Trump’s Vicious Assault on the Free Press Wasn’t Only Jim Acosta, Included Several Other Reporters

During his post-midterms press conference, Donald Trump reignited his incendiary assault on the free press, which he refers to, in Stalinist terms, as “the enemy of the people.” It was a disgraceful display of infantile tantrum throwing by our crybaby president who is too weak to face a group of reporters without breaking down into insults and bullying.

Donald Trump

The big news from the press conference in this regard was Trump’s overheated conflict with CNN’s Jim Acosta. Trump berated him repeatedly as “rude” and unfit to be working for CNN (as if Trump is the authority on CNN’s staffing). Acosta’s offense was trying to get Trump to answer a question about his racist characterizations of the refugee “caravan.” [Side Note: notice how that issue has disappeared from Trump’s bag of distractions?] The matter was later escalated by the White House, who suspended Acosta’s pass to the premises and falsely accused him “placing his hands” on an intern who tried to grab the microphone away from him.

However, overlooked in the dust up with Acosta was the fact that he was not the only one that Trump went after. He also had words with three other long-time White House reporters from reputable news agencies. In the course of his often incoherent and childish ranting, Trump attacked these journalists as well:

To Peter Alexander, NBC: “Well I’m not a big fan of yours either, to be honest.” and “What, are you trying to be him [Acosta]?”

To April Ryan, American Urban Radio: “Sit down. I didn’t call you. I didn’t call you. I didn’t call you. I’ll give you voter suppression.”

To Yamiche Alcindor, PBS: “Why do I have my highest poll numbers ever with African-Americans? […] That’s such a racist question.”

Late addition, Friday: To Abby Phillip, CNN: (Asking whether Trump’s replacement for Jeff Sessions would reign in Mueller, Trump barked back) “What a stupid question that is. What a stupid question. But I watch you a lot. You ask a lot of stupid questions.”

It is not inconsequential that two (make that three) of these reporters were black women, and that one of them was accused of being racist. The late addition of Abby Phillip, an African American reporter for CNN, adds to Trump’s hostility toward black women reporters. For the record, Trump’s approval rating with African-Americans is actually only three percent. But when the cumulative effect of Trump’s cowardly whining is taken fully into account, it reveals a president who is actively at war with, not just the press, but the Constitution.

And that assessment is affirmed by Trump’s recent threats to pursue retaliatory investigations of his Democratic critics, and his overt warning to his own Republican colleagues to “say goodbye” if they don’t wholly “embrace” him.

These are not the acts of an American leader who respects the principles that this nation stands for. These are the acts of a wannabe dictator who is determined to usurp powers that breach the standards set by our Founding Fathers. Trump clearly is more anxious to emulate Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un than George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. And the American people – and the Congress that supposedly represents them – must not stand for it. Those who even passively allow Trump to continue down this path are complicit in his treason.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Vicious Assault on the Free Press Wasn’t Only Jim Acosta, Included Several Other Reporters

  1. The blame lays solely on the “Family Values Republicans”. Never forget it. 2020 is very close and with all the Voter suppression by Kemp (R) of Georgia, and other States like Kansas they will continue until then. They can not win a Fair US Election, and will resort to more Russian manipulation of our Free Press. Their NRA took over $ 50 million just in 2016, and have no shame about it!

  2. dtrump the racist delusional amerikkka “dictator” disrespected two African-American women members of the WH Press Corps this week, and no, it wasn’t because he was upset over the republikkklans losing a large number of Congressional seats on Tuesday. He is after all, a neo-nazi kkk supporter and white nationalist. He proclaimed this for all the world to hear about two weeks ago. His behavior towards Ms Ryan in particular this week was nasty, disrespectful, contemptuous, rude, crude and unprofessional. This creature shook his finger at Yamiche Alcindor like she was his maid or whatever, instead of a journalist who represents PBS as a member of the press corps. Not only did he sound stupid accusing HER of asking him a racist question, he sounded ignorant and hateful as well. This is the same racist devil who called another African American woman, Omarosa Manigault-Newman a “dog.” The National Association of BLACK Journalists need to write this fool a letter protesting how he spoke to Ms Ryan and Ms Alcindor in public, at that fake news conference. All trump did was lie the WHOLE time, was look and sound crazy/idiotic. Bottom line, we African Americans fight our OWN battles all the time, and the NABJ needs to step up right about now, to defend the professional status and integrity of these two journalists.

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