Fox News Hack Viciously Attacks Biden and Garland After Release of Incriminating Trump Tapes

We are living in what an old Chinese curse described as “interesting times.” These are times wherein Donald Trump seems to confess to, or implicate himself, in a new crime every day. His pitiful public pleadings are often inadvertent admissions of guilt, even as he is attempting to assert his virginal innocence.

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On Monday CNN released audio recordings of Trump from July 2021 (listen to them here), wherein he is heard divulging the contents of classified documents to people who did not have the required security clearances to hear them. The whole conversation has the demeanor of jovial barroom banter. It was definitely not a meeting about national security. Trump is heard bragging about the classified documents that he has previously said didn’t exist, or were declassified with his mind, or were planted by the FBI.

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According to CNN

“Trump’s statements on the audio recording, saying ‘these are the papers’ and referring to something he calls ‘highly confidential’ and seems to be showing others in the room, could undercut the former president’s claims in an interview last week with Fox News’ Bret Baier that he did not have any documents with him.”

Among the incriminating remarks on the tape are Trump saying that “They presented me this – this is off the record but – they presented me this,” and “See as president I could have declassified it. Now I can’t, you know, but this is still a secret.” So the tapes confirm that Trump had the classified documents, and that he knew that they were still classified. That’s proof of a violation of the Espionage Act. And refusing to return these documents, even after being subpoenaed, is obstruction of justice. And it isn’t the first time that Trump’s own words convicted him.

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Naturally, Trump’s tendency to incriminate himself is quickly intercepted by his sycophants at Fox News. This time it was Mark Levin who tweeted an extended harangue that was filled with untruths and slander. What follows are a few choice excerpts…

“[T]he corrupt Biden DOJ, sleazy Jack Smith’s office, and the usual corrupt media lapdogs [have] committed scores of felonies, interfered in a presidential election, and have pushed the nation to the brink of some kind of civil war, while smearing and denouncing Trump.”

“The thoroughly corrupt Biden family and Biden regime use the power of federal law enforcement against their political opponents (“MAGA extremists,” pro-lifers, parents — all ‘white supremicists,’ whatever that means).”

“AG Garland, corrupt to the core like most mob lawyers [is} a dangerous man with Stalinist characteristics.”

“Garland has stonewalled appointing a special counsel to investigate his boss, Joe Biden, because he wants to smother with a political pillow Biden’s multiple criminal activities, that even involve our national security.”

“Jack Smith, known for Gestopo-like [sic] tactics…”

“Garland, Biden, his operatives, the hopelessly corrupt media, and the Democrat Party are destroying our country right before our eyes.”

“This latest prosecutorial leak of an audio clip to CNN, is further intended to poison a jury pool and deny the former president due process.”

“To be clear, we know nothing about the context of the audio. Nothing. We are fed exactly two minutes via CNN, a favorite state-run media outlet. We know no more or no less than they tell us. And the multiple felonies committed by the regime in leaking the tape will be ignored.”

Nearly all of the above are putrid and puerile insults that Levin disgorges without even trying to provide any supporting arguments. Although it’s telling that he doesn’t what “white supremacist” means. The one assertion of an alleged fact – that “Garland has stonewalled appointing a special counsel to investigate his boss” – is just patently false. Garland did appoint a special counsel to probe Biden’s classified documents six months ago. And unlike Trump, he voluntarily returned them and invited authorities to search further.

What’s more, Levin asserts, without evidence, that the tapes were the result of a “prosecutorial leak.” However, it is much more likely that the tapes came from Trump or one his associates on the recordings. After all, Trump himself believes that the tapes are “actually an exoneration” of him. So from his warped perspective it would make sense to release them to the media. He raged on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that…

“The Deranged Special Prosecutor, Jack Smith, working in conjunction with the DOJ & FBI, illegally leaked and ‘spun’ a tape and transcript of me which is actually an exoneration, rather than what they would have you believe. This continuing Witch Hunt is another ELECTION INTERFERENCE Scam. They are cheaters and thugs!”

