Cocaine And Infidelity? The Silence Of Sarah Palin

Sarah PalinThe National Enquirer is teasing a story in their upcoming issue about excerpts it claims to have received from a new book about Sarah Palin: “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” by Joe McGinniss. The details are sordid and potentially shattering for the Alaskan Prima Dona.

According to the Enquirer, McGinniss has uncovered evidence that Palin had a one-night stand with NBA star Glen Rice, who was playing for Michigan University at the time. That’s no big deal. She was young and single and how often would she have the chance to nail a 6’8″ athletic hunk in Alaska?

The more troubling reports concern her alleged cocaine use and an affair with her husband’s business partner that eventually resulted in the dissolution of the business.

Joe McGinniss has a pretty good reputation for accuracy in his books and he spent considerable time in Alaska researching this one. He rented a house next door to the Palins, whose paranoia drove them to erect a wall to keep him from peering in (Palin even accused him of being a Peeping Tom).

But what is most curious in the wake of this leak by the Enquirer is that Palin has not responded at all. In the past she has aggressively defended herself when attacked by taking to Twitter or Facebook and denouncing the fiend who would tarnish her virtue. However, she has been conspicuously silent on these matters.

Silence, of course, is not an admission of guilt. But it is inconsistent with her pattern of behavior and there must be some reason for that. We will know before too long. The book is being released next week and there is no way that Palin, as she continues her charade that she is considering a run for the Republican nomination for president (she isn’t), can evade questions about these allegations.


10 thoughts on “Cocaine And Infidelity? The Silence Of Sarah Palin

  1. Please, pretty please, be true!!!

  2. Don’t forget also too that she has NEVER gone after the several websites dedicated to exposing her fraudulent pregnancy. It would be trivial for her to prove he is really her son, and convict those bloggers of defamation but she has never done so, for rather obvious reasons.

    The other thing yet to be divulged, and I don’t know if it will be in the book, is that her eldest son (born 8 months after her marriage) is a dead ringer for Curtis Menard. See Palingates for pictures.

    All of this is really just sordid garbage unless you consider, not merely that McCain picked this nitwit as his running mate, but an alarmingly large subset of the American people were just fine with it…and she is being replaced by two equally stupid and dangerous, hypocritical dominionists, Bachman and Perry.

  3. Can somebody find something similar on Bachman? Pretty please with sugar on it?!

  4. Though I don’t give a damn about Palin’s personal history, nor do I find it the least bit interesting, I am intrigued by the fact that she hasn’t responded – yet. It does seem out of character for her not to put out some immediate non-denial statement to the effect of “Consider the source” or “He’s just trying to sell books” possibly followed by a more convincing refutation after she’s had enough time to invent one. Or, I suppose, at this late date, someone could have talked her into ignoring the issue, since she’s not exactly about to run for office or anything, is she? If so, she must be experiencing a great deal of frustration forcing herself not to act on her instinct to retaliate.

  5. To play devils advocate, why would this info have stayed out of the spotlight when she was being vetted for vp? You’d think this would’ve gotten out during the 08 race……just saying it’s not likely to be true if it didn’t come up back then. Then again, I’m no psychic.

    • Ha I work for a wealth right-winger and that is what he said too. My response is, obviously, they DIDN’T vet her or they would have found out she’s an idiot, and a vindictive, petty, self-absorbed hypocritical idiot at that.

      Remember that gotcha-question…What newspapers do you read?

      Also, like most of the truth, a lot of it did come out during the ’08 race – but it wasn’t reported by the media owned by big corporations. There’s an awful lot that corporate media doesn’t report. That’s why we have News Corpse.

  6. “…expose her fraudulent pregnancy…”

    Hey Mark, you have a Trig Truther belching nonsense on your blog. Why haven’t you spoken out against it yet? Hmmm???

    What a laugh. The National Enquirer is thrilled about this book? The paper that said Al Gore tried to molest a massuese in Portland OR? Here’s the deal, Sparky. Just because somebody wrote a book doesn’t mean diddly. Jerome Corsi has written several books, too. I don’t hear you singing his praises.

    “…pretty good reputation…”

    Wikipedia?? Your source is Wikipedia? That’s funny.

    • Why hasn’t Sarah Palin spoken out about it? Hmmmm? She could end those rumors with a birth certificate, a DNA test, or a witness to the birth. She hasn’t done any of those things, nor has she sued anyone who has published the allegations. Why not? Hmmmm??

      Besides, all you have to do is look at the photographs of her when she was supposedly 7 months pregnant to know she was faking it. It’s pathetically obvious.

      • Todd Palin has spoken out about the author, saying the book is a pack of lies and smears. Furthermore, a book reviewer for the New York Times said this book is total crap, full of unnamed sources and third-hand accounts and National Enqurier-like ethics. This book is worthless.

        And the Trig truther conspracy is total bunkum as well.

  7. The thing about her and Rice did not come out before because no one asked Rice and he didnt talk about it. Back at the time it transpired, he told a few friends but she was pretty much unheard of. McGinnis heard a rumor about it and went to Rice and got into a conversation with him in which it came out. Rice has never said anything bad about her and still admires her. I think Rice reallys feels bad that he said anything to McGinnis about it. He really cares about her and hates that he caused her any probablems.

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