MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace: Trump is a Crazy Hoarder for Stuffing Classified Docs in With His Pants

Donald Trump is nothing if not predictable. And among his most easily anticipated – and warped – behaviors is his tendency incriminate himself in ill-advised interviews when he’s asked about his pending investigations and indictments.

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Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC

On Tuesday Trump sat down with Bret Baier of Fox News and provided more damning testimony that special counsel Jack Smith can use in his upcoming prosecution of Trump for stealing classified documents and obstructing justice. And even in an interview with friendly media, Trump couldn’t help himself. He seems determined to be the prosecution’s best witness.

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Baier was surprisingly aggressive in parts of the interview and, on at least a few occasions, didn’t allow Trump to dominate the conversation or evade his questions. A good example of that was evident when Baier pressed Trump on the matter of his illegally taking hundreds of documents that belong to the government and hoarding them at his Mar-a-Lago home/hotel. This led to the following exchange…

Trump: I had boxes, I want to go through the boxes and get all my personal things out. I don’t want to hand over to NARA [National Archives and Records Administration] yet. And I was very busy. […] Before I send boxes over, I have to take all my things out of them. These boxes were interspersed with all sorts of things. Golf shirts, clothing, pants, shoes, there were many things.
Baier: Iran war plans?
Trump: Not that I know of.

There’s a massive quantity of derp in there. For instance, he’s confessing that he took the documents that he has previously said didn’t exist, or were declassified with his mind, or were planted by the special counsel and/or the FBI. He’s also revealing that he violated the Presidential Records Act that says explicitly that “Presidential records automatically transfer into the legal custody of the [National] Archivist as soon as the President leaves office.”

Trump also attempts to justify his criminal conduct by claiming that he was “very busy,” as if that’s a valid excuse to break a national security law. Well, golfing, watching himself on TV, posting hundreds of comments online, and those cult rallies, do take up time. Furthermore, his complaint that there were “many things” in the boxes that were personal really amount to only wearable items (“Golf shirts, clothing, pants, shoes“). Apparently he couldn’t think of any other things that he could claim were personal. As for highly sensitive Iran war plans, he simply doesn’t recall.

Reporting on these remarks by the future “POTUS” (Prisoner of the United States), MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace couldn’t help but notice one of Trump’s prominent behavioral defects…

“Trump doesn’t seem to know what he wants. On the one hand, “Can’t catch me. I can stand trial. I didn’t do it. They’re mine.” But on the other, he’s so addled he’s talking about stuffing his pants in with his desk stuff. I mean, that’s not a good look either. Why were his pants in with his papers? He sounds like a crazy hoarder.”

Indeed. Why would Trump pack documents with national security information, including many labeled as classified, in with trivialities like golfing attire? For that he didn’t have time to sort though the boxes he was unlawfully withholding? And he seems to believe that retaining his wardrobe was more important than the welfare of the nation.

It is performances like these that are likely to lead to Trump’s conviction on the multitude of charges pending against him. At the very least, it will lead to further audience erosion from Fox News and other right-wing media. Which has already boosted MSNBC into the top ranking cable news network. So, thanks Donnie.

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Nicolle Wallace Fact Checks Texas Gov. Abbott: We Are Not Gonna Let Him Gaslight Anybody Today

The parade of the protectors of assault weapons and their manufacturers continued in Texas on Friday as their Republican governor, Greg Abbott, held another press conference to run cover for corporations that profit from death. It was just more of the same stubborn defense of lethal firearms, and deflection of blame to inadequate mental health services, for which Abbott and his ilk are also responsible.

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Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC

On Thursday Abbott’s pro-gun presser was interrupted by the Democratic candidate for governor, Beto O’Rourke, who chastised Abbott for doing nothing to stop the “totally predictable” slaughters that recur way too often in America. Equally predictable is the coverage by Fox News and other right-wing outlets that are intent on shutting down the sort of dialogue that O’Rourke was attempting to encourage.

