopathic Super-spreaders, the Omicron variant is fake. Never mind that it is an international threat affirmed by science. To Fox it’s just a plot by President Biden and Democrats to control Americans. They apparently think it would be a good move politically to shut down businesses and schools; to throw people out of work after achieving the lowest number of unemployment filings in more than fifty years; and to cripple the economy that has been booming ever since Biden was inaugurated. With success like that these Fox News numbskulls think that Biden is now conspiring to put an end to all of it.

And yet, while the Omicron variant is fake to these Fox News pea-brains, over on the alleged “news” side of Fox, where fear mongering is job one, they found a way to treat it as a real threat: Blame it on immigrants. So now a “caravan” of Omicron-infected refugees are headed for the border. The bigotry emanating from Fox is just too predictable.

There is a multilevel idiocy to these remarks. First of all, Fox News has been at the forefront of COVID disinformation from the very start. Consequently, they are responsible for more people being unvaccinated. Studies show that Fox News viewers are significantly trailing viewers of other media in getting vaccinated. Additionally, most recent COVID deaths have been concentrated in red states and counties where Fox News is most viewed.

And if that weren’t bad enough, there is also the psychotic view among the cult of Fox News viewers – who are also Trump cult members – that the vaccines don’t even work. But by remaining unvaccinated they are actually increasing the chances for new and more dangerous variants to form.

And if even that weren’t bad enough, the very same people who believe the virus and the vaccines are all hoaxes by Democrats for reasons they can’t explain, also believe that Donald Trump deserves credit for the vaccines. Former Trump White House staffer, Stephen Miller was on Fox News Saturday saying that…

“If President Trump was still in office, by the way, we’d already have modified vaccines to deal with the new variants. Which is a great point. President Trump brought us vaccines in record time, which he made voluntary, not mandatory. And he’d have updates too.”

Really? Miller seems to think that Trump would have come up with a modified version of the vaccine before the new variant was even discovered. But he would still not advocate for people to get vaccinated because … FREEDUMB!

For the record, Biden has not made vaccines mandatory. He just highly recommends them and requires that people who choose not to get vaccinated be tested weekly. That’s a less strict policy than the one that Fox News imposes on their employees (including the Fox and Friends gang), where testing for the unvaccinated is required daily.

Fox News is continuing to breed the sort of ignorance that is getting people killed and preventing a return to some sense of normalcy. They are spreading lies intended to make life more difficult because they believe that it will harm Biden and help Trump. And their callousness with regard to all of the people who will suffer and die due to their political self interests is reprehensible. But that has always been the mission of Fox News, and it isn’t going to change. The rest of us will just have work harder to make sure they don’t succeed.

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Fox News Exploits Colin Powell’s Death to Fear Monger About Breakthrough COVID Cases

America’s most notoriously pro-COVID cable “news” network, Fox News, is demonstrating just how grossly callous they can be in pursuit of their reprehensible political agenda. There’s a reason that the current state of the coronavirus in the United States can be accurately called the Fox News Pandemic.

Fox News, Covid

On Monday morning it was announced that former Secretary of State Colin Powell had died. The cause of death was revealed by his family as complications from COVID-19. Sec. Powell is now another tragic statistic of a viral plague that has resulted in more than 700,000 deaths and brought grief to millions of American families.

So leave it to Fox News to leap on this announcement in a way that manipulates it in order to bleed some smarmy partisan gain out of it. On Monday’s episode of Fox and Friends, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes couldn’t let this personal misfortune go by without profiting from it politically. Co-host Will Cain offered a perverse eulogy that furthered Fox’s mission to increase the death toll from COVID (video below). After reporting Powell’s demise, Cain said that…

“There will also be conversations about the fact that he was fully vaccinated according to his family and he died from complications from COVID. We are beginning to see statistics like this grow in frequency. We know that the vaccine does wane over time and its ability to protect you from, not just transmission and infection, but from severe complications and hospitalization, and obviously death as well.” [adding that] “all of us are at potential risk.”

Aside from being profoundly disrespectful to the passing of Powell, this is nothing but pure scare tactics to create more of the doubt and hesitancy about vaccines that Fox News has been disseminating since they became available. It is servile conformity to Donald Trump’s anti-vax alt-facts.

