Glenn Beck, David Duke, And Occupy Wall Street

Glenn Beck spent a good chunk of his morning radio program today lambasting the Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s a pastime that he has become obsessed with, and his obsession grows every day as OWS gets stronger and garners more support from the American people. Today’s tirade centered on the news that former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke said something nice about OWS.

Duke: “I cheer the men and women on the streets condemning international banks that hold America hostage. […] Finally Americans are rising up and it feels great.”

Duke’s remarks were focused on the movement’s opposition to giant, multinational banks and the power that they wield. While the protesters are concerned that a small minority of wealthy individuals and corporations have an inordinate amount of influence over our society and government, in Duke’s acutely bigoted brain that means Jewish domination of world finance. The two parties could not be further apart. OWS wants fairness for all and democratic rule. Duke wants all Jews stripped of their status and deported – or worse.

Beck made much of Duke’s commentary and concluded that the unsolicited and unwelcome “endorsement” proved that the Occupiers were anti-Semites aligned with Duke’s repulsive agenda. What then would Beck have to say about Duke’s endorsement of the Tea Party?

Duke: “The Tea Party movement is a great sign that the people are finally waking up.”

Obviously Duke seeks to latch onto any convenient movement in order to promote himself. Self-promotion is an endeavor with which Beck should be well acquainted and it’s something he has in common with Duke.

Furthermore, if anyone has a commonality of purpose with Duke, it’s Beck. They both hate New York and all it represents. Last February Beck said that Reform Jews are “almost like…radicalized Islam.” In January he produced a program in which he listed the nine people whom he said most contributed to the 20th century being the Era of the Big Lie. Eight of them just happened to be Jewish. His attacks on George Soros as a tyrannical “Puppet Master,” (another common derogatory insult aimed at Jews), are infamous. And Beck has even perpetuated the intentionally incendiary allegation that Jews killed Jesus. He has been denounced by the Anti-Defamation League for his “bigoted ignorance.” And who can forget his complaint that President Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people.”

The fact that Beck didn’t know about Duke’s easily discoverable affinity for the Tea Party is typical of his lazy, fact-free practice of character assassination. But what’s worse is that the Duke video that Beck posted on his own web site, TheBlaze, featured this picture of a Tea Partier while Duke was praising those who protested Wall Street:

David Duke Tea Party

Did Beck even bother to watch the video he posted? Or is he just so fixated on slandering his enemies that he doesn’t care that he looks like an idiot? He certainly doesn’t have much respect for the intelligence of his audience, but at least so far as that’s concerned, he has good reason.


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    • I think part of your comment got garbled:

      Glenn Beck [has] rocks [for brains]!!!

      There, I fixed it.

      • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And you just violated that rule.

  1. Conservatives Try to Smear Occupy Movement with Charges of Anti-Semitism

    [Quote] Randy Gould, a longtime activist based in Kansas City, Missouri, who has been in close contact with people in the Kansas City Occupy movement, told me that when he “called the Jew haters out in Kansas City Occupy movement, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive from the Occupiers.”

    Gould noted that “Last Saturday, when one of the Nazi types showed up at the start of a march and rally in Kansas City, and tried to pass out leaflets, he was quickly surrounded by Occupiers who quickly isolated him.”

    Gould, who publishes the online publication SCISSION (, formerly, The Oread Daily, pointed out that there has “been Jew haters trying to infiltrate the movement.” They are there, but “they represent no one but themselves and the normal Jew haters and some of the Ron Paul supporters as well. Some are Nazis, some are conspiracy theorists, some are right wing libertarians, some are this that and the other thing.”

    In an email Gould made it clear that he doesn’t think the movement is anti-Semitic. Those expressing anti-Semitic views do not represent “the overwhelmingly mass of folks in the movement.”

    The issue of anti-Semitism “is being used by those who want to attack the movement for their own reasons,” Gould said. Both anti-Semitism and the right-wingers trying to smear the movement are a “danger that the movement should keep an eye on and expose.”[Unquote]

    Read in full:

  2. Firstly, I am not a supporter of Duke or Beck, but…

    You say that “Duke wants all Jews stripped of their status and deported – or worse.”

    When you say, “or worse”, can you point us to a reference where he says which “worse” thing he would do? Something he has said within the last decade – not during his youth.

    As far as I can see, Duke has a fair point. If you watch his videos or read his material you will see that he only ever quotes mainstream sources and usually they are Jewish sources at that.

    He claims that Hollywood is dominated by Jews. Do you disagree with that? He says that Finance and Banking are dominated by Jews. Do you disagree with that? Are you claiming that those industries are not dominated by Jews? There are many Jewish journalists who have said they are openly. It is not Anti Semitic to read out loud the articles that have been written by Jewish journalists where they say that Jews dominate those industries. Or do you think it is? Do you think that only Jews can talk about it openly? Well, if so, then you are a racist!

    Now, Glen Beck. He may have been recently accused of duh, duh, duhhhhhhh, Anti Semitism, but let’s face it, Glen Beck is huge a Zionist supporter. He recently went to Israel to give his support.

    But Zionism, like Judaism, and the KKK is a racist philosophy. It holds that Jewish people are above non-Jewish people and especially in the Land of Canaan, or Palestine as it is known today.

    Glen Beck supports the racist and illegitimate State of Israel and the racist philosophy called Judaism.

    Don’t worry about proving that David Duke is a racist – Duke openly admits that he is a Racist (he sees it as a positive quality) and that he considers the races distinct and that some races are better than others (I disagree with him by the way, but I have at least bothered to actually watch every single one of his videos and to read all of his stuff to make my mind up!). My point is that you should call Beck out on his support of racism re Israel if you are going to slur Duke about racism as well.

    • I can’t bring myself to respond to this BS. I’ll just let it speak for itself.

      • How about at least backing up your claim here:

        You say that “Duke wants all Jews stripped of their status and deported – or worse.”

        What are you referring to when you say “or worse”?

        When you say, “or worse”, can you point us to a reference where he says which “worse” thing he would do? Something he has said within the last decade – not during his youth.

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