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On Friday Abbott’s affair was interrupted again. This time by Roland Gutierrez, the Texas State Senator whose district includes Uvalde, TX. Gutierrez pleaded with Abbott to take some proactive measures to prevent future bloodshed (video below):

“My colleagues are asking for a special session, you’re getting a letter tomorrow. We’ve asked for gun control changes, I’m asking you now to bring us back in two weeks. I apologize for interrupting your press conference about the needs of this community. […]

“I don’t know how to express the loss of the families that I’ve talked to. I know you feel it too. We have to do something. Your own colleagues are telling me, calling me and telling me, an 18-year-old shouldn’t have a gun. This is enough. Call us back. Just call us back.”

Abbott smugly ignored Gutierrez and asked if there were any other questions. But just at that moment, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace cut into the telecast to deliver some pertinent background information about what was taking place. Saying that “We’ll listen, but we are not gonna let [Abbott] gaslight anybody today,” Wallace continued…

“I want to provide a little bit of context to the gentleman who stood up to Gov. Abbott right there inside this press conference. We believe that was Democratic State Senator Roland Gutierrez who called for a special session. He and others have pressed this governor of a state in which nineteen third and fourth graders were slaughtered by a weapon that Gov. Abbott doesn’t believe should be illegal, in a process that Gov. Abbott doesn’t think should be illegal, without a background check that Gov. Abbott doesn’t think is necessary.

“Gov. Abbott’s solution for making sure that the slaughter at Uvalde doesn’t happen again is mental health services. And, again, he slashed $211 million from the state’s mental health services. The state of Texas comes in 50th in terms of access to mental health care that it provides to its citizens.”

That’s precisely how these sort of self-serving “news” conferences should be covered. The dishonesty of bought-and-paid-for politicians like Abbott needs to be revealed at every opportunity, and right when it occurs. The cretins who keep trying to lay the blame on mental health know that it’s a phony excuse designed to shield the gun lobby from responsibility. Many other countries also have people with mental problems who are not butchering their fellow citizens.

However, even if you were to take their excuses seriously, the people clinging to them are the same ones who oppose providing adequate health care for their constituents. It’s the same story in Washington as it is in Texas. Republicans have obstructed every common sense gun reform measure for decades. Usually making utter fools of themselves as they struggle to articulate a coherent argument against reforms that the vast majority of Americans support. And, sadly, this will continue until voters manage to expel every one of these unrepresentative slimeballs from office.

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Stop Propping Up Putin: If McDonald’s Can Pull Out of Russia, They Can Pull Out of Fox News

Fox News and the Republican Party often appear to be taking Russia’s side in their brutal assault against Ukraine. That isn’t accidental. It’s by design. The network is wholly committed to whatever will reflect most negatively on President Biden, as well as being devoted to aligning with the deviant doctrines of Putin parasite, Donald Trump.

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Fox News, Vladimir Putin

On Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s Deadline White House, Nicolle Wallace interviewed former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi. She warned that the application of the sort of disinformation that is so prevalent on Fox News “has been more and more disastrous,” and that “it’s going in the wrong direction.” Elaborating, she said that…

“The COVID disinformation literally killed people in this country. Disinformation about the election being stolen by the defeated ex-president led to a deadly insurrection at the United States Capitol. And now disinformation is propping up support for war crimes in Ukraine. Where is the coalition to fight back against the deadly effects of disinformation?”

Figliuzzi, replied that there’s nothing new about disinformation being used in war time. What’s different today is “social media, with the speed of pressing the send button” at 24 hour cable networks that are “entertainment really, not news.” He also noted that we had a president who was, and is, “clinging to the disinformation.” Figliuzzi went on to propose a partial solution…

“So where’s the solution? We’re behind the curve. We need to legislate to regulate social media. We need to get those who still sponsor and advertise on this so-called entertainment channel we’re talking about [Fox News], and the others, to pull off of them. If we can pull off out of Russia – If McDonald’s can pull out of Russia, they can pull out of Fox News. We need an all hands on deck, holistic approach to stop what’s hurting us the most – disinformation on a deadly level.”