Fox News is lying that “statistics like this grow in frequency.” The truth is that deaths from breakthrough cases are extremely rare. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there have been about 7,000 such fatalities out of more than 187 million vaccinated Americans. That’s about 0.0037%. Not exactly a threat that suggests that “all of us are at potential risk.” To the contrary, it underscores how effective the vaccines are.

Fox also failed to mention that Powell, who was 85 years old, was also diagnosed previously with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that weakens the body’s ability to protect against infections. These are conditions that put him at greater risk. But Cain wasn’t finished with his dishonest fear mongering. He continued with what he falsely said were “the implications on everyday Americans…”

“The family has made a point on their post on Facebook this morning that Colin Powell was fully vaccinated. And as Americans out there wonder what lies ahead for them and they search and they need truth moving forward, we’re seeing data from across the world. We’re seeing data from Europe, from the United Kingdom, the fully-vaccinated people are being hospitalized and fully-vaccinated are dying from COVID. And here we have a very high-profile example that is going to require more truth, more truth from our government, from our health leaders as well.”

Once again, Cain is repeating the deceitful implication that “fully-vaccinated people are dying” in order to frighten Fox’s already panicky viewers. He also baselessly implies that government and healthcare leaders are being insufficiently truthful. And he goes even further to criticize rational measures to mitigate the pandemic, including mandates for vaccination such as the one that is place at Fox News.

Fox News couldn’t wait even a single day before launching this political exploitation of Powell’s death. They are single-mindedly focused on telling tales of terror to keep their audience shivering and glued to their rancid rhetoric. Consequently, they weren’t about to miss out on this fleeting opportunity to stir dread and doubt among their dimwitted devotees.

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Fox News Freaks Out Over New Legos that ‘Could Have Been Designed By David Duke’

Here we go again. Fox News is so desperate for tales of atrocities caused by the “soshalest libruls” that they have to invent them themselves. And to keep their dimwitted viewers hooked on the narcotic of irrational, self-serving hatred, they need to make each successive “scandal” more preposterous than those that came before.

Fox News, Legos

As a follow up to ludicrous stories about the “canceling” of Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head, and the allegations that Vice-President Kamala Harris was peddling her books to migrant children, and President Biden’s sham marriage was exposed when he gave the First Lady a dandelion, we now have the horror of racist Legos. Fox’s Will Cain broke the story Friday with this chilling report that featured a chyron reading “The Left’s Push for Racial Division”

“Look at Lego. This is Lego’s newest line of diversity toys. This separation, the color coding, living up to every stereotype from hair style to skin color. It looks like it could have been designed by David Duke. This is the opposite of Martin Luther King’s dream for America.

OMG! Legos have burrowed so deeply into American culture from their Scandinavian haven of liberalism that they are now able to launch their long-planned plot to destroy America from within. And they are attacking us at our weakest link – our children – attempting to turn them into Klan Kids with their new set of toys bearing the deceptive theme of “Everyone Is Awesome.”

There’s just one problem with Cain’s breakthrough reporting. It’s total bullpucky! The new Legos set was actually designed to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ community. As reported by real journalists at the Guardian…

“The colours of the stripes were chosen to reflect the original rainbow flag, along with pale blue, white and pink representing the trans community, and black and brown to acknowledge the diversity of skin tones and backgrounds within the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Other than that, Fox News was right on the mark, and well on their way to saving the world from … well, whatever nightmare is currently drilling holes into their diseased brains. And you know for sure that if Fox News has gotten so worked up about these wayward Legos, they’re gonna have uncontrollable fits when they hear about what Kellogg’s Cereal is up to

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Fox News Host Says Election Should Be Overturned Even If That’s Illegal

The absurdity of Donald Trump’s resistance to Joe Biden’s decisive victory has long since departed from the realm of sanity. His tedious, factless rants about an alleged “election hoax” (everything he doesn’t like is a hoax) are based on nothing but his delusional psychoses. He has a dysfunctional relationship with reality that is decaying more by the hour.

Donald Trump, Mask, Fox News

It doesn’t help matters that Trump is actively enabled by his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News). And on Monday morning the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends leapt into the election hoax fray with one of their most idiotic arguments in support of Trump’s electoral denialism. Co-host Will Cain weighed in on Trump’s abysmal record of lawsuits contesting the election, for which he currently has a win/loss ratio of 1 in 38. Cain said that…

“I think what’s happening here is we are quickly moving towards a political case being made, meaning the Trump team is talking to state legislators in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and we know today in Arizona as well, attempting to make their case. There may not be enough evidence for a court system, but there should be enough evidence for state legislators to change their electors. Will they find more success there? We’ll soon find out.”

