Fox News ‘Screeches’ at MSNBC’s Joy Reid in Misogynist Fury for Criticizing Ron DeSantis

The easiest way to ascertain what or who Fox News is most afraid of is to observe what they attack with the most ferocity. That’s often apparent in their relentless assaults on President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Black Lives Matter, and any politician, Democratic or Republican, who dares to criticize Dear Leader Donald Trump.

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Joy Reid, MSNBC

A frequent target of Fox’s feces flinging is MSNBC host Joy Reid. She embodies two of the network’s primary criteria for caustic condemnation. She is Black, and she’s a woman. And on the basis of those factors Fox News posted a story on their website chastising Reid for her well-founded critique of Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ latest efforts to turn the state into a mini-autocracy.

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However, it wasn’t enough to simply rebut Reid’s factual and rational arguments. Fox provided a headline for the article that was deliberately offensive and drenched with misogyny. It read: “Joy Reid screeches DeSantis’ ‘private police force’ will ‘intimidate’ Black people ‘out of being able to vote’”

“Screeches”? That’s a word that was chosen intentionally to malign Reid as both a maniac and an unstable woman. There was, however, nothing in her commentary or delivery that could be remotely characterized as screeching. Here is a portion of it…

The Fox News article opened with a brazenly biased paragraph demeaning her remarks as just “another rant,” while ignoring the substance of her criticism:

“MSNBC host Joy Reid embarked on another rant against Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., on Monday, claiming that, in addition to all the ‘authoritarian’ things he’s doing in the state regarding Disney and redistricting, he now has his ‘own private police force’ meant to ‘intimidate’ Black Floridians ‘out of being able to vote.'”

The truth is that it is DeSantis who has embarked on a crusade of anti-democratic policies modeled after his hero, and fellow wannabe dictator, Donald Trump. He did attack Disney in retaliation for their opposition to his “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” He did create a private election police force intended to intimidate and obstruct primarily Black and Democratic voters. He did force his own partisan gerrymander to redistrict Black precincts out of existence.

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The only screeching being done here is by the rabidly hyperbolic headline writers at Fox News. Reid was, as usual, composed and articulate and focused on the subject at hand. And it was precisely because of her her intellect and composure that Fox New felt it was necessary to lash out with insulting and utterly inappropriate language.

However, by doing so they are just admitting that they are incapable of refuting anything that Reid actually said. So they resort to the childish antics of their cult leader and role model, Donald Trump. Whose bona fide screeching is a hallmark of his noxious persona.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News ‘Screeches’ at MSNBC’s Joy Reid in Misogynist Fury for Criticizing Ron DeSantis

  1. Yes, Joy Reid did a righteous thing calling out, not screeching at, Ron Desantis. He does seem to want to follow Trump as he has since 2015 by with his desire to be an authoritarian. That mess with his laxity on covid vaccinations. Relaxing mandates for vaccinations as his will would see fit. Relaxing requirements for testing. underreporting hospitalizations and even deaths because of covid. Pushing instead for monoclonal treatment (either he or his wife has stock in the company). Gerrymandering to force black and brown voters out. Right now he and Ted Cruz are taking tours to force out AOC from Congress. And DeSantis’ Don’t Say Gay bill. Who the hell runs up to a Kindergarten to 3rd grade child saying, “Honey, sit down. I want to tell you what the word ‘gay’ means.” All these orders. Just the epitome of someone seeking attention. Both he and Trump.

  2. Speaking of DeSantis!

    Do we have a case of “Stolen Valor,” here in DeSantis?
    Click on the link below,

    Under DeSantis’ photo on the right, scroll down to Military Service, then to his awards!
    Notice the FMF Warfare Officer Insignia, in his list of awards? Tell me how DeSantis qualified for a FMF Officer Warfare Badge?
    Now here are the requirements to earn that decoration!
    “The Fleet Marine Force Warfare Officer (FMFWO) Insignia is earned by Navy officers assigned to the Fleet Marine Force of the U.S. Marine Corps who have completed the requirements including serving for one year in a Marine Corps command, completing a written test, passing the Marine PFT, and an oral board conducted by FMF qualified officers.”

    So when did DeSantis meet those requirements?
    Seal Team 1 was in-country for 7+- months when DeSantis served with them.
    I don’t have the answers, but I would like to know when did DeSantis served for a full year with a FMF unit and with what units and where? Where is the copy of his written test, when/where did he pass the Marine PFT, and who were the officers that conducted the oral exam?
    For the record, DeSantis is a reservist and a JAG officer

    • Nd a good little Rethug of drama to unleash on Floridians.
      The entire Party is so Twisted & Dirty that ]t can only be existing for the dirty reins of power…power these people djould never have!

      • Isn’t this DeSantis asshat the one that passed a law, or tried to pass it that permitted people in cars or trucks to run over protestors? I just don’t see how these GOP low lives sleep at night doing the pure evil deeds they do. Oh, i forgot, members of the GOP cult don’t have any conscience. I just wish there was some way to flush these evil turds down a huge toilet and get rid of them for good. I would have thought years ago that such evil and hate in such large numbers could exist here in the United States. I couldn’t have been more mistaken!!

        • I just looked that up. The law attributed to Desantis about running over protesters. True!! And he might run for president?!! Those of us who know better need to pass the word around about him.

  3. I thought the same & cannot believe my eyes when I see what we’ve allowed to become so common in politics & gov’t. Are we so busy looking for outsider threats, that we cannot see the biggest threat ever to democracy & our American way of life?!?

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