Later the same day on MSNBC’s 11th Hour, Stephanie Ruhle asked Russian television analyst Julia Davis, why Russian TV would use clips of Tucker Carlson. Davis replied that it’s “Because he sounds like one of the Kremlin pundits on State TV.”

Tucker Carlson is perhaps the most shameless Russian propagandist on Fox News. He recently enumerated his reasons for why no one should hate Vladimir Putin. And he followed that up with a commentary pleading to keep Putin in power. Carlson is so brazen in his bootlicking that it isn’t surprising to see clips from his program regularly replayed on Russian state TV.

Carlson argues that the U.S. is to blame for Russia invading Ukraine, and the Biden administration is too harsh in its response. He opposes the sanctions on Russia and Putin’s oligarchs. On Friday night he fear mongered that sanctions imposed on Russian oligarchs are a just prelude to similar actions taken against Americans. So what? Given the PR push that Fox News provides to our Russian enemy, Rupert Murdoch deserves to be sanctioned, just like any other enemy oligarch. Then Carlson complained that…

“…the Biden administration declared total economic war on a sovereign country. No American had been killed. The United States had not been invaded or attacked and yet, with no meaningful public debate or congressional authorization, the Biden administration destroyed that country’s currency, then removed it from the international banking system.”

Actually, it was virtually every Western democratic nation that imposed the sanctions on Russia for attacking a peaceful neighbor without provocation. Carlson apparently would prefer that Russia be allowed to engage in genocidal empire building unchallenged. And the public has had sufficient debate to form an opinion. The vast majority of the American people strongly approve of Biden’s leadership of these sanctions. They also support additional sanctions on Russian oil, even if it causes prices to increase. But Carlson wasn’t through making an asinine embarrassment of himself:

“Then the [Biden] administration began seizing the property of people affiliated with that country [Russia] without a trial or due process of any kind, without even bothering to explain exactly what crime they had committed. No American government had ever done anything like that before.”

The only person who still needs an explanation for why these sanctions were imposed is Carlson. More importantly, Carlson desperately needs a refresher course in American history. Japanese Americans might have something to say about whether the U.S. has ever seized property, and even incarcerated people, without due process – more than a hundred thousand. The difference between then and now is that they were citizens who did nothing wrong, but the Russians being sanctioned are foreign enemies aiding and abetting the murder and terrorism in Ukraine.

Given the flagrantly anti-American propaganda disseminated by Fox News, Figliuzzi’s proposal is eminently sensible. Patriotic advertisers should voluntarily refuse to sponsor any program on Fox News as long as the network continues to give aid and comfort to our enemies. And if they decline to act responsibly on behalf of America – and humanity – then the people of the world should cease to patronize them.

Fox News McDonalds

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Fox News is On a Crusade Against the Women of MSNBC: Nicolle Wallace Edition

Fox News is apparently ending the year with a full court press against the women hosting programs on MSNBC. It wasn’t enough for them to have spent the year fluffing Donald Trump, by lying about the violent January 6th insurrection, and spreading deadly disinformation about the COVID pandemic.

Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC

On this last week of 2021 Fox News has already produced a hit piece on Joy Reid that was seething with hostility because she accurately reported that Fox is killing off their own audience. Then a few days later Fox posted a story attacking Rachel Maddow for being right about COVID vaccines. Both of these stories were glaringly biased and packed with ultra-conservative perspectives and flagrant lies.

At first glance it didn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary for Fox News. Their bitter animosity toward Democratic principles and progressive politics isn’t exactly breaking news. And Fox often takes petty swipes at their cable news competitors. But it is now apparent that there has been some openly misogynistic coordination to these stories. Fox just added MSNBC’s popular daytime host, Nicolle Wallace, to their enemies list.

