It’s Hunter Time: GOP Leaders are Putting Fox News First By Implementing the Hannity Agenda

The Republican Party is giddy over having just barely won a majority in the House of Representatives. And like children, their euphoria is blinding them to the challenges that are integral to the responsibilities of leadership that they must assume. The GOP is accepting their new position of legislative authority in a state of dimwitted delirium.

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In a series of post-election interviews, Republican leaders have articulated an agenda that most closely resembles the blather excreted nightly on Fox News. Just as their Dear Leader, Donald Trump, did before them, they are taking their political advice from the hacks and blowhards that populate Fox’s primetime schedule. And first among the GOP’s priorities is to initiate investigations into President Biden’s son, Hunter.

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Never mind that this is a matter that has undergone the equivalent of a political prostate exam by Republican politicians and right-wing media for several years. And that it was a consuming fixation of Trump and his pseudo-Justice Department. And that throughout all of that they found no evidence of wrongdoing to pin on Hunter or his father.

The Republicans moving into the executive suites in the Capitol are now explicitly targeting the phony Hunter story as their top priority. During a press conference shortly after the House majority was established, GOP honchos gathered to lay out their plans to conduct congressional investigations. They began with Jim Jordan, incoming chair of the House Judiciary Committee, quoting from a letter signed by a bipartisan array of 51 former intelligence officials, saying that…

“The arrival on the U.S. political scene of emails purportedly belong to Vice-President Biden’s son, Hunter, has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation. We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails provided to the New York Post are genuine or not, just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case.”

First of all, it should be noted that Jordan edited a portion of that quote that actually referred to “the emails provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.” Why do you suppose Jordan cut that part out?

More to the point, Jordan is deliberately misrepresenting the content of the letter. He and his GOP confederates have long been asserting that there was a claim that the emails, and the stolen laptop from which they were taken, didn’t exist. That was never the case. The letter only addressed the fact that Russia was exploiting the story to foment distrust in American democracy. Which is precisely what was in the quote read by Jordan, even though he continued to pretend that there was something more.

So Republicans are promising that this investigation will be among the first actions they take as the majority party. They don’t even want to talk about anything else. During the press conference, when a question on another subject was asked, James Comer, incoming chair of the House Oversight Committee, chastised reporters saying that “This is kind of a big deal. If we can keep it about Hunter Biden, that would be great.” And the GOP’s official Twitter account demonstrated their Hunter fetish…

Notice that they have already drawn their conclusion that the Bidens are guilty. So what is the need for the hearings? Well, like everything else that Republicans do, it’s to spread lies about Democrats and seek to prejudice future elections with their propaganda. Which is also what Fox News is for. In fact, on Wednesday night both Comer and Jordan were guests on Sean Hannity’s program dispensing the very same lies that they told at their press conference. Notice that Hannity actually spends most of the time talking as he outlines the legal points for his GOP plebes…

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5 thoughts on “It’s Hunter Time: GOP Leaders are Putting Fox News First By Implementing the Hannity Agenda

  1. Recognizing yet again that investigating Hunter Biden (who no one proved committed a crime) takes precedence on the Traitors’ own “Commitment Against America.” But crimes proven committed by Their God and his Crime Syndicate must remain hidden at all costs.

  2. I can just hear and see it now, the next 2 years are going to be one shit show after another with these crazy bastards in the House of Reps. What is behind their obsession with Hunter damn Biden crap? He doesn’t hold any political office. He is the President’s son and i don’t see why that has anything to do with the President. Biden crime family? that is just ignorant projection because the TUMP crime family is real… I hate and despise all of those bastard Rethugs. They are despicable.

  3. Oh joy! Another two years of Benghazi. Don’t these guys ever do an actual day’s work?

  4. The worst person they could have selected to chair the House Judiciary Committee is Jim Jordan. I’m from Ohio and I am so ashamed of him.

    • Even worse than Bonnie the Goon?(MTG) I don’t know that much about Jordan, but i have read he is a crook and loyal to the other Big Orange Goon Donald J TUMP……… If i met a stranger while travelling in another state i wouldn’t dare tell them i was from Georgia because of Bonnie the Goon Marjorie Traitor Goon…I wouldn’t want anyone to know i am from the same state as that crazy hag is.

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