Eric Trump Tells the Truth on Fox News About His Lazy Father Who ‘Sat There 24 Hours a Day’

There has been a raging debate in the metaverse about who is the dumber spawn of Donald Trump. Is it Don Jr, who recently attacked President Biden in a video wherein he appeared to be totally wasted? Or is it Eric, who recently whined about getting “subpoena after subpoena,” and then took the fifth Amendment 500 times when he was deposed by New York Attorney General Letitia James?

Donald Trump, Toilet, Bathrobe

It’s a tough call. But Eric isn’t wasting any time trying to beat his older brother out for the dishonor of stupidest Trump progeny. To that end, Eric appeared on the new Jesse Watters Primetime program on Fox News. As is required by contract, he lashed out against Biden and the Democrats in a tirade that sought to compare them to his allegedly workaholic father. Eric said of the Democrats that…

“These people are not present. They’re not fighting for this country. The difference between them and my father, my father sat there 24 hours a day and fought for the United States’ best interests. These people are not fighting. They’ve got no energy. They’ve got no charisma. They have no fight.”

WHUT? First of all, let’s note that the Democrats who Eric is maligning for having “no energy” are the same Democrats that he and the right routinely condemn as being ruthless and relentless defilers of American freedoms. Apparently they are more energetic when trying to destroy the world. But more to the point, Eric’s assertion that his father “sat there 24 hours a day” is actually correct, but not in the way that he intended.

Donald Trump did sit around most of the day. He engaged in what his aides euphemistically called “Executive Time.” Leaked records from Trump’s White House reveal that he spent 60% of his time binge watching right-wing TV, calling the Fox News hosts who served as his shadow cabinet, and rage-tweeting. That was when he wasn’t ranting incoherently at his cult rallies or golfing.

Eric’s wife Lara, a Fox News contributor, spun the same ludicrous tales about Daddy Trump’s vigorous avoidance of work. “I’m old enough to remember,” she lied, “when we had a president who worked all day everyday for the American people.” So apparently she’s old enough to remember all the way back to President Obama.

The Trump family aren’t the only ones spewing revisionist history about the elder Don. His press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, also visited with Jesse Watters to deliver obvious falsehoods about Trump’s utterly fictional work ethic. She began by casting Trump as a heroic figure who dared to personally challenge the evil coronavirus:

“I worked for a former President, President Trump, who did get COVID-19. Jesse, those were scary times. Because a vaccination wasn’t available at the time. There were therapeutics. But President Trump, we took precautions, you could not stop that man. He knew he was working for the American people getting out on the campaign trail. It was just a much different atmosphere.”

Indeed, you couldn’t stop Trump from infecting guests at White House events, holding massive super-spreader rallies, and even participating in a presidential debate after just testing positive for COVID. However, McEnany contradicted her own characterization of Trump as “working for the American people” by specifying that he was “out on the campaign trail.” That is, by definition, working for his own self-interest.

Trump is irrefutably the laziest president in American history. But there is an argument to be made that the nation benefited from his sloth. Had he been more active, he would have produced more harm. The only pursuits that stimulated him were his perpetual grifting and his post-presidency promulgation of the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged.” So here’s hoping that his lethargy continues and advances as time goes on.

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6 thoughts on “Eric Trump Tells the Truth on Fox News About His Lazy Father Who ‘Sat There 24 Hours a Day’

  1. I am not sure what world these jerks live in, but the sad thing is, their glassy eyed, moronic cult will believe every word they said.

  2. The “cult of imbecility” works hard at maintaining their loyalty to a man who’s done all he can to work AGAINST this Country & the American People. One might say that they’re as UN-American as the total asshole they worship, as if he were a god. Which he’s NOT! He is a dirty, rotten conman & nothing more. But, members of his cult can’t even consider that they’ve been conned, big time. They’ve lost their ability to think rationally at all! So they’ll continue to believe & support whatever shit he says & does, rather than admit they got played for fools.