A new article published on the Fox News website blasted a headline that proclaimed that an MSNBC anchor was mocked as “shamelessly neurotic” and “embarrassing.” The article began saying that…

“MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace was roasted this week after referring to herself as a ‘Fauci groupie,’ in reference to her adoration of White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

Oh my heavens! Wallace had the audacity to express respect for America’s foremost infectious disease expert who has been working tirelessly to save lives. He was doing this even while Fox News hacks were comparing him to the sadistic Nazi Josef Mengele, and deploying grotesquely murderous metaphors urging people to “ambush” him in public and go in with the kill shot.”

The article by Fox News portrayed Wallace as being the object of widespread mockery for her comments. But in reality, it was only confirmed right-wing partisans who were hurling insults at her. Every single person cited in Fox’s hit piece was an unabashed wingnut. They included right-wing pundit, Ben McDonald; NewsBusters editor Tim Graham; conservative troll, Drew Holden; Daily Caller columnist, David Hookstead; conservative writer, Mark Hemingway; and right-wing actor, Nick Searcy.

It cannot be mere coincidence that Fox News has hammered out these assaults on three of MSNBC’s most prominent female personalities, all within the space of less than a week. Clearly the folks at Fox feel threatened by smart, engaging women who are effective communicators. So they are lashing out frantically to malign these intelligent, accomplished professionals. And considering the talentless hacks that litter the Fox News schedule, they are also likely writhing in jealousy. Or at least they should be.

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Nails Biden’s Afghanistan Speech: The People vs the Media

A lot has and will be said about President Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan and the method with which he did it. Needless to say Fox News and Donald Trump’s Republican Party will embark on their predictable knee-jerk condemnation of Biden regardless of how events transpire.

Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC

Trump has already rolled out his narcissistic version of the situation that he neglected for four years, other than to negotiate a deal with the Taliban that was tantamount to full surrender. He lifted all the sanctions on them, released 5,000 of their prisoners, including their founder and leader, and promised to remove all U.S. and allied forces by last May.

As for the GOP and their Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News), they launched a coordinated, and wholly dishonest, campaign to disparage Biden and portray him as on vacation while he was actually working at Camp David, a military facility run by the U.S. Navy.

On Monday afternoon Biden addressed the American people to explain the reasoning behind his decisions regarding finally ending America’s involvement in the Afghanistan war (video below). It was a speech that was equal parts elucidation, compassion, and accountability. Some of the highlights include…

“We went to Afghanistan almost 20 years ago with clear goals: get those who attacked us on Sept. 11, 2001, and make sure Al Qaeda could not use Afghanistan as a base from which to attack us again. We did that.” […]

“That was a decade ago. Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to have been nation-building.” […]

“I stand squarely behind my decision. After 20 years, I’ve learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw U.S. forces.” […]

“The truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated.” […]

“If anything, the developments of the past week reinforced that ending U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan now was the right decision. American troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that Afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves.” […]

“I made a commitment to the American people when I ran for president that I would bring America’s military involvement in Afghanistan to an end. While it’s been hard and messy and, yes, far from perfect, I’ve honored that commitment.” […]

“I know my decision will be criticized. But I would rather take all that criticism than pass this decision on to another president of the United States.”

Following the speech MSNBC anchor, Nicolle Wallace, gave a profound summation of the different ways Biden’s words would be received by the public and the press. She said that…

“95% of the American people will agree with everything he just said. 95% of the press covering this White House will disagree. And for an American president to finally be completely aligned with such an overwhelming majority of what the American people think about Afghanistan is probably a tremendous relief to the American people.”

Wallace is exactly right. The media seems to have a built in favoritism for whatever generates the most conflict and melodrama. But the American people have long favored an end to the seemingly perpetual conflicts that began after September 11th, 2001. And that opinion is shared by both Democrats and Republicans. Even Trump and his cult disciples have been opposed to continuing the war in Afghanistan. He ran on it, just like Biden did.

Of course, that won’t stop Trump and his GOP confederates from lambasting Biden for achieving the goal that they never could. They are jealous of his successes, whether it be foreign affairs, infrastructure, healthcare, or any of the other failures by Trump and company.