To be clear, Cain is arguing that even though Trump has been completely unable to make a legal case to overturn the election, it should be overturned anyway. This is typical of Trump’s legal strategy that seeks to steal the election by whining incoherently until he gets some weak-kneed jurist or state legislature to bend to his will. And he apparently has already succeeded in getting the bootlickers at Fox News to do so.

The courts have been merciless in their rulings against Trump, including by Republican appointed judges. Most recently a Pennsylvania judge dismissed a Trump lawsuit saying that…

“One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption, such that this Court would have no option but to regrettably grant the proposed injunctive relief despite the impact it would have on such a large group of citizens. That has not happened. Instead, this Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence.”

When brought before the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal, the appellate judge said that…

“Calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

The absence of proof, however, is of no concern to Trump or the Fox News flunkies who back him up no matter how ridiculous. They actually believe that they don’t need any legal justification for their attempted coup. So even after failing miserably on the legal front, they march straight ahead in an effort to persuade unethical, partisan politicians to ignore the law and install Trump as President for Life.

The audacity of an unqualified television pundit telling a national audience of easily persuaded simpletons that this mangling of the law is an acceptable path to empowering a wannabe dictator is irresponsible and dangerous. But it’s what Fox News was established to do from its inception. It’s just surprising that they have ended up doing it so obviously – and poorly.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Fox Nation: Historic Debacle At CNN

It has been well documented that Fox News is a disreputable enterprise that shuns any semblance of journalistic ethics. The most recent example, producing and airing an anti-Obama campaign-style video, perfectly demonstrates how far afield they are from a being legitimate news organization. Amongst the traits of Fox News that separate them from the pack is their tendency to attack their peers in the news business. That is almost unheard of from other cable networks, newspapers, or other outlets.

Fox Nation

Today Fox News continued in that vein by leaping on the Nielsen ratings reports for May 2012. To be sure, CNN’s ratings were dismal. But so were the ratings for Fox which declined double digits and notched a primetime low that they haven’t seen since 2008. Nevertheless, Fox reported only on CNN’s numbers and ignored their own sickly showing. And nowhere in their story did they note that the decline was primarily due to the inflated ratings in May 2011, when the killing of Osama Bin Laden, hurricanes in the Midwest, and Casey Anthony were dominating the airwaves.

That said, Fox is inadvertently correct about a debacle at CNN, but not the way they mean. CNN is suffering a decline in viewership that is historic mainly because they pioneered the concept of the 24 hour cable news network but are now languishing in last place. But if they are perplexed by the sorry turn of fate they have experienced in recent years it is only because of their own willful blindness to the circumstances that led to it.

When Fox News began to approach and overtake CNN in the ratings, CNN management made the foolish mistake of concluding that Fox’s success was related to their blatant conservative bias and abandonment of journalistic principles. While that was (and is) the model for Fox’s programming, that played only a small part in their success story. The real reason that Fox excelled was that they had switched the deck. They were not in any practical sense a news network. Their programming was (and is) closer to an entertainment channel than anything else. They feature shallow, sensationalistic stories that rely heavily on melodrama, controversy, emotion and sex – the main characteristics of soap operas and reality shows. And they decorate their broadcasts with flashy graphics and sound effects that would be more appropriate for game shows. That’s what draws their viewers in, and that is always more compelling than actual news content.

However, CNN panicked and decided that the way to compete with Fox was to emulate their right-wing partisanship and theatrics. Ironically, even Fox’s business network recognized that emulating Fox News was a losing strategy. Fox Business Network VP Kevin Magee sent a memo to his staff saying that…

“…the more we make FBN look like FNC the more of a disservice we do to ourselves. I understand the temptation to imitate our sibling network in hopes of imitating its success, but we cannot. If we give the audience a choice between FNC and the almost-FNC, they will choose FNC every time.”

CNN Tea PartyUnfortunately, no one at CNN could grasp that simple truth. Instead they installed Ken Jautz, a rabidly right-wing promoter, as it’s chief. Jautz was the man who gave Glenn Beck his first job in television. Then CNN went on a hiring binge that consisted of the most unsavory figures from Wingnutlandia including: Amy Holmes (of Glenn Beck’s GBTV), Will Cain (of Beck’s The Blaze), Erick Erickson (of the uber-conservative blog RedState), Dana Loesch (of Breitbart News and the Tea Party), and E.D. Hill, a former Fox anchor and Bill O’Reilly guest host, who is most famous for saying that a friendly fist bump between the President and the First Lady was really a “terrorist fist jab.”