That is just another demonstration of Trump’s acute psychosis. He thinks that the blatantly incriminating tapes exonerate him. However, a more qualified legal analyst has a markedly different opinion. Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell “This is game over if you are following the facts and the law.”

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11 thoughts on “Fox News Hack Viciously Attacks Biden and Garland After Release of Incriminating Trump Tapes

  1. Every time I hear ‘Jack Smith planted those boxes at Mar-a-Lago’ I shout “You idiot! Jack Smith wasn’t even in the US then and he certainly wasn’t appointed Special Counsel yet.” First it was “The FBI planted those documents.” because he’d ignored subpoenas from NARA for so long the FBI had no choice but to get a legally authorized search warrant from a judge. It was a SEARCH, not a riot or raid (that was J6) , but Trump does like to use loaded language. After the Bedminster document tape where Trump literally admits he knew he couldn’t declassify any documents since he wasn’t president any longer, his attorneys (assuming he has any left) have to be heading for the nearest open window.

    • And even after Jack Smith achieved a “protective order” from a federal judge mid-June in an attempt to silence him, Trump just keeps blathering. Oh well, it’s just nonsense anyway, unless he keeps it up on subjects like ” ‘Milley’ was planning an attack on Iran.”

  2. My God, i am so sick and tired and bored with these same endless lies that TUMP and Fox Spews tells over and over again on a daily basis.. I can only hope that my immigration thing hurries up and is finalized so i can finally leave this hopelessly screwed up nation for good. I will be able to relax a bit and forget about this political crap going on here. I am so sick of this. These Fascist/NAZI GQP domestic terrorists won’t give up until they have completely taken over and destroyed the United States. I do hope that Democrats can work to stop this insanity and put TUMP away for good. But they need to go after these insane Fascist/NAZI GQP nut jobs in Congress too, they are almost as corrupt as TUMP is, and just as dangerous, especially the Queen Goon in Congress, MTG.

    • John, I don’t want to get you excited. I’m upset too. But Trump’s poll points keep rising. I’ve even read that after each indictment, the career criminal’s numbers go even higher. Plus, do you ever skip through Youtube and see the difference between how Trump vs Biden is presented? Trump always looks so proud and kingly. Biden, on the other hand always looks tragic. It makes me wonder if Rupert Murdoch owns Youtube!

      • I wouldn’t doubt one bit if that bunghole Rupert Murdoch does own at least a share of the Youtube thing, I personally seldom use the youtube thing. They are nothing but a Rethuglican leaning outfit. I give up on it years ago when i watched some of their video clips of UFO’s and all of them were faked videos of UFO’s. I do a lot of research about UFO’s and i am after the truth about those things, but i would like to see something that would convince me they are real instead of fakes. I have still not seen anything that totally convinces me that they are real. Most pictures and videos of them are fake, and the ones on You tube are obviously fake. I just can’t see what is so great about Donald TUMP and why those ignorant, gullible, morons are so attracted to his sorry ass. And sometimes those poll things are rigged to make it look like TUMP is gaining so many votes. Polls are notoriously wrong many times. I do know one thing, if he gets elected, i am NOT staying in the United States.

        • The only reason I go onto YouTube is for music. ’50s and ’60s music. I can even watch some Red Skelton there!

          • Same here, when i used to use it, i would look up old Rock songs from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Red Skelton, do you remember when he would say,,”’ Good night, and may God bless” I was in my early and middle teens when i used to watch him. He was a funny guy.

    • Oh, John, did you read that “Queen Goon” thinks she is being spied on by her television set? This kind of paranoia couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

      • Yes, i saw that. I read something yesterday that said her father was a big conspiracy nut job too. Makes me wonder if her father was a Goon or a Neanderthal?? Or was her mother the Goon of the family??? Either way, she looks more Goon than Neanderthal. After what McCarthy said, ” I am going to take good care of Marge, she is so wonderful” Makes me wonder if they are bed mates now. YUK!!!!!

          • If she is a body builder, it’s one UGLY body and an equally UGLY face to go with it. I would NOT want to see her in a bikini…. just thinking about turns my stomach upside down….

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