Jesse Watters Gets a Primetime Show from Fox News After His ‘Kill Shot’ Rant Against Dr. Fauci

After Donald Trump was evicted from the White House by 81 million American voters, there were some who speculated that Fox News might moderate their fetishistic, ultra-partisan, pro-Trump evangelism, and sprinkle a few facts among their rightist propaganda. And there was a time when that sort of naivete would have been considered cute.

Jesse Watters, Fox News

It’s been more than a year and Fox News has done nothing but accelerate their rabid conservatism. Since Trump became, as Biden calls him, the defeated former president,” Fox News has done stories by Tucker Carlson asserting that Trump’s January 6th insurrection was a “false flag” operation orchestrated by the FBI; viciously and falsely attacking the women of MSNBC; and comparing America’s foremost infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, to the sadistic Nazi, Josef Mengele.

That’s a small sampling of the fringe, right-wing radicalism that is the mainstay of Fox’s programming. And among the worst offenders is former Bill O’Reilly flunky, and current Trump-fluffer, Jesse Watters, who has been a co-host of Fox’s The Five, as well as the host of his own Saturday show, Watters’ World.’ He built his reputation at Fox by being a stalker/ambush “reporter.” And he suffered no repercussions for having an affair with a much younger subordinate, who he later left his wife and children for.

Now Fox has promoted Watters to a primetime weekday slot. Watters’ new show will fit in nicely with his primetime confederates Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, whose complicity with Trump’s criminal administration have recently been exposed.

What’s particularly nauseating about this promotion is that it appears to be a reward for what Watters said last month at the Turning Point USA conference. Watters directed the Trump cultists in the audience to seek out Dr. Fauci in public and, when they find him, to confront him aggressively saying…

“Now you go in with the kill shot. The kill shot with an ambush…deadly. Because with an ambush he doesn’t see it coming. […] BOOM! He is dead. He is dead.””

Those remarks resulted in widespread disgust from reputable journalists and concerned medical professionals, many of whom called for his immediate termination. The danger posed by crafting violent metaphors is real. There are zealots who will, and have, acted them out. But for Fox News it is cause for tribute and career enhancement. And it represents precisely the sort of ethical vacancy that Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch want their company to stand for.

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3 thoughts on “Jesse Watters Gets a Primetime Show from Fox News After His ‘Kill Shot’ Rant Against Dr. Fauci

  1. “The danger posed by crafting violent metaphors is real. There are zealots who will, and have, acted them out.”

    And it seems many of them have been viewers of FauxNotNews (FPN). Go figure, eh?
    ‘Haters’ who become shooters & killers obviously have a screw loose somewhere, to think that’s an acceptable way to handle their hate & anger. Right?
    Or, maybe the screw that comes loose is the nightly FauxNotNews screw?
    Like Trump himself, the Fox Propaganda Network (FPN) talking heads spew their hatred out to millions of viewers, who watch & hear lies that they think are “news”, from people they trust & whom they agree with about many things. For those same Faux (FPN) talking heads to even pretend that violence is an option, is NO joke! Even if 99 out of 100 viewers know doing violent acts out of hate, anger, is wrong, how many of their millions of viewers (1/100) does that leave who think it may be an option?!?
    Polls show that a sizable % of people believe violence may be necessary against our gov’t, to save the Country! When did that become an option?! Did I miss the memo? Oh yeah, I prob’ly did, since I don’t watch FauxSpews & their clones. (I prefer my news to be accurate & factual!)

    The violent rhetoric that spews from Fox & clones is dangerous to us all & must be clamped down on! Especially when calling oneself a news network! Promoting violence for any reason is dead wrong! We have to have TV & especially news standards + enforcement thereof! FauxNotNews has spawned others like it & will be more violence as well if something is not done – NOW! – to put a stop to that crap masquerading as “news”!
    (Is anyone in our gov’t listening?!?)

    • Senator Rand Paul, the obstetrician who thinks he’s a virologist, isn’t listening. Dr. Fauci accused him of inciting all “the crazies” saying that he received death threats. And one guy from Sacramento was driving to Washington DC when he got stopped for speeding. Said he wanted “to kill Dr. Fauci.” Had an AR-15 and ammunition in his car. Whenever he could get a word in edgewise due to the moronic screaming of Paul, Fauci put him through the mill saying he was using the pandemic for political and monetary gain. Rand Paul is an example of “our gov’t”.
      We should sic Dr. Fauci on Fox news, Jesse Watters.

      • Fauci is such a normally quiet man of science. But he sure held his own with Rand Paul — not easy to do, since Paul is following in the ways of Trump when it comes to outrageous lying. (There are those who think if something said is too “off base”, then it must be true, cuz’ “who’d make that stuff up?!”) The more outrageous, the better, is Trump & his Party’s template for lies now.
        The other thing Mr Paul has learned from Trump’s style of BS, is to just keep lying, louder & non-stop, so no one else is heard & they’ll give up trying. Therefore, dumber folks will think you “won”, so must be right.

        Pathetic that electeds, who should have manners fit for polite society, prefer to brawl like late-nite drunks at a bar! But then, look who their leader is — a man with none of the class & manners 1 would expect from the well-to-do. Quite the opposite, in fact. “The man ain’t got no culture.” And, like the malignant cancer that he is, he’s spreading & infecting all that he comes in contact with!
        The sheer fact that Rethuglicans in all walks of life would even consider putting Trump back in office to finish running Anerica into the dirt & to represent us(?!) on International stage, where all the other leaders have some sense of decorum & belong in polite society, formal dinners & such. And for 4 ugly yrs, we sent that big-mouth, vulgar, ugly & nasty buffoon!?! Rethugs want a repeat of all the shit from those 4yrs? Apparently, Yes!
        If so, “we” will get what we deserve & deserve what we get.

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