Tucker Carlson Disgorges a Wildly Incoherent and Hostile Anti-Biden and Anti-Democracy Diatribe

Ever since Tucker Carlson was banished from his perch at Fox News, he has been posting irregular tirades on Twitter to satisfy his egomaniacal thirst for attention and influence over his glassy-eyed disciples of wanton wingnuttery.

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Carlson’s Twantrums have been mostly venting the same hatred and division that he unloaded nightly at Fox News. It’s just that now he’s doing it for a smaller and even more deranged audience. Although he continues to fail in his attempts to form logical analyses or plausible arguments.

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Carlson began his latest rambling harangue (video here if you can stomach it) by questioning the reasons for the U.S. support of Ukraine. He mocked any suggestion that it might be because it’s an unprovoked, imperialistic aggression by Russia and its war criminal leader, and Carlson hero, Vladimir Putin – who Carlson as been literally rooting for from beginning of the conflict. Carlson callously dismissed the notion that the U.S. and much of the Western world are defending democracy and the territorial sovereignty of a peaceful ally.

Carlson goes on to play clips of Democrats and Republicans declaring their support for Ukraine. His point was that this bipartisan unity on behalf of democracy is something despicable. In the process, Carlson insulted Nancy Pelosi as “the daughter of the mobbed up mayor of Baltimore.” He made the obtuse argument that fighting to defend the democracy of an ally is pointless and without merit, saying that…

“Without Ukrainian democracy, in other words, we can have no democracy here. If the Ukrainians aren’t free, neither are we. We must make sure they can vote in Kiev so we can continue to vote in Kansas City.”

Carlson has no comprehension of the global commitment to freedom and the solidarity among free nations against tyrannical empires. His position would negate the usefulness on the United Nations, NATO, or any other agreement between aligned countries. He then attempts to malign Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as anti-democratic because Ukraine is postponing an election while it is being assaulted by Russian armies and bombarded by Russian missiles. Carlson portrays that decision as Zelenskyy imposing his personal will in order to oppress his people.

And this is where Carlson predictably turns to smearing President Biden. In an inexplicable segue, Carlson refers to a recent right-wing talking point about Hunter Biden saying that…

“Last week a whistleblower produced WhatsApp messages from Hunter Biden proving that at the very least his father knew about his influence peddling businesses abroad and probably participated in them.”

Despite the fact that there is no confirmation that any of that is true, Carlson calls it a “smoking gun.” He states as fact that Hunter’s message proves that “Joe Biden was in the room with his son when his son was selling influence to an enemy power, the Chinese government.” Of course, it proves nothing of the sort. It’s just an unconfirmed report of alleged comments, made by a drug-addict who was desperate for funds, that has been spread by Republican shills like Carlson. Their promises to provide corroborating evidence have gone unfulfilled.

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What this has to do with the war in Ukraine is anyone’s guess. But Carlson’s non sequiturs are just beginning. He follows this up with an attack on Biden’s age and on Vice-President Kamala Harris. He derides Biden’s mental acuity saying that…

“People imagine that old age is a long predictable progression from Acuity to permanent unconsciousness but often that’s not at all how it actually works. When old people start to slide they tend to slide fast. Joe Biden has begun that descent.”

To support that phony medical analysis, Carlson plays a video clip of Biden telling a story in which he included a quote. Biden ended that portion of the story by noting the end of the quoted portion. But to Carlson, Biden was exhibiting dementia by simply saying “End of quote.” Carlson suggested that Biden was improperly reading the stage directions off of the TelePrompTer. Of course, it’s common when speaking to verbally say “quote” and “unquote” when reciting comments by others. But to Carlson it means that Biden “in a year or two he will be gone completely.” And to Carlson, this would be disastrous because…

“If Joe Biden is re-elected next year and then forced to leave office during his term due to disability or death that means Kamala Harris will become president of the United States and nobody wants that, not even her husband. In real life nobody likes Kamala Harris.”

Carlson seems to think he knows what every American wants. Never mind that the American people voted for the Biden/Harris ticket and they favor it currently over an anticipated contest against the 77 year-old Donald Trump and whatever bootlicker he selects as his running mate. But Carlson knows better than the voters. He then puts on his prognosticators caps and predicts that Biden won’t be a candidate in 2024 at all. Contradicting his charge that Biden is sinking into senility, he claims that he will be replaced by a strategic mastermind – someone who is as…

“…ruthless and transactional as Joe Biden is. And he’ll need to have flattery skills that are so polished and advanced they’d be considered superior even in the Saudi Royal Court. And there’s only one man in modern America who fits that description. Gavin Newsom the governor of California.”

Carlson criticized Newsom for having the audacity to support and praise Biden, the leader of his party and the nation. But in closing Carlson described Newsom in Satanic terms as having a “forked tongue.” Then bizarrely added that “If you’re looking for the leader of the coup, there he is right there.” So in Carlson’s twisted mind, Newsom is both adoring of Biden and plotting to overthrow him. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

With the latest episode of his Twitter show, Carlson reestablishes himself as the right’s biggest pseudo-intellectual poser. His arguments are tedious and devoid of all meaning. His demeanor is repulsive and arrogant. And in order to humiliate himself like this, he is risking losing millions of dollars still owed to him by Fox News. The network is threatening to sue him for breach of contract by violating his non-compete clause. They could save themselves the trouble and just watch him burn himself out.

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2 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Disgorges a Wildly Incoherent and Hostile Anti-Biden and Anti-Democracy Diatribe

  1. Carlson Tucker is a blabbering, ignorant damn FOOL. . He is addled brained and is the one that seems to be in a severe mental decline. It does seem that the stupid, ignorant, dumbasses in the United States that worship these despots are just as demented. It’s alarming that there are so many of them here. Tucker sounds like his GOD Donald TUMP more and more every day. Disgusting is what it is.

  2. Tucker keeps losing what little logic he had after being fired by Fox. Or he believes his own propaganda. Or he purposely lies (for attention?). He has been quoted as saying about Trump, “I hate him passionately.” Plus other derogatory things about the man. And yet, still elevates Trump on the air. And as this post mentions, Tucker must desire to rant and rave very much to risk breach of contract with Fox.

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