It’s ironic that Wallace is one of the few television commentators to recognize both the desires of the public and biases of the press. She was the White House Communications Director for George W. Bush, the president that got us into this mess to begin with. Which makes her insights all the more relevant and welcome.

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Thanks Trump! The Pumpkinhead President Scares Fox News Ratings Into an Abyss

The month of October has been a frightening experience for Donald Trump. His Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, admitted on national TV that there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. His personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, had a nervous breakdown on Fox News. He was forced to reverse an idiotic plan to host the 2020 G7 summit at his Doral golf resort in Miami. And his one bit of good news – the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – produced a paltry two point bounce in a poll by his favorite, ultra-biased pollster, Rasmussen. Scary, huh?

Donald Trump, Fox News, Halloween

Trump was so terrified throughout the month that he fear-posted 104 panic-tweets attacking the fearsome chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff. And as if the Offender-in-Chief doesn’t already have enough reasons to soil his trousers, the Trump-fluffing “news” network that he relies on to prop him up with worshipful propaganda, Fox News, fell on some hard times as well. The ratings for October reveal that impeachment has been good news for both America and Fox’s chief competitor, MSNBC.

The total day ratings for Fox News declined by a whopping 27 percent in the all-important 25-54 demographic, compared to October of 2018. In the same period MSNBC rose 12 percent. MSNBC also increased total prime time viewers 25 percent, and prime time demo viewers 16 percent.

This growth was driven by impressive gains by The Rachel Maddow Show, which was the #1 cable news program for the month among adults 25-54. Her show was up 13 percent, while Fox News’ Hannity declined 21 percent in that time slot. In total viewers Maddow was up 22 percent, compared to Fox’s 2 percent drop. She beat her direct competition, Sean Hannity, as well as Fox’s other prime time stars, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.

These gains were also present in other MSNBC programs. The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell was up 20 percent (Fox News dropped 22 percent). The 11th Hour with Brian Williams finished #1 in the 11 p.m. hour, up 25 percent (Fox News declined 31 percent). The Beat with Ari Melber delivered the network’s most-watched month ever in the 6 p.m. time period, up 34 percent (Fox News down 12 percent). Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace was #1 in total viewers, up 13 percent (Fox News dropped 27 percent). All In with Chris Hayes was up 24 percent (Fox News was down 19 percent). Even the weekend had great news with total day gains of 10 percent (Fox News dips of 32 percent).

There could be several explanations for this powerful performance by MSNBC and the simultaneous collapse of Fox News. Trump’s impeachment might have stirred more interest by progressive news consumers to tune in more. At the same time, it might have discouraged conservatives from watching the news at all. But there’s another possible factor that drove Fox’s viewers away: Donald Trump. He spent a fair amount of time bashing his own own best media outlet and even telling his followers to turn off Fox.

For instance, after a Fox poll showed him losing to Biden, Trump tweeted that “I have NEVER had a good @FoxNews Poll. Whoever their Pollster is, they suck.” And then there was the time he tweeted that “@FoxNews doesn’t deliver for US anymore. It is so different than it used to be.” And not mincing words, Trump told his Deplorables that “We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

It’s hard to determine whether Trump’s Fox bashing had any real impact on their ratings. But it isn’t hard to see that he is a fickle and vengeful narcissist who demands 100 percent adoration at all times, lest you be cast into the corn fields, aka TrumpScorn. However, it is more likely that television audiences were simply more interested in getting honest presentations of the news by real journalists instead of slobbering, glassy-eyed sycophants. And since a majority of Americans favor Trump being impeached and removed from office (even in that Fox News poll), even the opinion side of MSNBC would figure to be more popular.

If Trump has anything going for him at this time, it’s the “bloody highway crash” appeal that might cause viewers to tune to Fox in order to see exactly how his mental breakdown will unfold in real time. Sure, it’s morbid and gruesome, but hell, it’s Halloween. Everybody may just be in a weird mood.

