REALLY? Tucker Carlson Accuses Kevin McCarthy of Being ‘a Puppet of the Democratic Party’

Kevin McCarthy appears to be determined to undermine his chances of ever becoming Speaker of the House. This week it was reported that he had conversations with fellow Republicans after the January 6th insurrection wherein he revealed that he had considered urging Donald Trump to resign. It was reported that he told Rep. Liz Cheney that “I’ve had it with this guy. What he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend that, and nobody should defend it.”

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When asked about these reports by the press, McCarthy flatly insisted that no such conversations ever took place. Then, of course, the recordings of him saying precisely what was reported were released.

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After McCarthy was caught in this bald-faced lie he struggled to salvage what remained of his reputation, which wasn’t particularly good to be begin with. He managed to get Trump’s seal of approval largely on the strength of his rock-solid sucking up. However, that was before a second batch of recordings was released.

In the new recordings McCarthy is heard lambasting his insurrection supporting GOP colleagues, including Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks, Lauren Boebert, Louie Gohmert, and Barry Moore. He correctly noted that Gaetz was “putting people in jeopardy,” and acknowledged that Trump’s insurrectionists “came prepared with rope, with everything else.”

Even worse for McCarthy, he is now having some trouble with the Republican Ministry Propaganda, Fox News. On Tuesday night Tucker Carlson chastised McCarthy savagely for his political heresy (video below). Carlson ranted that…

“Kevin McCarthy of California told his close friend Liz Cheney that he hoped the social media companies would censor more conservative Republicans in Congress. Donald Trump, the sitting president, had already been silenced by those companies, but McCarthy wanted wanted the tech oligarchs to do more to force disobedient lawmakers off the Internet. Quote, ‘Can’t they take their Twitter accounts away too?'”

McCarthy’s question about taking away Twitter accounts was triggered by the report of Alabama Rep. Barry Moore tweeting a racist comment about the police shooting of violent insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt as she tried to storm the Capitol. Moore portrayed that as “a black police officer that shot the white female veteran.” But this wasn’t about punishing “disobedient lawmakers.” It was about McCarthy’s justifiable concern that these sort of extremist tirades by the most radical members of his caucus could damage the GOP’s electoral prospects come November and, hence, his speakership aspirations.

Furthermore, it’s rather comical to hear Carlson whine about “tech oligarchs” after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, which Carlson celebrated with unbridled glee. Do you think he knows what “oligarch” means? Perhaps he could ask his boss, Rupert Murdoch.

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But Carlson hadn’t finished his harangue. He went on to make some truly delusional characterizations of the rabidly conservative and staunchly Republican McCarthy as a flaming liberal who is aligned with the Democratic Party. Carlson fumed that…

“Those are the tape recorded words of congressman Kevin McCarthy. A man who in private, turns out, sounds like an MSNBC contributor. And yet, unless conservatives get their act together right away, Kevin McCarthy, or one of his highly liberal allies like Elise Stefanik, is very likely to be speaker of the House in January. That would mean we will have a Republican congress led by a puppet of the Democratic Party.”

WTF? If Carlson thinks that McCarthy and Stefanik are “highly liberal” his family should seriously consider having him committed. It would be interesting to hear what Carlson thinks are examples of McCarthy being a Democratic puppet, considering that he has opposed everything that Democrats have proposed with knee-jerk consistency. And Carlson’s assertion that Liz Cheney is a close friend of McCarthy ignores the fact that he supported her removal from the GOP leadership and replacement by the shameless Trump-fluffer, Stefanik.

This conflict between Carlson and McCarthy is representative of the disarray that is roiling the Republican Party. Members are torn between their worshipful sycophancy to Trump and their long-standing commitment to repugnant right-wing politics. So it’s a lose-lose. If they keep this up – and if Democrats cleverly encourage it – it will not bode for well for their midterm dreams of majorities in Congress. Maybe it’s Carlson who is helping the Democrats.

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3 thoughts on “REALLY? Tucker Carlson Accuses Kevin McCarthy of Being ‘a Puppet of the Democratic Party’

  1. Well, leaving Tucker Carlson behind. He’s just a f–k up to the nth degree. Kevin McCarthy, while not a puppet for the Democrats, is, like Cruz, very changeable in his beliefs, depending on which side he feels will personally benefit himself. He is quite the farce. All dressed up in his Sunday best suit and tie, fashionable haircut, but, now, since he changed his mind, spewing Trumpisms.

  2. I say, keep it up to those feuding dumb bells. I like it when these ass hats are fighting among themselves. Go ahead, Carlson Tucker, keep dividing the Rethugs. Maybe, just maybe it will give the Dems a fighting chance in the mid-terms regardless of their cheating gerrymandering. Makes me wonder, who is the real leader of the GOP, Carlson Tucker or Donald TUMP? Kind of amusing to me…

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