WASTED? Trump Jr’s Halting and Slurred Speech in Bizarre Video Attacking Biden is Painful to Watch

The new year has turned out to be an especially difficult time for Donald Trump’s crime family. They have been suffering through a series of personal and legal setbacks. First, his favorite propaganda outlet lost it’s biggest distributor when DirecTV announced that they would cease to carry the One America News Network. But that was just the start.

Donald Trump Jr

Trump’s legal woes were even more catastrophic. In an 8-1 ruling the Supreme Court rejected his efforts to suppress his White House records. The New York Attorney General took action to force him to testify in the real estate and tax fraud case. A Georgia district attorney requested a special grand jury to probe his efforts to intimidate state officials to overturn their election results. A bunch of his StormTrumpers (aka Oath Keepers) were indicted for seditious conspiracy for their roles in the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. And most recently, his daughter Ivanka has been asked to come before the House Select Committee investigating the insurrection.

With those burdens weighing on Daddy Trump, his sputtering spawn, Don Jr, took to Facebook to vent incoherently about President Biden. Unfortunately for him, the video he posted portrayed him in the most unflattering light imaginable. It was a pathetic mash of irrational ramblings that raised questions as to his sobriety and/or sanity. His speech was unnaturally halting, and he slurred his words like a besotted wretch. One has to wonder not just what caused this sickly behavior, but also what could have possessed him to post it (full video below, if you can stomach it):

“Can’t put Joe Biden in the same room with someone. He might let one rip. Guys, Joe Biden is what stands between us and a nuclear capable China? Joe Biden is the guy they’re gonna call at three in the morning if there’s a serious crisis with Russia?”

So Trump led off with a fart joke? Which was followed by a vague rhetorical question that sought to malign Biden’s ability to respond to a crisis. That’s pretty bold coming from someone who couldn’t complete a comprehensible sentence. Never mind that Biden has demonstrated both sound judgment and strength as tensions between Russian and Ukraine have escalated. Which is in sharp contrast to the reckless and irresponsible reactions posited by Republicans and Fox News pundits.

It seems obvious that Fox and the Trumpian GOP would like to see a war break out that would draw the U.S. into the battle. They are virtually goading Vladimir Putin into invading Ukraine by sending him the message that America under Biden is too weak to respond. It is a decidedly anti-American position that is dangerous, as well as insulting to our armed forces. But Fox News has been openly taking Putin’s side all along. And so has Donald Trump, who tweeted Monday morning that…

“What’s happening with Russia and Ukraine would never have happened under the Trump Administration. Not even a possibility!”

Of course not. Trump was Putin’s puppet. Why would Putin do anything to upset his mastery over the U.S. leader that was in his pocket? Trump likes to puff up his chest and claim to be a pillar of strength. The truth is, as his own communications director said, he was just putting on a show for Putin and would never challenge him.

To the contrary, Trump explicitly favored Putin, while deliberately sabotaging Biden. And now his progeny is delivering similar assaults on Biden for Putin’s pleasure. But Junior’s besotted demeanor doesn’t help him get his traitorous message out.

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12 thoughts on “WASTED? Trump Jr’s Halting and Slurred Speech in Bizarre Video Attacking Biden is Painful to Watch

  1. “Joe Biden is what stands between us and a nuclear capable China? ”

    Junior Mints managed to escape his well-deserved miscarriage and emerge into the light of day on 31 December 1977¹. China tested its first nuclear bomb on 16 October 1964, meaning that by the time the Trumpkin was spawned, China had had nuclear capability for 13 years, 2 months and 15 days. The first Chinese hydrogen bomb was tested on 17 June 1967, giving them thermonuclear capability for 10 years, 6 months and 14 days before the lesser of two weevils popped up. He has never known a world in which China lacked nuclear capability. That plane has sailed, that ship has flown, that pig has escaped the barn and the horse has fled the sty. Oh, and he was probably stoned out of his gourd.

    ¹A day which should live in infamy.

    • “Facts are stupid things!” Ronald Reagan, the fairy tale

  2. I’ve been in enough bar’s in my youth to recognize a totally, obnoxious, spit slurring idiot. The kind of person you try to avoid at all costs, trying to move to the other end of the bar to get away from him. He doesn’t even realize how embarrassing he really is which says a lot for how far down into his addiction he is. Someone needs to intervene and help this guy, but then again, everyone around him are probably doing the exact same things… WOW!!!

  3. We can translate for all your visitors, Mark. 🙂

  4. If Dad wasssh shtill running things, he would giftwrap Ukraine forUnca Vlad…

    • Yeshh, he shlure would. Notice that Trump hasn’t criticized Putin about this current threat to Ukraine.

  5. Looks like alcohol to me. Hopefully he’s laying off the coke.

  6. My God, this joke of a human being is calling the first legitimate and intelligent President since Obama a CLOWN? He is the epidemy of the racist, bigoted, smug and immoral trash that comprise the Republican Party. The Grand Old Party? I suppose he is the perfect spokesperson for the scum.

  7. Oh man, I HOPE there’s more of these to come, maybe the Cult-Sheepies will wake up. I’ve been to biker parties where the men have been better behaved and not even close to being that pissed/stoned/ whacked out. You were right, Mark – I only managed one view because it was such a majorly pathetic sight. And he led off with a fart joke….after being around Daddy’s bestie Rudy who allegedly never STOPS farting in public?

  8. Wow, just wow. I can get past someone being sloshed, though I don’t think it’s a good way to live, especially if you’re in the public light, but he doesn’t make any sense – at all. He’s completely deluded and actively trying to delude anyone who would listen. Most embarrassing was his failed analysis of President Biden, especially in comparison to daddy the predecessor. I didn’t see anything wrong with Joe in the video or what Jr. tried to make of it. The other day I read that he is actually a consideration for the job of president… That whole family is a prime example of why abortion needs to remain legal and accessible, to prevent such evil idiots from coming out and bothering the rest of us with their nonsense. What more proof do we need? And with that they serve a purpose. Although, they came from the spoiled, wealthy side of life who think they’re doing the rest of us a favor merely by their presence.

  9. Glad I don’t have to live with the knowledge that at the age of 43, I’m still considered a “child”, whose only value to the world is being the child of my twice-impeached, evil, racist father. Must be quite a trip to be a coke-head drunk with no career, and no adult responsibilities.

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