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WTF is Going On at MSNBC? Recent Hires Have a Distinctly Fox News Flavor

Three months into Donald Trump’s administration there is more cause than ever for critical analysis of Washington politics. But much of the press is having trouble countering Trump’s “Reality TV” dramatization of news. They attempt to achieve a false balance by presenting opposing views, even if one side is truthful and the other is lying.

Rachel Maddow

Having a president who’s suspected of colluding with Russians to steal an election is hardly the time to go soft. It is not the time to appease those in power or pander to wingnuts who will never tune in anyway. Yet that’s exactly the direction that MSNBC appears to heading.

In recent weeks they have hired or promoted some decidedly right-wing personalities. Former Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren now has her own show on MSNBC. Former communications director for George W, Bush, Nicolle Wallace, also just premiered a new program. Likewise conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt. This week MSNBC announced that it has hired old-school conservative George Will away from Fox News.

These roster changes are especially puzzling at this time. MSNBC has built a brand that appeals to a more progressive audience. Despite having a former Republican anchoring three hours in the morning (Joe Scarborough), and a generally straight news profile during the day, their prime time lineup leans openly to the left. Chis Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Laurence O’Donnell are not shy about expressing their liberal opinions.

More importantly, that programming slant has paid off handsomely for MSNBC. They are enjoying their highest ratings in years. Maddow is actually beating her competition on Fox News in the key advertising demographic of 25-54 year olds. Not too long ago Fox News was considered unbeatable. But now Adweek’s TVNewser reports that:

“The network also continues to post more year-over-year prime time audience growth than both Fox News and CNN: +82 percent in total viewers and +61 percent in the prime time demo versus April 2016.”

It’s a surprising and inspiring success story. Any network would be turning cartwheels and striving to replicate that success across its dayparts. So why is MSNBC going out of their way to bolster a winning lineup with right-wing losers? None of the new “talent” has demonstrated any appeal to MSNBC’s audience. Van Susteren, in fact, is an obvious hole in the schedule, dipping noticeably between her lead-in and lead-out. And the viewers that might be interested in these new faces are genetically averse to ever tuning in to the radical socialists at MSNBC. Why should they when they can get all the wingnuttery they desire on Fox News? And if it’s caterwauling debates that they want, CNN already has the market cornered on that.

There is no shortage of liberals who could be brought into the MSNBC family. Joy Reid already has a Saturday morning show that gets more viewers than many weekday shows on CNN and Fox. They could have moved her into the time slot they gave to Van Susteren or Wallace. Even Keith Olbermann was in talks to return to MSNBC. His last stint with the network was the last time they challenged Fox. But according to Olbermann, they told him he would have to refrain from his “fiery” commentaries. That was an untenable restraint, so he walked.

It’s hard to know what the suits at MSNBC are thinking. There is clearly an appetite for news commentary that counters the powerful elite in Washington. It’s a programming niche that is unfilled elsewhere. Plus, it’s a necessary defense against the dangerously erratic Trump administration’s assault on America. Where else can we go to get reality-based news about climate change? Who else is covering voter suppression and gerrymandering? Which other network is allotting time to racial and gender discrimination? And what about our President’s potentially treasonous connections to unsavory figures in Russia?

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.

Fox News deliberately downplays any unflattering news about Trump. CNN reports it, but puts on crackpots who disseminate absurd justifications. That leaves MSNBC as the one network that honestly covers Trump’s dark side. For that reason alone they should not be adding to the pro-Trump voices in the media. We already have plenty of that and far too little truthful common sense and compassion.

UPDATE: There are rumors that MSNBC may not renew the contract of Lawrence O’Donnell despite the fact that his ratings are at a record high. He is beating CNN, and challenging Fox News. This would be good time to let MSNBC know that we demand they keep O’Donnell and stop sucking up to the right. You can call them at 212-664-4444 and email them at

Fox Nation Outrage: Obama Vacations With White People – And Other Lies And Delusions

The Fox News community website, Fox Nation, is a non-stop parade of deliberate misinformation, biased reporting, and promotion of notoriously disreputable purveyors of propaganda and conspiracy theories like Alex Jones and Breitbart News. [For more documented proof of Fox Nation’s lies, read Fox Nation vs. Reality] This morning that penchant for bullpucky was in full display with a trio of stories that perfectly illustrate the Fox Nation mission.

