Stop Propping Up Putin: If McDonald’s Can Pull Out of Russia, They Can Pull Out of Fox News

Fox News and the Republican Party often appear to be taking Russia’s side in their brutal assault against Ukraine. That isn’t accidental. It’s by design. The network is wholly committed to whatever will reflect most negatively on President Biden, as well as being devoted to aligning with the deviant doctrines of Putin parasite, Donald Trump.

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Fox News, Vladimir Putin

On Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s Deadline White House, Nicolle Wallace interviewed former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi. She warned that the application of the sort of disinformation that is so prevalent on Fox News “has been more and more disastrous,” and that “it’s going in the wrong direction.” Elaborating, she said that…

“The COVID disinformation literally killed people in this country. Disinformation about the election being stolen by the defeated ex-president led to a deadly insurrection at the United States Capitol. And now disinformation is propping up support for war crimes in Ukraine. Where is the coalition to fight back against the deadly effects of disinformation?”

Figliuzzi, replied that there’s nothing new about disinformation being used in war time. What’s different today is “social media, with the speed of pressing the send button” at 24 hour cable networks that are “entertainment really, not news.” He also noted that we had a president who was, and is, “clinging to the disinformation.” Figliuzzi went on to propose a partial solution…

“So where’s the solution? We’re behind the curve. We need to legislate to regulate social media. We need to get those who still sponsor and advertise on this so-called entertainment channel we’re talking about [Fox News], and the others, to pull off of them. If we can pull off out of Russia – If McDonald’s can pull out of Russia, they can pull out of Fox News. We need an all hands on deck, holistic approach to stop what’s hurting us the most – disinformation on a deadly level.”

Later the same day on MSNBC’s 11th Hour, Stephanie Ruhle asked Russian television analyst Julia Davis, why Russian TV would use clips of Tucker Carlson. Davis replied that it’s “Because he sounds like one of the Kremlin pundits on State TV.”

Tucker Carlson is perhaps the most shameless Russian propagandist on Fox News. He recently enumerated his reasons for why no one should hate Vladimir Putin. And he followed that up with a commentary pleading to keep Putin in power. Carlson is so brazen in his bootlicking that it isn’t surprising to see clips from his program regularly replayed on Russian state TV.

Carlson argues that the U.S. is to blame for Russia invading Ukraine, and the Biden administration is too harsh in its response. He opposes the sanctions on Russia and Putin’s oligarchs. On Friday night he fear mongered that sanctions imposed on Russian oligarchs are a just prelude to similar actions taken against Americans. So what? Given the PR push that Fox News provides to our Russian enemy, Rupert Murdoch deserves to be sanctioned, just like any other enemy oligarch. Then Carlson complained that…

“…the Biden administration declared total economic war on a sovereign country. No American had been killed. The United States had not been invaded or attacked and yet, with no meaningful public debate or congressional authorization, the Biden administration destroyed that country’s currency, then removed it from the international banking system.”

Actually, it was virtually every Western democratic nation that imposed the sanctions on Russia for attacking a peaceful neighbor without provocation. Carlson apparently would prefer that Russia be allowed to engage in genocidal empire building unchallenged. And the public has had sufficient debate to form an opinion. The vast majority of the American people strongly approve of Biden’s leadership of these sanctions. They also support additional sanctions on Russian oil, even if it causes prices to increase. But Carlson wasn’t through making an asinine embarrassment of himself:

“Then the [Biden] administration began seizing the property of people affiliated with that country [Russia] without a trial or due process of any kind, without even bothering to explain exactly what crime they had committed. No American government had ever done anything like that before.”

The only person who still needs an explanation for why these sanctions were imposed is Carlson. More importantly, Carlson desperately needs a refresher course in American history. Japanese Americans might have something to say about whether the U.S. has ever seized property, and even incarcerated people, without due process – more than a hundred thousand. The difference between then and now is that they were citizens who did nothing wrong, but the Russians being sanctioned are foreign enemies aiding and abetting the murder and terrorism in Ukraine.

Given the flagrantly anti-American propaganda disseminated by Fox News, Figliuzzi’s proposal is eminently sensible. Patriotic advertisers should voluntarily refuse to sponsor any program on Fox News as long as the network continues to give aid and comfort to our enemies. And if they decline to act responsibly on behalf of America – and humanity – then the people of the world should cease to patronize them.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Propping Up Putin: If McDonald’s Can Pull Out of Russia, They Can Pull Out of Fox News

  1. McDonald’s, as with most corporations, is interested in profit. Pulling out of Russia was just a preemptive move to ensure Americans still believe they/McDonald’s is patriotic. They would lose too much money if they pulled away from fox.

    And you’re right—the only thing that changes their behavior is stop spending your money there.

  2. So Tucker thinks we are interfering in the affairs of a “sovereign country”, not so much a country run by a brutal, murderous dictator. Does Tucker even know whose boots he is licking? Or is Rupert Murdoch standing there holding the cue’ cards?

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