Dementia-Addled Trump Descends Into Gibberish When Hannity Asks What He Would Do About Inflation

Poor Donald Trump. By his own account he is the world’s biggest victim. While he puts on airs of being a dominant alpha male, he whines like a colicky infant whenever anyone directs even the gentlest criticism at him. He literally bragged that he is the most fabulous whiner.”

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

Trump took a break from headlining his increasingly unpopular MAGA Cult Tour to visit with his BFF Sean Hannity on Wednesday. He could not have asked for a friendlier venue than the Fox News Primetime Trump-Fluffing Hour with a host who is best known for cravenly kissing his, let’s say ring.

Nevertheless, Trump managed to humiliate himself with his unartful dodge of a question that should have been a “gimme.” That’s surely what Hannity intended. But Trump is too cognitively deficient to field even a softball from a slobbering sycophant. Hannity set up the question by maligning President Biden and lying about the state of the economy. And that produced the following hysterical response to Hannity’s inquiry about inflation (video below):

Hannity: If you’re president, what would you do?
Trump: So what you’re saying sounds all very easy and sounds very simple, not actually that simple, but I will tell you that this is like the biggest tax increase in history. If you look at what inflation is doing, and I saw a number today that wages can go up, but they’re nowhere near what’s being taken out of families by pure inflation. Just the cost of bread, the cost of gas, the cost of gasoline, the cost of everything. Everything is up.”

Reminder: The question was “What would you do” about inflation? So far, Trump hasn’t gotten anywhere near that. But he is regurgitating the rote Republican response that somehow Biden is responsible for inflation, despite the fact that it is occurring throughout the world due to multiple factors, including COVID and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Trump (cont’d): “And supply chain. You go to stores and they’re half empty. Many stores they can’t get products. They can’t get anything. You go to luxury stores or non-luxury stores, supermarkets, and the shelves are half there. And nobody’s ever seen it. We didn’t even have to discuss supply chain during my administration. Because it was a perfect moving machine. It was beautiful. We created the greatest economy in the history of the world. We created an economy that was better than any economy in history.”

Reminder: The question was “What would you do” about inflation? But still no coherent solutions from Trump. However, he does demonstrate that he hasn’t been in a supermarket lately, where the shelves are pretty full. He also seems to have forgotten how the supply chain was disrupted during his occupation of the White House, when common consumer products like toilet paper were nowhere to be seen. And businesses were shuttered because he refused to take the advice of doctors and epidemiologists to contain the pandemic. His “beautiful,” “perfect moving machine” resulted in the first presidency in decades to have fewer jobs at the end than when it began.

Trump (cont’d): “Then we got hit by the ‘China’ virus, and after the ‘China’ virus we did one of the best jobs in the world of doing everything including Operation Warp Speed and everything that that entailed. The therapeutics, the vaccines, everything we did and then they messed it up with the mandates, and they absolutely were killing our country with the mandates which should have never happened. It’s just so sad to hear because this was all a self-inflicted wound from inflation to the loss of energy independence. And now add to that what’s going on in Ukraine. That’s genocide. What’s happening in Ukraine, people have never seen anything like that before.

Reminder: The question was “What would you do” about inflation? And there you have it. The entire, interminable, rambling rant never touched on the substance of the question. That’s because Trump has no friggin’ idea what to do about inflation. Just as he has no friggin’ idea what to do about Ukraine. But he does rage against common sense measures to protect people from a deadly virus, even as he tries to take credit for it.

Trump continues to prove that his ignorance has no bounds. He doesn’t even have the ability to fake it when asked questions that should have been anticipated and prepared for. Then again, he doesn’t need to worry about toadies like Hannity asking any follow up questions, or even expecting a relevant, comprehensible answer. Everyone around Trump just accepts, and worse, nurtures his decaying mental state. And the threat of anyone with his degree of dementia holding any position of power in the future is unthinkably horrifying.

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9 thoughts on “Dementia-Addled Trump Descends Into Gibberish When Hannity Asks What He Would Do About Inflation

  1. This is beyond pathetic. His answer to the question is irrelevant to the Trump cultists. They will accept anything out of his mouth as enlightened genius. He knows this and Hannity knows this.

  2. There are people who say that Trump may be in the early stages of dementia. I disagree entirely. He is most definitely not in the early stages of dementia; he is way, way, way beyond that.

  3. 1st of all…Dementia should automatically disqualify a person from running for any leadership position, especially U.S. President! I mean, come on ~ people with dementia need caregivers to help them with basic daily care & protect them from doing things that can hurt them. No way in hell that anyone with that can take on running a nation! To even suggest that it’s ok, is indicative of America’s steep decline & why we can no longer be trusted as leaders by anyone w/o serious dementia themselves. We need leadership that’s smart enuff to tackle the issues of a nation of our size & diversity & to interact wisely in the global community + handle emergencies that could occur.
    Does any of that sound like a good position for Donald Trump?!?
    Couple that with his complete ignorance about EVERYTHING; his severe narcissism, that makes him unable to admit he isn’t the genius he thinks & so, listen to those with expertise he lacks; & last but not least, his belief that NO rules apply to him + his predilection to (habitual) criminal behavior & lying everytime he opens his mouth.
    Which of these known Trump qualities makes him a good choice for President of the USA!?? I wouldn’t let him lead a Boy Scout troop, let alone a Country!! Would you?

  4. S.Hammity is big Trump fan & an unofficial advisor to him in WH, yet Trump couldn’t have a coherent discussion with him. Can you imagine what it’s like for foreign leaders to have to discuss serious world matters with Trump?!? Is this really the person we want representing US to/in the world??! “WTF!”
    The world has to be wondering what’s wrong with the American People, that we’d even consider putting Trump back in WH! The problem with democracy ~ we’re held responsible for who we elect & judged by the choices we make!

  5. And Senile Seanny would say Biden has dementia if Biden said even half of what Seanny’s God and Master said. Yes, I know Seanny is saying that anyway….

    But Senile Seanny is too busy mstrb8n to say anything against his Master.

  6. Poor Sean Insannity He can’t give the pumpkin man a gimmie. the orange boy was just as bad trying to answer insannity’s questions on Ukraine. Go Dondon!! you idiot

    • Trump is too far gone to handle softballs from Hannity. Imagine if he had to face a real journalist.

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