Fox Nation

Let’s begin with a little item that alleges that “Obama Suggests Conservatives Are Greatest Threat To Nation.” This story was filched from the ultra-rightist Daily Caller (which is run by Fox News host Tucker Carlson) and referenced an interview of President Obama in the New York Times. Obama discussed gridlock in Washington and told the Times that “Our politics are dysfunctional.” That is an indisputable fact that is evidenced by this congress being the least productive in history. The article also said that…

“The president mused, the biggest threat to America — the only force that can really weaken us — is us.”

That’s quite a different statement than what was asserted in the headline. To be sure, it is Republicans that have boasted of their obstructionism. GOP House Speaker John Boehener even said that the congress under his “leadership” “should not be judged on how many new laws we create. We ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal.” By that measure they still suck because they have repealed precisely zero laws. But the point is made that they are proud of being an obstacle to progress. Nevertheless, Obama placed the blame more broadly on “us,” not conservatives as the liars at Fox Nation and the Daily Caller said.

Next up is an article that was picked up from right-wing media distorters, NewsBusters. They in turn were citing England’s version of the National Enquirer, the Daily Mail, who reported speculation that the former Director of Communications for George W. Bush, Nicolle Wallace, had been chosen to replace Jenny McCarthy on “The View.” Fox Nation turned that item into “Liberal Nicolle Wallace Is the New ‘Conservative’ Host on The View?”

“Liberal?” Wallace, as noted above, was a long-time political operative for the Bush regime. She was also a deputy campaign manager for his reelection in 2004, and headed up Sarah Palin’s communications staff for the McCain/Palin campaign in 2008. Wallace created a stir when she spoke candidly about Palin’s shortcomings after the election. But that doesn’t make her a liberal. It makes her intelligent and honest. On second thought, maybe it does make her a liberal, because those are qualities that liberals respect and conservatives disdain. However, for Fox Nation and NewsBusters to characterize Wallace as liberal after a career of conservative politicking is just plain delusional. Apparently the only replacement they would find suitable would be someone like Ann Coulter or Michele Bachmann.

Finally, the Fox Nationalists went to their resident screeching hyena, Mark Levin, for a taste of his undisguised racism. The headline on Fox Nation said “Mark Levin Blasts Obama for Vacationing at ‘Whitest Place on Earth’” Indeed, Levin seems to have found something objectionable about our African-American president and his family hobnobbing with his Caucasian superiors, rather than serving them drinks and cleaning their rooms as God intended. Levin continued saying to Obama that “We know how you hate whites,” and that Obama would be better off vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands. [Remember what happened to Glenn Beck when he said that Obama hates white people?]

But what makes this truly despicable is that Levin is not only racist, he is stupid – or is that redundant? As noted by Mediaite’s Matt Wilstein, Martha’s Vineyard has a richly diverse history:

“While Martha’s Vineyard is no doubt a ritzy island with more than its fair share of white people, Levin is clearly unaware of its rich history as a summer destination for wealthy black families. This is particularly true of Oak Bluffs, where African-American families began summering as early as the 1890s.”

Levin does make a valid point in one respect. Perhaps Obama should stay away from “the whitest place on Earth.” But it isn’t Martha’s Vineyard. It’s Fox News, where vile bigots roam free to disparage the nation, insult its citizens, and preach a brand of faith that exalts the wealthy, white, ruling class.

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As usual, Fox News is rampant with racism, delusion, and bald-faced lies. The articles above are only a small sample of the repulsiveness that is published there every day. It’s astonishing that they get away with this and even attract devoted fans. Obviously, there is still a lot of work to be done in this country to stamp out bigotry and the ignorance from which it stems.