  3. I only have one thing to say to Eric Trump, Do you think your Daddy is “charismatic”? The bloated, obese man with an orange face? The one who brings out the worst in those ignorant enough to follow him? I, for one, wish he would just go away.

    • You have plenty of company from those of us still able to think for ourselves. It just takes a modicum of rational, clear-thinking, to see him for what he is & the harm he gleefully causes others, with no ability to feel remorse. (Sociopath.) No one in their right-mind would even consider letting him near the WH ever again! The only house he belongs in is “The Big House”… a.k.a. the “Graybar Motel”! (With a cellie called, ” Big Bubba”, preferably.)
      Alas, his over-blown ego won’t let him ” just go away”; gotta’ wait for him to die & then, he’ll be made a martyr by his ” cult of imbecility” & some especially dirty Rethugs who aspire to be just like him. So gross! Guantanamo has plenty of room for him & the worst of his Rethug Party cronies — the liars & seditionists. They should all be thrown off our payroll & into jail cells, where they can sit & rot!
      But that’s just MHO… 😉

  4. I have to speak up re: the “lazy” designation.
    I’m not sure it’s laziness, and this “lazy” characteristic is one for which I’m thankful, as 45 could have done even more to damage the nation than he has, if he were less “lazy.”

    In this case, and speaking from experience w/ two family members who slowly slid into dementia, I offer the concept that 45 is in the early stages of dementia, when the urge to act diminishes.

    His brain is no longer functioning well (for which I am eternally grateful) and he is losing interest in actually doing anything at all, except watch tv, golf, etc. It won’t be long until his family is hiding him away and letting paid attendants care for him in a locked facility –lest he breaks out and walks down the middle of a busy highway at midnight, while they continue playing wingers for fools.

    If he were 1/10th as busy and active as he was when younger, we would prolly be hiding in our basements, waiting for the civilized world to save us from nuclear disaster.

    Be glad, and hope that the people now in charge of govt. approach his care and feeding –and correcting his errors in govt–from the perspective of diminished capacity. He will get more docile and apathetic as the dementia progresses. So we can pretty much count on the family keeping him secure while getting on with their own lives. They are the ppl to watch in the future, as they are likely to have heavy Rethuglican supporters and financiers. Faux tv will make them heroes in the world of politics. Especially since, IMO, 45’s TV followers are not a whole lot more capable of doing good than is than the orange menace himself.

    Get on your knees and say “thank you” for golf, 24-hr tv, loyal- to- the- US White House employees, ppl in high office who kept the nuke codes secure, and the incapacity of many appointed office-holders, who were having their own issues of identity and ability.

    Early stage dementia might just have saved America from turning half the world into nuclear dust, leaving Russia and China as the rulers of everything still standing.

    • Good points, all.
      Thank you, for different way to look at the nasty orange-faced menace. Considering dementia aspect, I have to really wonder about all those supporters who want to put him back in office ~ they must be having their own mental infirmities!
      If Rethugs do try to run him again as candidate, rather than just keep using him to keep their base of nut jobs all riled up & properly brainwashed — & as “the great distraction” he’s always been & GOP always needs — then, it’s the VP choice that needs to be watched closely. Like with “Dubya” Bush, VP will be the 1 wielding the real power & control.
      At this point I just really want/think that entire GOP is far too corrupted to remain in gov’t, if we have any hope of recovering from this awful time. The Party has soiled itself beyond repair! Conservatives need a brand-new start & a new Party name, platform, moral compass, etc. All these liars & seditionists – no matter what excuses they make – should be forever banned from any gov’t jobs & from Halls of Congress, WH, etc. They have no business being anywhere near DC, corrupting everything they touch! Go “no contact”. The only gov’t facility they should be in is a prison! To allow the Rethug group anywhere, is to watch them slither in & contaminate what little ‘clean’ may be trying to get a fresh start, the right way.

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