CNN demonstrated its new found rightist perspective by producing programming that was straight out of the conservative PR playbook. They were the only cable news network to broadcast live Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party response to Obama’s State of the Union address. They co-sponsored a GOP primary debate with the corrupt Tea Party Express. They also co-sponsored a debate with the ultra-right-wing Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute.

For a network that claims to be the only truly neutral source for news, CNN has conspicuously failed to permit a representative from to respond to a presidential address, nor to co-host a debate with the Center for American Progress. They have navigated toward a full-on Foxification of the network without any pretense to objectivity or balance.

And what have they got for it? A steep collapse to last place in the ratings, an embarrassing forfeiture of credibility, a severe loss of viewer loyalty and respect, and the pleasure of becoming a target of Fox’s ridicule.

As a division of TimeWarner, CNN has the resources to brand itself as a powerhouse news provider. They have more domestic and international news bureaus than any television news enterprise. They have access to the talent and technology that could set them apart from their competitors. Yet they fail to take advantage of these assets. And worse, they squander them in the vain hope of being FoxLite.

That’s what I call an historic debacle. And it’s why CNN just posted their worst ratings in twenty years. It’s also why they are now seen as an object of sympathy as Fox News batters them in the ratings and in the press. The first step in rehabilitating themselves would be to recognize their problem and clean house. Then they would need to fight back. If they would aggressively hammer at Fox as a lightweight purveyor of lies in a flashy, soap opera package, they might just begin to recover some measure of pride and start their long trek back to legitimacy.

Liberal Media My Ass!

Nothing will make me happier than when the utterly delusional notion that the media in this country is liberal has been refuted, defeated, exterminated, and cremated.

While most observers are already aware of the fact-hating editorial policy of Fox News, at least they did fire Glenn Beck earlier this year (although only because his increasingly hysterical ravings were making them look bad). What people may not have noticed is that CNN is taking up Fox’s slack.

This morning on CNN viewers could have awakened to see two of Beck’s surrogates bloviating on the events of the day. Amy Holmes, an anchor on Beck’s GBTV was a guest commentator on Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz. A couple of hours later, Will Cain, a repoter for Beck’s The Blaze appeared on CNN’s Your Money.

For CNN to feature two representatives of Glenn Beck’s insignificant and failing Internet venture is unbelievable. Is that the best they could come up with? Was CNN unable to find any reputable commentators from distinguished networks, newspapers, or universities? Or maybe their attempts to book members of the John Birch Society fell through.

Elsewhere, NPR made news by firing the host of an opera program because she had taken part in an OccupyDC protest. According to NPR, Lisa Simeone was sacked because her activity “has the potential to compromise our reputation as an organization that strives to be impartial and unbiased.”

Mara LiassonNever mind that Simeone hosts a music program and does not cover politics or any other subject that could pose any kind of a conflict. Unlike NPR’s Mara Liasson who is a political reporter as well as a commentator on Fox News. Somehow NPR justifies Liasson’s fraternizing with Fox on matters that are explicitly political, but Simeone can’t introduce classical music after having exercised her Constitutional right to free speech on her own personal time.

Conservatives assail CNN as the Communist News Network due to their perception of it as unabashedly liberal. NPR is a perennial target of right-wingers in Congress who seek to defund what they considered to be a hopelessly biased mouthpiece for the left. At what point are these fallacies laid to rest? Do we really need any more proof than when CNN hosts two Glenn Beck flunkies on the same day, or NPR fires an opera program host because she is a liberal outside of work?

The Occupy Wall Street movement has done a great job of defining the 99% of Americans who are being rolled over by the !% of wealthy, corporate interests who are dominating our political culture. Something the Occupiers need to remember and focus on is that the media in this country is also wealthy and corporate, and they are Platinum members of the 1%. Wall Street firms and bankers spend billions on advertising and the media rewards them with positive coverage and the sort of ludicrous editorial decisions noted above. This needs to be addressed and corrected if we are to see any substantive improvement in the massive social and economic disparities that are threatening our nation’s welfare.