The Sarah Palin Watch Widget

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin burst on the scene from nowhere – Nowhere, Alaska, that is. You know, the place where they wanted to build that bridge to. And despite the fact that nobody in at least 49 states knew the slightest bit about her, she rocketed to stardom as the leading light of American conservatism.

Consequently, some Americans wanted to know more about the person who may become a 72 year old heartbeat from the presidency of the United States. They will be disappointed. The McCain campaign has sequestered Palin and will not permit reporters to interview her. They will allow no questions on the vetting process, or the abuse of power investigation that is currently underway. They refuse to clarify her positions on foreign policy or Congressional earmarking. There will be no direct examination of her record as governor or her fitness for national office. In short, the American people should shut up and be happy with whatever happy talk the campaign wishes to engage in via staged rallies and campaign ads. That is almost exactly what McCain spokesperson Nicolle Wallace told Jay Carney of Time Magazine.

I created the Palin Watch widget to record the elapsed time from her entry into the race, until she agrees to answer questions in a fair, independent, national media forum. There is simply no other way to assess her ability to perform the job she seeks. A candid give and take with probing journalists reveals more of a candidates knowledge and insight than a speech that was probably prepared by aides. The job she wants is far too important to give to an unknown quantity who arrogantly declines to open herself up to the people she would serve.

The Palin Watch was inspired in part by the Obama Watch, a device that Chris Wallace used to goad Barack Obama into appearing on his Fox News Sunday program. The difference is that I am not pimping my own show, or any show, so long as Palin makes herself available to press scrutiny.

Americans must rise up and demand that McCain free Sarah Palin. The time is now to come clean so that voters have sufficient information to make an informed judgment. Democracy is in a sorry state if political strategists can hawk candidates like soda pop without ever disclosing the ingredients.

McCain Coach Working The Refs

Following the candidates forum at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, a minor controversy erupted with regard to the participants playing fair. The ground rules called for each candidate to be asked the same questions. Therefore, John McCain was to be isolated so that he could not gain an advantage by hearing the questions as they were asked to Barack Obama, who went first.

As it turns out, McCain was not in the “Cone of Silence” as stated by Rev. Warren. Instead, he was en route to the church where he could have plausibly listened to Obama’s interview or been briefed on it by a staffer. Andrea Mitchell reported on Meet the Press that some Obama supporters were questioning whether McCain did, in fact, cheat:

“The Obama people must feel that he didn’t do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because what they are putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama. He seemed so well-prepared.”

This set off McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, who fired off an angry letter to NBC president, Steve Capus. The letter said in part…

“We are extremely disappointed to see that the level of objectivity at NBC News has fallen so low that reporters are now giving voice to unsubstantiated, partisan claims in order to undercut John McCain.”

Reporters giving voice to unsubstantiated, partisan claims has been routine in this campaign. Though they have mostly been aimed at Obama. McCain’s people have relentlessly spewed nonsense about Obama’s faith, his patriotism, and his agenda on everything from war to energy to taxes. It is apparently OK if reporters give voice to unsubstantiated, partisan claims if they come from McCain.

Davis’ disingenuous indignation is especially pathetic in this context. In his own letter he quotes Mitchell as saying that the Obama campaign was less than thrilled with his performance. Conversely he notes Mitchell’s assertion that McCain seemed well prepared. Mitchell’s report was actually declaring McCain the winner of the debate, and yet, Davis still finds cause to complain.

McCain’s spokeswoman, Nicolle Wallace, also commented on the affair. In her remarks she pointedly accused the Obama campaign of having “lost its bearings.” I wonder if the intent of that language is meant to imply that she believes Obama may be senile. That’s exactly what McCain adviser Mark Salter alleged when Obama used the same words last May to describe McCain.

This fake outrage on the part of Davis, Wallace, et al, is nothing more than another transparent attempt to bully the media into shaping coverage that is one-sided and positive in favor of McCain. And the really sad part of this cynical and manipulative whining is that it has a damn good chance of working.